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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

I've decided to start a new feature called Thursday Thoughts. It's actually a follow-up to The Wednesday Question and I think it's long overdue!

Basically, every Thursday I'm going to review all of the answers you've given to me in response to the Wednesday Question, and kind of give you a little summary as to the things I've noticed. It can be as simple as letting you know that we all tend to agree on one particular product, or maybe I might want to let you know about something unique that's been brought to my attention.

I figured that since you all take the time to leave such incredible, thoughtful responses to my Wednesday Question every week, it would be helpful to actually discuss your responses and share the results here, instead of just in the comments on the original post. I hope you end up getting something out of this, because believe me, I get SO much out of your answers every week!

So to refresh your memory, this week's question was:

Bath & Body Works or The Body Shop?

An overwhelming amount of you tend to prefer Bath & Body Works over The Body Shop, but not for the reasons you might expect! For some of you, BBW is the winner by default, just because you don't have a TBS in your area. Many of you prefer BBW because their prices are lower (and of course because of the famous BBW Semi-Annual Sales).

For those of you who love your TBS, I was surprised to hear that the main reason why so many of you love TBS is because of their makeup. It's been a while since I tried TBS makeup, but I do remember loving a few items very much in the late '90s. I think it's time I revisited TBS's makeup section!

Another thing people tend to love from TBS is their famous body butters. Who can argue with that, really? They're pretty awesome.

I did find it interesting that several readers who prefers BBW likes to shop there because of the prices ,while it didn't seem that too many of you felt that BBWs products were actually better than TBS's products. Maybe I read that wrong though--do some of you think that BBW's products are superior to TBS's?

So for the purposes of this poll, I'm going to say that BATH & BODY WORKS comes out the victor, but it might be a shallow victory because things like geography and pricing played a major role in why so many of you prefer this brand.

PS: I don't want to forget to mention that a few of you said, "Thanks, but no thanks" to both TBS And BBW. Lush, etailers and Etsy sellers have your hearts (which I can completely understand!).

So what do you think of these results? Did anything surprise you? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. That is a bit surprising! I think another reason why I prefer BBW is b/c they don't sell skin care. Most of tbs skin care is very irritating and the employees don't understand the products well, and my neighbor ended up with a lot of acne because the employees basically lied to her. I would like to try tbs makeup though, I heard they have great bronzers! As far as Lush goes, they use a lot of irritating plant oils in their products, so I can't shop there because of my sensitive skin, but I love to go in and smell things!

  2. I missed the question yesterday, but I prefer BBW as well. Not so much for the lotions though, which tend to give me hive-like bumps if I put them on my legs. The body butter works fine though. :/
    I think they have better service. The last time I went in was four months ago for my moms birthday gift. The SA was extremely helpful. I told her what scents my mom liked and she recommended a few ones that were like it, demonstrated products for me, and gave me double coupons for my order. This is compared to TBS, where whenever I venture in they look at me like I'm going to steal and follow me around. The one time I asked about a product the girl seemed like she had no knowledge of them, ultimately trying to sell me something completely different. (I wanted to know if they had a scent similar to BBW coconut lotion after they discontinued it. I wound up picking my own stuff out, and spent double the time in the store than I would have if she knew what she was talking about.)

    Etsy does have my heart recently though. TenDigit's whipped body butter is my favorite at the moment. :)

  3. I missed the question yesterday!! With my unhealthy obsession over B&BW (as you can see from my blog), I should have joined in!!

    But the real reason I obsess over B&BW is probably because it is not available in Japan, unlike TBS. I would buy TBS if I lived in the UK - it's a lot more affordable there, just like Lush!

  4. It's a good idea to have a follow up series, R :) Our very first BBW in the province is coming this August while we have more than 3 TBS stores already. I do like TBS makeup, only when they are on sale though (org price is high, IMO). Recently they have been having sales quite often, 50%, 3 for $10, etc., so I enjoy that

  5. PCS: Thank you for mentioning this. I have *never* had good luck with any skincare product I have purchased from TBS, and I was wondering if it was just me, because I know a lot of people love their skincare.

    casey aimee: Wow, that's very interesting! For me, the service at both places really varies. Sometimes TBS service is lacking for me (like, no one's available to answer a question) yet I've also had really helpful associates who point me in the direction of good sales, etc. But at BBW, they can be so aggressive sometimes at my locations--I'm talking asking me for help every 5 minutes until I'm done. But yet other times, I've had really helpful associates who will leave me alone and let me explore, but are there to answer specific questions and have REALLY good information about upcoming products and sales that I otherwise would know nothing about. I think it all depends on where you go, and who is working that day (at both places). :)

    K: Awww, can you imagine what it would be like if Japan had BBW? Maybe you'd get sick of it, though? Haha. :D

    H: Thank you, honey! I'm very curious to see how much you end up getting at BBW once it's closer to you. :)

  6. I'm not too surprised that BBW "won"--I think there might be more of them altogether. Also, I think the "Thursday Thoughts" thing is a great idea, and I look forward to seeing more of them!

  7. Bath & Body Works, I feel like they have more variety but it's cheaper b/c they have those buy 2 get 1 deals.


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