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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Drugstore Dupe Alert: Revlon ColorBurst lipstick in Soft Rose vs. NARS Dolce Vita!

If you took advantage of that crazy Sephora Beauty Insider gift code I talked about in early December, and then worked your savings even further by using other codes for free stuff, you may have gotten yourself one of the NARS mini lipgloss duos in Dolce Vita and Striptease.

But for those of you who did not get to take advantage of this deal, don't fret because you can still get your NARS Dolce Vita fix without the NARS price tag. A few days ago I discovered this:

NARS Dolce Vita (left), Revlon ColorBurst Soft Rose (right)

NARS Dolce Vita (left), Revlon ColorBurst Soft Rose (right)

Now of course the NARS is a lipgloss while the Revlon is a lipstick, but since NARS is an opaque gloss (looove it, btw) and Revlon is a sheer lipstick, the textures kind of meet in the middle and they're not too far off from each other in terms of shine.

The best part? NARS Dolce Vita lipgloss retails for $24 while the new Revlon ColorBurst lipsticks retail for $8.99 (and of course you can always wait for a BOGO and get an even better deal).

For my full review of the new Revlon ColorBurst lipstick collection, please click here.

So, what do you think of this dupe discovery? Are you a NARS Dolce Vita fan? If so, do you plan to look for Revlon Soft Rose?


  1. I was contemplating shelling out the 24 bucks for Dolce Vita and now I won't have to...YAY!! I'm so happy you found this dupe. I will name my first born after you. Little "Recessionista!" will get picked on at school but I don't care.

  2. hey that is sooo cool. thanks for letting us know. I just got myself a bunch of revlon matte lipstick which im gonna do a review when i get a chance. I finally got nude attitude which is way too light for my skintone :/

  3. dangerkitty- ROTFL!
    Recessionista- you are a dupe-finding machine!

  4. That's great! I got Dolce Vita as a deluxe Sephora sample and loved it so much I was thinking about buying it. Now I won't have to spend so much! Thank you!

  5. dangerkitty: OMG! LOL!!!!! I think that wins "comment of the year". :) Little Recessionista! has a looong, hard life ahead of her, but she'll get used to it eventually. xoxo

    Becky: Ooooh, did you get Mauve it Over? That is such a fantastic nude shade and a bit darker than Nude Attitude. :) xo

    beautifulmonday: Why thank you, love! I do my best...I just love trying to discover them but I rarely strike gold like this one. xo

    Heather: Thank you, sweets!! xo

    Miss Molly: Yay!!! I am so glad I could help! xo

  6. LOVE your dupes find! Thanks so much.

  7. Nice dupe! I've always preferred lip sticks over glosses so this looks like a potential lippie for me ;)

    Just received an email fromk Jelly Pong lip sorbet singles are on sale for $2.99 this week. I don't plan on stocking up on those but maybe you might?

    XX, darling!

  8. Awesome dupe find! I have the nars & love it! good to know that I'll have a less expensive backup when I run out!

  9. ndoodles: Thank you, honey! Glad I could help. xo

    Shela: You are on it, girl! xo

    1xellus: Thanks sweetie! Yeah, MUCH more affordable, right? lol! xo


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