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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Review: Jordana makeup and nail products

Happy Saturday, lovlies! Today I'd like to show you some Jordana stuff I recently picked up at a local dollar store. I think the timing of me finding these Jordana goodies couldn't be better, as Cherry Culture is currently having a Jordana sale! They don't have the exact products that I found at my local dollar store, however I hope this review can, at the very least, give you a better idea as to whether you might want to explore Jordana's (very) affordable line of beauty products.

For those of you who only know Jordana as the brand that makes eyeliners, lipliners and glosses (which can be found at your local Walgreens) they also make nail polish and other forms of makeup (click here to see some pics of Purple Glam, which is a dazzling nail color). And according to the gorgeous and awesome Joey (also known as Joeybunny, contributor to Pink Sith) it appears that Jordana just released a NEW line of makeup, which she spotted at her local Duane Reade last week. If you're in NYC, go check it out and let us know what you think!

But here's where things get a tiny bit confusing for me. Jordana, if you are reading this, please please get in touch with me because I'm trying my best to figure out whether or not the eyeshadow I purchased at my local dollar store is new, old, part of your core collection or maybe limited edition? It's featured on your home page, but it's not listed in your "Eyeshadow" category. Also, I can't find it on Cherry Culture. Here it is:

Jordana Eye Shadow in Coco Silk (retail: around $1.50)

(sorry for the mess on the left side, but I dropped this compact as I was opening it)

I also purchased this product, which is on the Jordana website:

Jordana All Over Color in Pink Shimmer (retail: around $1.99)

Here are some swatches:

All four shades of the All Over Shimmer in Pink Shimmer

Coco Silk Eye Shadow

Here's a pic of me wearing Coco Silk on my eyes (blended out to a sheer wash for daytime) and I also swiped some of the All Over Color onto my cheeks. I'm not wearing any other blush in this pic, just the All Over Color. It's pretty shimmery, but it does deliver a nice pinkish-plum color to my skin, and it was easy to apply and blend.

I didn't use eye primer or face primer when I wore these products, and I'm happy to report that I got about four hours of wear before I started noticing any fading. For products you can find at your local dollar store, I'm pretty impressed! (By the way, please forgive my eyebrows--I am long overdue for a waxing!)

And of course, given my love of nail color, I had to pick up this beauty:

Jordana Island Fuschia (retail: around $1.50)

Can you see the subtle blue shimmer?

The blue shimmer is much more apparent when you put it on your nails. I LOVE this color!

I am so obsessed with Jordana polishes these days! They're super inexpensive, Big 3 Free, and formula is nice and even and goes on so smoothly and easily. Also, I like that they have not upgraded their brush to a flatter brush (as many other brands have done). I like the "old school", traditional brushes very much and I'm sad to see them start to disappear. Jordana, please don't change your brush! :)

The purpose of this review was really just to let you know that there is SO much more to Jordana that what you may see in your local Walgreens display. I think it might be worth your while to get out and explore your dollar stores and try to find this brand, or order some goodies online the next time you place a Cherry Culture order. There are some very pretty colors to found, and they definitely won't break the bank!

What are your favorite products from Jordana? Leave a comment and let us know!


  1. The eyeshadow you bought is new packaging... the old one is a silver screw top pot (kinda like those from lorac) and there are some older ones that are the same screw top but black, I love Jordana makeup is great and super cheap... you should look for the blushes, they're the best!

  2. GS: See, I was confused because Cherry Culture, which just started to carry Jordana, is not selling the eyeshadows like the one in this review. They have the silver screw-top ones that you just described. It made me wonder why, if they are just starting to carry this line, they'd offer the older ones. That made me think that maybe this eyeshadow I got is old, but thank you for confirming that it's NEW! Whew, my head is spinning! lol! :) And thanks so much for the tip about the blushes--I think my dollar store has them, so I'll definitely go back and pick one up!

  3. I love Jordana! I have their liners, eyeshadows, glosses, blushes - both powder & cream and even nail paints -my fav is red hot - a cool toned bright red... I just love Jordana! :D

  4. I've never seen Jordana at Walgreens. I think this might have been the brand I saw at the mall though for $1 per bottle.

  5. I never see Jordana anywhere! I think I saw them once at a dollar store back home, but since I moved I've only seen a tiny display at Wags that I never go to because it's so far from my apartment. wah!

  6. *squeal* What a wonderful shoutout! I feel so special =) I really do! I'll check out Duane Reade again tonight and see if that new display is finished...if it is, expect pictures and lots of gushing on Twitter!! xoxo

  7. I went on and saw the eyeshadows but these are different than the ones I was describing, so maybe these are newer than the ones you have, these are different than mine in that the silver part is shiny and I can see like a black band in the pot, also, these are other colors so yeah maybe these are new ones, what I do know is that the ones in these pots are relatively new packaging.

  8. *the one you have in this post*

  9. Ooh I love jordana eyeliners and lipliners. Haven't tried any other products from them, but I might. Your eyes are sooo beautiful! And you have the best skin.

  10. Awesome review! I recently received the email from Cherry Culture about the Jordana sale. Looks like they are getting ready for a new inventory so they're selling out the older stuff :D I haven't tried Jordana products yet but I have seen them growing up at random, obscure discount stores like you say :p The nail color and the eye shadow looks spectacular! They really are stepping up with it :)

    Oh! Also, remember that entry you did about Epielle makeup cloths?! I finally found them! After my luckless hunt looking for them, I finally spotted them @ a local grocery store! There was a large stock of it for .99 cents!! So, I gladly pick up $4 worth :) So far I have used it and they are great! I have the one in Green Tea :D Smells very light just like you said! What a bargain. Shame you bought it for .50 cents more :p

  11. I have one of thier gold eyeshadows (in the same packaging as the one you reviewed) and it's decent, but more powdery than I'm used to. :(

    Their nail polishes are amazing though! I love the Island Flower one. And I have several others that are awesome too. Very very nice formula.

  12. Thanks for the sale update! by the way love th n/p and shadow on u!!

  13. I recently found a few Jordana products in an old makeup box when I went home for a visit. I don't remember purchasing them, and they must be seven or eight years old. (Yeah, I've never been one to throw out old makeup ... but these don't smell bad or anything and I've been using them and they seem fine.) One is a bright red lipstick and the other is a bright blue chubby eye pencil (remember when those were all the rage in the late 90s and early 00s?) I'm impressed by the color, quality, opacity, and staying power of both.

  14. I love the Jordana items that the Longs where my family lives carries (CVS was kind and didn't change the names over in Hawaii), they have eyeshadow quads and other things I had never seen here in N. California. I always buy a bunch when I'm out there.
    I've always loved Jordana, they have some of the best lipsticks EVER, and the gloss sticks (the ones w/the attached brush) are great!

  15. I loooove jordana polish...just this week I added Iland Fuschia and Pink Bunny to my collection ;)

  16. I just used Jordana eye shadow for the first time this weekend and I got an infection. Has anyone experienced that with this brand?


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