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Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year, New You: Time to try a new concealer?

Welcome to the first installment of a new series I'm rolling out for January called "New Year, New You" which will focus on popular New Years resolutions, and also popular ruts that we all tend to get stuck in from time to time. Since it's a new year (and a new decade) I'm hoping we can pull ourselves out of these ruts and generally start to treat ourselves a little better, without breaking the bank of course! Sound good?

So today I'm going to be reviewing my new favorite concealer: Maybelline SuperStay 24 Hour Concealer. But before I begin, I want to give you a little backstory about my history of concealers.

One rut I'm notorious for getting stuck in is the concealer rut. During high school and most of college, I used Max Factor PanStick as concealer and I freaking loved it. It covers everything, and I do mean everything, even on oily skin. But then one day I discovered that the shade I had been using (the only shade that even remotely resembled my skintone) was not a good match at all.  Nobody ever bothered to tell me this except for a passive-aggressive college roommate whose sole purpose in life was to make me feel bad about myself. One day she just said, "You do know that your concealer in no way matches your skin color, right?" What the heck did she expect me to say? "Oh yeah, of COURSE I knew that. I just LOVE looking like a complete idiot!"  Anyway, sorry for my little "Mean Girls" rant but so that's how I came to discover that I was wearing the wrong shade of concealer, and that's what led me directly to MAC. For years and years and YEARS after that, I was a die-hard user of MAC concealer (the one in the pot). I just didn't even look at other concealers--not even a sideways glance.

But then I started to open my mind to drugstore concealers which cost less money, are more easily accessible, and can be just as good (if not better) than my beloved MAC. And that's when I found Revlon ColorStay (the one that comes in wand form).  That was a holy grail product for me for about three years because, well, let's face it, who doesn't love a long-wear concealer? I have oily skin and I don't want my concealer to play slip-n-slide all over my face in the summer. So ColorStay was the answer to my prayers.

But then last summer, along came Maybelline's response to Revlon ColorStay: Maybelline SuperStay 24 Hour Concealer (click here for my original post to see the display I spotted last June).  This collection of liquid foundations and concealers looked similar to Revlon ColorStay, but what about performance? Could SuperStay possibly be better than my holy grail drugstore concealer?

There was only one way to find out, so I snatched up a Maybelline SuperStay concealer a few months ago (I paid $7.99 for it at Walgreens) and the rest is, as they say, history.  This concealer fits ALL of my needs, every last one of 'em.

Let's take a look at some pics before I get into details:

Now those of you who have been reading my blog for a while know that I am a MAC NC20. So you might wonder why I purchased such a peachy shade of SuperStay concealer (730 Light is very peachy-pink and has no yellow undertones whatsoever).  Well, thanks to my friend and fellow beauty blogger, celebrity makeup artist (and fellow San Diego resident!) Christina Farrell, I was schooled in concealers a while back  and found out some things that I should have probably known a loooong time ago.  For instance, if you have yellow-based skin and reddish-purplish under eye discoloration (like me), you need to use a PEACH-based concealer. For YEARS I was using a yellow-based concealer because, well, my skintone is on the yellow side. But back then, I really didn't have under-eye discoloration, which hit me in my mid-thirties. So anyway, once I started to see some darkness under my eyes, I just kept slappin' on my usual yellow-based concealer and would get frustrated that it made my under-eye area look almost grayish in color. Ew! I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong, so I talked to Chrisitina in a fit of frustration and her words to me were: "Peach, peach, peach!" Well, DUH! It makes so much sense now, right?

Sorry for the that's why I purchased SuperStay in 730 Light. It's a light peachy color and perfect for my under-eye area.

So let's cut to the chase and see how this baby works, shall we?

This is my lovely eye with NO makeup on whatsoever. Do you know how much courage this takes? Oh, of course you do. But I'd still like someone to pat me on the back for posting this. lol. :)

And here is my same eye, after applying Maybelline Super Stay in 730 Light and nothing else:

Now, I should tell you that, with the wand, I dab this concealer on in little dots. Then I take my ring finger and lightly dab it into the areas that need it. I use this all over my under-eye region, and then with whatever excess is left, I also dab it onto my upper eyelid area just to make things even up there.  I always do this, whether I plan on using an eyeshadow primer or not. It's just a little extra security.

I need to warn you about something before I go any further. Maybelline SuperStay concealer dries FAST. You MUST work quickly when you use this, and it's really my only complaint about this product. If you're used to applying your concealer in little dots all over your face before you start blending, you simply cannot work that way with this concealer. You need to apply it to one eye, blend, and THEN apply it to the other eye. Then for any spot-applications, apply it to one imperfection at a time and blend before you start applying it elsewhere. If you don't follow this tip, you WILL be sorry because once this baby dries (and again, it dries quickly) it's on there for good. It simply will not budge.

But ooooh, the payoff! I thought I was concealing flaws with ColorStay UNTIL I used SuperStay. Now I know what true concealing is.  In fact, I went back to ColorStay for a day after getting hooked on SuperStay, and I could not believe how sheer it felt. I felt like it wasn't covering up anything at all, now that I have SuperStay to compare it to. Now that's not to say that ColorStay isn't great (obviously it is or I wouldn't have used it all these years) but if you have serious dark circles, acne scars, etc., consider SuperStay to be ColorStay on steroids. This baby will cover up anything and everything and the best part? It doesn't settle into my fine lines and it lasts...and lasts.

I find that if I blend well after application, I can then apply my usual liquid or powder foundation, set it with a little powder and I am good to go. I don't have to fear that if I look in the mirror a couple hours later, my concealer will have found every last wrinkle on my face and decided to camp out there.  For me and my oily skin, this concealer provides full coverage that lasts and lasts until you take it off, even during the hottest heatwave that San Diego can throw at me (120 degrees was the hottest it got last summer). In fact, this concealer survives long after your foundation and powder have gone by the wayside. Crazy, right?

But again, you need to work quickly because this concealer dries in seconds.  Also, if you have dry skin, be sure to apply a touch more moisturizer to your face (especially your eye area) before you use this. You will be AMAZED at the difference a little extra moisturizer can make.  And if you use a face primer, I've found that this concealer is perfectly compatible with high and low end silicone-based primers as well.

I hope this review helps some of you who may be interested in changing up your usual concealer. It's a new year and I truly want you to treat yourself right this year--without spending a lot of money, of course. So what better way to treat yourself right than with a new, upgraded concealer? Even if you don't think this product is a good match for you, it could be time to change up you current concealer (unless of course you've tried a zillion and finally found your holy grail product, in which case CONGRATS!!). I truly think I've found a keeper in Maybelline SuperStay.


  1. Now that is something I wanna try.

    I have always wanted to try Maybelline's concealers, but the only thing that stops me is the fact that given that most of women here in Chile have olive skin, this guys just sell the darker shades....arrrgggghhh!!

    Right now I'm using Lumene Touch of Radiance, it's a universal color highlighter/concealer that works so fine on pale skins and blue undereye areas like mine. It's the Poor girl's YSL Touche Eclat...

    (Off topic: I hope Mr. Ressesionista is doing better and that you get to sleep tight this days :) )

  2. Thanks for the review! This concealer looks amazing. I currently have quite a few concealers, but am always on the lookout for a reasonably priced, pigmented concealer. :)

  3. This gets such great reviews everywhere! I really want to try it but I don't think it's available in Canada yet. I hope we get it eventually... certain products never make it across the border at all. Currently I go back and forth between MUFE's full cover and lift concealers, and while both are good, I no longer think their performance justifies the price. I'll have to start stalking the drugstores in search of this one!

  4. That is awesome!
    I have been wanting to try the foundation, now I REALLY want to try it!


  5. Funny -- I was just thinking recently that I need to find a concealer to replace this one! I loved it for a while, but now I feel like it's quit on me as time has gone on.

  6. Peachy shade... so I should look for a color that is around my skin tone but not yellow undertone but peach? I'll have to look b/c I always look for yellow - just b/c my skin tone is yellow :) - just like you.

    Thanks for this awesome review. I definitely need some under eye concealing due to being a stressed out student. I have major dry skin right now though and my Maybelline Mineral Power concealer is caking on me a bit.

  7. Ugh! I wish I read this earlier this week! I just bought two Maybelline concealers for the purpose of covering my under eyes up, and Super Stay was on my "Highly Possible" List. The only reason I didn't pick it up is because I figured since I'm getting the Dream Mousse Concealer and the Mineral Power one, i didn't need a third one, but your post is really making me want to try it now!

    Also, seriously thank you for posting the before/after pics. It bothers me when a blogger raves about a concealer and how it can cover so well but they never show just how well.

    Man I need a time machine...

    Thanks for the post!

  8. i love this stuff. it really is the bomb! i have genetic under-eye dark circles and that's really why i use concealer every day.

  9. I have been looking for a concealer I love all my life because I have dark undereyes, so thanks for the review, and I agree that I like the before and after pictures...will def look into this now

  10. Elena: I am SO sorry that Chile seems to not carry the full range of shades in these foundations. That must be very frustrating for you. :( But it's great that you've found such a nice YSL dupe from Lumene. I'm going to have to remember that! And thank you for the sweet words about Mr. Recessionista! He is feeling better and better by the day, so hopefully I'll be able to cook spicy food again soon. lol. :) xo

    Katherine: You are so welcome! I hope that you like it as much as I do if you end up trying it. Keep me posted? :)

    beeks: I am keeping my fingers crossed that you can find this in Canada soon! I think you might really like it--and I agree--the MUFE concealers are nice but the ones I've tried aren't really worth the high price (I've heard that Physicians Formula makes a good dupe of MUFE concealer, btw).:)

    neijie: Yay! I'll be very interested to know what you think of the foundation, which I have not tried yet (but want to!). xo

    PB: Oh, I HATE it when that happens (and believe me, it's happened to me more times than I can count with various products). But I am going on my 3rd tube of this concealer and so far it's just as good as the first time I used it. Fingers crossed! :)

    ndoodles: Yep, I would suggest trying a peachy shade of concealer if you're yellow-toned like me! I was just like you and using yellowish concealers under my eyes and then I realized it really did make that area look gray. Eek! Let me know if the peach works for you. Regarding caking under your eyes--did you try using a little bit more eye cream or moisturizer under your eyes before you applied it? Or even a foundation primer--it can help a lot! :)

    Andi: You are so welcome!! I realize that my camera's not the best, but I figure that some pics are better than no pics and at least I can kind of help show you what this product's like for me. And I too, hate it when I see a review for a concealer and they don't show you how it covers up blemishes/flaws. It's like, what's the point, right? lol. And about your purchases--I've heard great things about both of the products you bought, so maybe you won't even need to try this one. But if you've kept your receipt, you can always exchange one of the products you bought for the SuperStay if it doesn't work, right? Keep me posted! :)

    beautifulmonday: Yay!! Another SuperStay fan! I'm SO glad this is working for you, honey! :)

    Tiff: Ooooh, I'd love to know what you think of this one if you get it! Please keep me posted, honey! And thanks for the kind words about my before and after pics! xo

  11. oooo i will def have to try this! do they have very light shades? i am extreeeeeeemely pale with cool-toned skin and i have dark genetic undereye circles (thanks, mom!). usually i use everyday minerals concealer in "aussie perk me up" but even with moisturizer it seems it's too dry for my winter skin, so i've been looking for a good cream-y concealer. thanks for the rec!

  12. awww thx for the post it's great! i am looking for a concealer at the moment and ur post really makes me want to try it out... i don't seem to have serious dark undereye circles but i have really bad puffiness.. does this concealer cover up puffiness well too? and i have dry skin, would it fit me? what color should i choose?

  13. wow this has made me try this concealer as well. Right now I use MAC Moisture Select and there is nothing wrong with it, but I'm not sure I'll buy another tube (I'm not even 20% through yet), but this is going on my list to try. Oh, and back pat for posting that picture. I also just posted a completely bare faced picture for a review I did on philosophy miracle skin - I know the feeling! :)

  14. jennifer: I think the shade I got was the second or third to the I think there are a few lighter shades out there! But I need to warn you again that if you have very dry skin, definitely use more moisturizer and/or a foundation primer under your eyes before you apply this. It will help SO much! Please keep me posted, ok? :) xo

    Rachel: You're so welcome! I have yet to find a concealer that takes away puffiness--you might need a treatment for that rather than a concealer. And as for what shade you should try, I have no way of telling you that since I don't know your skintone! The best advice I can give you is to take a concealer or foundation that you already own and love with you to the drugstore, and compare it to the shades of SuperStay. Then, just buy the one that most closely resembles the shade you already own and you should at least be in the ballpark. And of course save your receipt in case it doesn't work for you--you can always return it! hope that helps. :)

    scarlettholly: Thank you so much for the pat on the back! I needed that. :) And I would love to know what you think if/when you try this one. I'm curious if you'll like it as much/more than your MAC! :) xo

  15. I bought this concealer last week at Walgreens (now it's 40 % off, of course )...but I think it's amazing! It really is the best concealer I have tried! It makes my eye area so much brighter, thanks for reviewing it, or I may not have ever picked it up :)

  16. i had laser resurfacing and i have a demarcation line on my jaw line.does this concealer have to be used all over or just on problem area.i am very fair ,but the white line i have needs to be covered.i use tinted moisturizer but it doesnt do the trick.

  17. I picked this up last week and oh my goodness! I have tried so many concealers of every different type and brand. I've found some that I love, but nothing compares to this one! It covers anything you could want it to cover! Love it- thanks so much for the recommendation- that's why I picked it up in the first place. I did find that the lighest color (Ivory is insanely light though! I had to get Cream and I usually wear Ivory in Maybelline and most other brands). But cream is perfect for my tone. This stuff truly is amazing. I'm going to get backups while maybelline is still 40% off at Walgreen's this week. Definitely my HG concealer- haven't used anything else since I got this!

  18. Ooh, I'm going to have to try this. I'm currently using Cover Girl's Fresh Complexion Under Eye Concealer, and I like it but don't l-o-v-e it. Thanks for the review!

  19. Ok, you got me!! I have oily skin too, so I'm adding this concealer to my wishlist!! :) xxx

  20. i'm definitely going to buy and recommend this product.

    but can i just say that looking at your photos i had no idea you'd be past your 20s. you have PERFECT skin...not a wrinkle in sight!

  21. I am just now finding this in time for next New Year's, but I think I may have to try this! I am currently using a Bobbi Brown concealer that I like, but will probably not repurchase because it just isn't holy grail status, and is too pricey to justify repurchasing. The last concealer that I used and liked before that was Hard Candy's, but I feel like it is a little bit too light for my skin tone and does nothing to counteract the slightly discoloration under my eye; most things are too yellow, so maybe peach will be the ticket for me, too! At any rate, thanks for passing along this advice for those of us looking for a more perfect concealer!


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