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Thursday, July 8, 2010

More Summer Fun with Del Sol Color-Changing Nail Polishes!

After spotting this huge display of Del Sol Color-Changing Nail Polishes at my local Walgreens a while back, I couldn't resist, so I purchased the red glitter, Heartbreaker, and showed that to you in this post. As luck would have it, Del Sol saw my review and I then discovered they have a Twitter account (click here to follow them). After chatting with the folks at Del Sol, they were kind enough to send me some additional shades to show you, and they also sent me some of their super fun color-changing jewelry and hair clips, which I will post in a separate review (spoiler: they are so darn cute!).

So let's take a look at the shades I received. Del Sol did an excellent job of sending me a variety of different textures so that we can get an idea of how each type works (sheers, frosts, shimmers and glitters):

(click once to enlarge, again to magnify)

It was difficult to capture the color-changing effect in these photos because the minute you remove a shade from the sun, it starts to change back into its "indoor" shade almost immediately. I LOVE that the change is almost instantaneous, and it's just as fast when you go from indoors INTO the sun. So fun!

As you can see in these pics, the most dramatic change occurs with the sheer shades like Peek A Boo. WOW is that a huge difference! Just as my lovely reader wingsinheaven5 told me, it's a GREAT shade to wear if you work in a conservative office because it's such a sheer jelly peach that it's almost imperceptible indoors. But the moment you get out in the sun, it changes into a beautiful coral right in front of your eyes! And if for some reason you need it to change right back to sheer, just stick your hands in your pockets for a minute and they'll go right back to the "indoor" color!

For the two sheerer shades, Peek A Boo and Pretty in Pink, I layered them over a frosty white (see my pinkies) to give you an idea of what they look like if you want to layer them (I layered with just one coat in the pics above, but you can certainly use more). Pretty in Pink is a gorgeous iridescent white that flashes pink when it's indoors, and then when you're in the sun it changes to an iridescent pink. So much prettier in person than in these pics.

So here are my observations after playing around with these polishes for a few weeks:

1) The sheerer the polish, the more dramatic the color change. As you can see, the frosty Electrick and Foxy have a more subtle change when you go outdoors, but it's still noticeable to the naked eye.

2) The glitters are really fun because, when you go out into the sun, the base color changes but the glitter itself stays the same, making it a more complex color.

3) These polishes don't play nicely with my Orly Bonder base coat. I suggest using a different base coat, or skipping base coat altogether. I have found that when I don't wear a base coat, most of the shades above wear like iron and do not peel at all.

4) It's absolutely OK to use a top coat with these polishes, UNLESS your top coat contains a UV blocker. I used my Sally Hansen Mega Shine top coat with all of the polishes above and it didn't interfere with the color-changing abilities one bit.

You can find Del Sol Color-Changing Nail Polish at Walgreens, on the Del Sol website, and also at Del Sol stores (click here for a list of locations). The retail price per bottle is around $7.99.

Do you own any Del Sol polishes? If so, what shades do you like from this collection?

A sample of this product was given to Nouveau Cheap for editorial purposes, either directly from the manufacturer or from the agency that works on behalf of the manufacturer. All reviews on are the honest opinion of its author and editorial samples do not, in any way, affect the outcome of product reviews.


  1. I don't care for this brand of polish. I have 2 and no matter how long I stand in the sun they never change into the promised color on the sticker. That + the price guarantees I won't be buying more.

    now that I am done with my rant lol, I like Peek A Boo...that one is pretty!

  2. Jen: I'm sorry to hear about your experience with the colors you have. Like I mentioned in my review, I do think that the most dramatic change occurs with the sheer shades (but the glitters are pretty dramatic too). And remember, if you get these at Walgreens, you can use Register Rewards to cut the price down. Haha! :) If you're ever willing to give them a second chance, definitely try a sheer color like Peek A Boo. :)

  3. I like the concept, it's fun. However, I'm not an 'outdoor-zy' type so I can't justify the cost for a'vampire.' lol...even in Florida, I'm only outside to go from the car into a building.

    These would be uber fun for those that go to the beach, though.

  4. I have two of these colors, I believe one is Boy Magnet and the other is Electric.

    I just went to the site and they don't list Boy Magnet but I know it exists!

    I personally love these, I don't care for the frost finish on Electric but BM is amazing, it changes from a shimmery taupe color to a beautiful red color! I'll have to take pictures when I get back!

  5. Those look so fun! I might have to check them out!

  6. I haven't been to Walgreens in awhile (in fact I think I may be working on some sort of personal record for not going!) so I haven't seen these yet. I almost picked one or two up at the Del Sol store in Myrtle Beach last week but I was trying to ration my purchases, LOL! I did see several shades of another brand of color-changing polish at Meijer yesterday and they were 1/2 the price so I might end up going back for a couple (that's basically my way of deciding if I really want something or not - I don't buy it, then if I'm still thinking about it/regretting it a day later, then I know I should go back for it! LOL!). :)

  7. Ever since you first posted about Del Sol polishes I've been periodically checking my local Walgreens. Still nothing!

    I live in northeast Illinois. Maybe the polishes will either come later to the Midwest or possibly not at all?

  8. AHHH! You mentioned me! Gah! I feel so honored!!! You don't even know how excited I am!!! =] =] =] hahahaha

    Funny thing is, with Peek a Boo, I got a more magenta color than a coral when I go into the sun. Hmm. Maybe I applied more layers, though I can't remember.

    And again, YOU MENTIONED ME!!! XD Love you, and I love your blog! <3

  9. Hmph. I'm wondering if they changed their formula of Ruby Slippers. I had version I bought probably in 1999 that started out as that silver, but turned into a bright magenta color with the silver sparkle. Yours hardly seemed to change at all :-/ Was it darker, and going in doors changed it back quickly? I'm just curious because I'd love to repurchase this one if it is the way I remembered it.

    My Walgreens still doesn't sell these, but I know the mall here has a Del Sol stand, so I may check them out. I always enjoyed Del Sol products they're so much fun! The polishes are the best though. :)

  10. Kimberly: Haha. I understand what you mean, but I swear these are fun even if you're just going out grocery shopping! :D

    Andi: Oooh, I'm going to have to check my Wags display and see if they have Boy Magnet! Thanks for the heads-up. :)

    PCS: They are so fun, I swear! :)

    JenJen: Oooh, I'd love to know, when you finally get over to your Wags, if you have this display! And what's the brand of the other polish you found? Thanks! :)

    Amy: Awwww, I'm sorry hun! I'll ask my contact for info about this and hopefully get back to you ASAP, ok?

    wingsinheaven5: Hahahaha! You are too cute! I mean, it was the LEAST I could do. :) And that's interesting about the color you get in the sun from Peek A Boo. I think I used 2 coats and it turned coral. I'll try more coats and see what happens. :)

    Stephanie: Hum...that's very interesting. It never got really bright magenta on me, but I only used two coats. Did you use two coats? For me, it's more of a deep, dark pink. :)


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