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Saturday, March 6, 2010

The complete Maybelline LE Sweet Thing Collection (ALL displays and ALL products--I think!)

I think I have finally encountered ALL of the new Maybelline Limited Edition Sweet Thing displays and I am going to condense every single display and product I've spotted into this one, neat and tidy post! Hopefully this will help some of you to know exactly what's out there and what you should be looking out for! So let's get started (sorry, but this post is VERY pic heavy!).

First I'm going to show you the original display (nail polishes) that I first spotted a few weeks ago at my local Walgreens:

Here are the two shades I purchased, Pie in the Sky (left) and Goody Gum Drop (right):


Yesterday I spotted the other two Sweet Thing displays at my local CVS, so I believe that there are three displays total. Here they are:

NOTE: If you find this display, grab those coupons at the bottom of the display because they are for $1 off ANY Maybelline product and they don't expire until August (the other display I'm about to show also has coupons but they are for $1 off JUST eye products, so you definitely want to grab the coupons above for future use!).

As you can see, this display included two limited edition nail colors that are NOT in the other Sweet Thing nail color display. Big thanks to Cynthia over at A Blonde Obssesion for pointing out that these shades look like dupes of MAC Peppermint Patti and Seasonal Peach (and keep reading because, as Cynthia brought to my attention, these are not the only MAC dupes in the Sweet Thing collection!).

As you can see, there are also three limited edition blushes in this collection, as well as four limited edition eyeshadow duos.

And also, probably one of the most exciting things about this collection, for me, is the new limited edition Color Sensational lip glosses! I am a HUGE fan of these glosses (I've reviewed two of them here on this blog already) so I was SUPER excited to see new LE shades!

Moving on to the third and final display (I think!):

Maybelline Eye Express Cream Shadow Sticks (in other words, MAC Shadestick dupes!)

I didn't memorize the actual names of these shades but the colors are silver, mauve, mint green, peach, buttery yellow and lilac. I assume that there's also a light blue in the bunch, which is missing in this display.

So, obviously I made some purchases from both of these displays, so let me show you what I got (with swatches of each product--I told you this post was going to be long!):

Clockwise from the top: Express Finish Nail Color in Minty, Color Sensational Lipgloss in Triple Yum, Eye Express Cream Shadow Stick in A la Mauve, and Expert Wear Blush in Pinch of Peach and Express Finish Nail Color in Sweetie Pie.

Left: Sweetie Pie, Right: Minty


I applied these late last night without a base or top coat and they're still holding strong today (looooove this formula and also the brush!). In both swatches I had to apply three coats to completely eliminate the streaks, but these colors are so pretty I think it was totally worth it. Also, I adjusted the tint and hue in these pics to most accurately represent the real life shades. I think they're as close as I could come to making them look exactly as they appear on my nails in real life!

Eye Express Cream Shadow Stick in A la Mauve

Limited Edition Color Sensational Lipgloss in Triple Yum

Limited Edition Expert Wear Blush in Pinch of Peach

Let me back up and talk a bit about these new Cream Shadow Sticks. I swatched both A la Mauve (which isn't even close to mauve, but whatever) and Triple Yum (the lipgloss on my hand):

As you can see A la Mauve is more of a medium pinky bronze (gorgeous)! I did the smudge test with my finger and it wouldn't move, and then I tried using a dry paper towel and went over and over it and it would not budge! I'm not sure how it will work with my oily lids, which are a whole different story, but so far the staying power is incredible and I think this might make a great base for powder shadows as well.

As for Triple Yum, as you can see it's a pretty, sheer, slightly sparkly peach. It smells like fruit punch (like all other Color Sensational glosses) and I'm really excited to see what it looks like on my lips (I hope you can see the peach tint to it!). I'll keep you posted if you're curious.

And now a few words about the blush. I know I'm not the only one who has bee desperately looking for a TRUE peach drugstore blush (most blushes lately call themselves peach but actually have a lot of pink in them), so as you can see, Pinch of Peach is a TRUE peach. Yay! And it's a matte (no shimmer at all) which is also refreshing to see at the drugstore these days.

Another great thing about this blush is the brush! I tried it out and it's actually quite soft and seems to be of very good quality. Total shocker! But as for the blush itself, I'm not sure but it looks awful sheer so far. I tried swiping it on my arm and I just could not get it to show up in a photo--here is my best attempt:

You can kind of see it on the left side of the pic, but it is REALLY sheer and subtle, at least on my arm. We'll see how it goes when I actually apply it with my usual blush brush to my cheeks. I'll keep you posted...

Whew! I hope you enjoyed my Limited Edition Sweet Thing post, and I hope that I've provided you with all the info you need to be able to out to your local drugstores and start hunting the pretty colors down!

Do you already own anything from the Sweet Thing collection? Please share your thoughts in the comments!


  1. Wow, the Sweetie Pail nail polish looks great!! What an interesting color!

  2. For peach blush I like this one pretty well:

    I'm going to check at my Walgreens later for the Sweet Thing collection, since Maybelline is 40% off there and I grabbed some of those $1 off coupons from the display at CVS. I really need the peach and green nail polishes. -_- And I'd like some of the shade stick type things and maybe a lip gloss.

  3. I'm going to hunt for these tomorrow! I definitely wanna pick up a few things. Thanks for the awesome post! I'm super excited for this collection.

    P.S- Have you tried the Mineral blushes from Maybelline? I highly suggest checking out the aptly named 'True Peach' shade. It's matte and very pigmented. ^-^

  4. SO frustrated. I've been stalking the drugstores every day and they still haven't shown up here! I keep looking though - I WANT THOSE POLISHES. ;)

  5. I can't find this collection anywhere! I'll have to go on an excursion today to the 3 drugstores in my area.

  6. love, love, love the sweetie pie polish! i'm definitely going to buy it.

  7. This sucks..I'm on a 31 day No-Buy and I need this polish :(

  8. Hannah: I totally agree. It's not quite orange, it's not quite pink, and it's not fully peach either! I don't know what to call it, except super pretty! lol. :)

    Hana: Thanks for the reminder about the 40% off sale at Walgreens. I really wish my Walgreens had these other two Sweet Thing displays though (they only have the polish display). :( Good luck, and let me know how you like everything once you make your purchases! Oh, and thanks so much for the rec on the blush--I will check that out! :)

    Heather: You know, I think the blushes are the only thing from the Mineral line that I haven't used (it figures!). Man, I should have picked some of those up while they were on clearance at CVS. :( Oh well...thanks for the rec! I'll see if I can spot that one on sale!

    Nichole: STILL you cannot find these? That is the ultimate in frustration! I am so sorry, honey. They have to get to you sometime, right? Hopefully this week! :)

    PoorCollegeStudent: Aw man, I'm sorry honey. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you find them today! :)

    Niki: Ooooh, Sweetie Pie would look freaking gorgeous on you! Get it! Get it! :)

    Krissy: Oh man...well maybe you can make one tiny exception with these, since they're Limited Edition. If you wait until your no-buy is over, chances are the display will be completely wiped out, and then you won't be able to get one. :( Sorry to enable, but I don't want you to miss out on these! :)

  9. I bought the cream stick in silver and I have been loving it. It makes a great lower lashline color, it also makes a nice base for colors. It is a rue drugstore counterpart to the shadestick and I hope they do some of these for other collections this summer.

  10. I love all these products, the colors of fantastic! I went to RiteAide today and they had a bunch of Sally Hansen nail polish for 75% off! I don't know how many other stores this applies to, but it's a great deal!

  11. Wow...usually i don't go for this LE stuff, but...I WANT!! Especially the blush and the shadestick dupes!! Going to hunt for them on Monday :D

  12. thanks for the heads up!
    i was able to grab a couple of the $1 off coupons..
    can't wait to use them during the upcoming sales!

  13. I bought a couple of polishes after seeing it on you. Really love the colors of this collection.
    I want to thank you for your blog. I appreciate all the time and effort you put into it. Also I love your candor & honesty on products reviews. Glad I stumbled onto your site

  14. I haven't seen this collection ANYWHERE! :/

  15. I love it when the spring makeup hits the drugstores. I'm going to look for these, especially the peach blush. I looked for Maybflline's Fresh Peach blush, which I wore 30 years ago, and it's been discontinued. Thanks for blogging this.

  16. Hi R, I tagged your lovely blog with a blog award!

  17. squidmarket: I'm so glad you're liking the silver cream shadow stick! I used A la Mauve last night and wow, the staying power is incredible. The only bad thing I noticed was that, for this shade at a least, you don't have a lot of play time to blend after you apply. My shadow stick seemed to dry VERY quickly and I didn't have time to blend it. It was really on there and wouldn't budge when I tried to blend up into my brow bone area. Did you have that problem with the silver one? Thanks!

    Tiffany: 75% off SH polishes is awesome! I noticed a few of those at my Rite Aid too, but I think I got there too late and all the good shades were already wiped out. Did you get anything good? :)

    Airi: Yep, these are pretty irresistible! Let me know what you get, ok? :)

    Jen: Awesome!! And I'm right there with you--these coupons are tucked safely in my wallet to be used the next time there's a 40% off Maybelline sale at one of the drugstores! :D

    Dana: OMG, thank you SO much for that sweet comment! I am so glad you found me as well! And I'm so happy that these nail colors worked for you! That is wonderful. Glad you like them! :D

    Rai: Awwww, I'm sorry hun. I hope they show up soon at your local drugstores! :)

    Boston Red Lox: Yep, I think I like the new spring makeup more than the fall/winter collections! They're always so cheery. :) A word about this blush--I tried it last night and it is LIGHT. I mean, when I swiped it on my cheeks it looked like I had put a face powder that was 3 shades too light for me on my face! Seriously, I am going to return this and get one of the darker shades in the collection because it was just far too light for my MAC NC20 skin. If you're an NC20 or above, I would check out one of the other blushes in this collection and skip Pinch of Peach. They are all peach shades though, so I'm hoping you can find a good replacement for your beloved Fresh Peach. I know how it is to still fondly remember a drugstore product from 30 years ago, so I am rooting for you that find a good substitute in this new collection! Keep me posted? :)

    Mocha Mish Mash: Aren't you just the sweetest gal ever? Thank you, honey!!! I'll go check it out now. :D

  18. Yup, I grabbed the dollar coupon and got the Minty nail polish for 2.21 at Alberstons (where I randomly found the display) Love the color, but my brush sucked. However, you say you loved your brush so maybe mines was just bad?

  19. adorepink: Wow, your Albertson's had this display??? You lucky girl! My Albertson's *never* has things like this! So jealous! Oh, and about the brush--I love the width of it (not too wide, not too narrow) and for me, it's not too firm, but yet not floppy either. And I like how it's flat now, compared to how they used to be. What was it that you didn't like about yours? Thanks! :)

  20. I bought pie in the sky, sweet clementine and the brushes were fine but I also bought goody gum drop and the first time I used it the brush broke I think maybe there is a bad batch or something with that being said I really love these polishes still and all the other stuff you posted I will have to try out just wanted to give you a heads up about the brushes. I love your blog and have bought so many amazing products because of your reviews thank you so much for having an amazing blog <3 Roz

  21. @Recessionista: I dont know my brush just seemed really bushy and out of control. I had a hard time applying the color. Mary over at Body and Soul Beauty said the same thing about her brush. Maybe you just lucked out? *shrug* I dunno. :-)

  22. Roz: Wow, I'm so sorry to hear that! I seriously think I must have gotten lucky because the brushes on all four of my bottles have been fab with no issues whatsoever. And thank you so much for the kind words about my blog, honey!! xo

    adorepink: OK, I'm beginning to think I may have gotten the only GOOD batch out there! lol. I'm so sorry to hear about that--a bushy brush is impossible to work with. :(

  23. I purchased two of the Cream Shadow sticks, in the colors A la Mauve and Touch of Toffee. I was a little hesitant at first because creams have never worked well for me they normally appear very cakey. But this are amazing!! I used A la Mauve all over my lid and then Touch of Toffee just as a highlighter and they stayed put all day!! I work retail and pulled a 10 hour shift today and they are still holding strong!! Also, i didn't use a base with it, i'm assuming if you do it'll be even longer lasting!!!

  24. Thanks for letting me know about the swatch! It definitely looks lovely ^^ Now I'm hesitating over getting Maybelline in Minty or Revlon in Minted!


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