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Saturday, November 28, 2009

My Short & Sweet FTC Comment

[UPDATED 2/24/11]

By now you've probably seen several bloggers post their thoughts about the recent FTC ruling pertaining to bloggers. In short, as of Dec. 1st, 2009, all bloggers must disclose if the products they review have been given to them for free from the manufacturer or the PR agency working on behalf of the manufacturer (there's more to this ruling but that's the biggie).

As it pertains to Nouveau Cheap, I just want to state for the record that since this a blog about budget beauty, I have always been up front with you about how I obtain the products I review. In fact, many of you probably think I disclose too much information when I buy something (I love to tell you when I got something on sale, used coupons, CVS Extra Bucks, found it at the dollar store, etc.).

As for products that I receive from manufacturers or PR agencies working on behalf of manufacturers, I have always, since the very first product I ever received for free, told you up front that I received the product for free, and probably in the first or second sentence of the review.

My entire goal in this process has always been to let you know how I honestly feel about a product, whether I paid for it or not. Let me assure you that having something given to me for review has absolutely no bearing on what I have to say about it. If I don't like something, I don't like it, and you'll know that. But quite honestly, I don't like to waste my time reviewing products I don't like. So I try to keep the majority of reviews based on things I LOVE, because that's the type of info I want to pass along to you. I think it's more helpful that way and I hope you agree.

And about affiliate links, I have never, ever featured one in a review, post, sidebar, or anywhere else on Nouveau Cheap. I do have links at the bottom of the homepage to companies I adore, but I receive absolutely zero compensation for those links. They're there to help you save money on beauty products, and that's it. I order from those sites myself so I know they're trusted and I simply want to share them with you.

In order to keep Mr. FTC happy, I have gone through my archives and posted a disclaimer at the bottom of each review (when the product was given to me for free from the manufacturer or from the agency working on behalf of the manufacturer) and I will continue to post a disclaimer at the bottom of all future reviews (if the product was given to me from the manufacturer or from the agency working on behalf of the manufacturer).

And just for the record, I obtain my products for review in the following four ways:

1) The good ol' fashioned way: I buy it
2) It's given to me for free by the manufacturer or the PR agency on behalf of the manufacturer
3) It's a gift from a friend or family member
4) It's a free sample obtained from a store or sent to me from a store (like how CVS occasionally sends its members trial size packages of soap or shampoo)

I probably didn't need to list these because I tell you this in the actual review anyway, but I guess there's no harm in repeating it.

If you have any questions about anything in this post, just let me know!


  1. Questions, i dont have any, but i have to tell you that this post is one of the most honest that i've read when it comes to beauty. I used to work for a big luxury fragance distribution company here in Chile and one of my goals was to get a big famous Chilean website to review some of our products (designer fragances, such as Lacoste or Gucci) in a "exchange contract", meaning: we send them a set of products por the people working there and they say wonderful things about them (no matter if they liked them or not) without paying the US$1000 fee for a "publi-review" as they call it. And a lot of companies get publicity for their products in this kind of contracts...

    I'm glad that you reveal your sources, it makes the whole blogging "business" more clear and honest, and it speak wonders of you. I guess it's not an everyday thing that beauty bloggers get free stuff from big companies to review, and they must be very confident of what they send cause your reviews are quite sincere, if you dont like it, that's it...

    I love your blog, cause it's oriented to people like me, who have to take care of their bucks and your revies always help me get the most of my money and make a good investment in non expensive products. No one would notice that i'm not using Guerlain or Loreal Professionel anymore!!!

  2. Elena, I just cannot tell you how much I appreciate your comment. Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a lovely message to me. It means the world to me that you'd consider purchasing products based on my reviews, and it's extremely fulfilling to know that some of the products I've raved about have actually worked for you! Sometimes I wonder if anyone is even reading my reviews because I know they tend to be long, but I think it's important to include as much detail as possible when I talk about a product because I want you to be fully informed and able to make a wise decision with your hard-earned money. So thank you for supporting me, for continuing to read my blog, and for being an absolutely awesome reader and commentor. I appreciate it more than you could ever know! xo

  3. No worries R, I have complete faith that you are very honest when it comes to your reviews and such! I really appreciate them and that is why I love reading your blog! Keep up the great work.

  4. This was very much to the point and now I truly understand the guidelines better. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I read your blog EVERYDAY! In fact, you're the first go-to site when I turn on my computer! The simple truth! I recognize honesty and sincerity, and when I first found your site I was touched. So, I will always come here each day for your reviews. I don't necessarily use all the products you do, but I like to keep informed of them in case I find a new beauty product that I might be interested in. Keep up the good work! You are loved and appreciated.!!!

  6. I agree with everyone else. I've never even suspected you were being anything less than completely honest about your thoughts on the products. One of the things I really like about your blogs is that you do always say where and how you got the product, instead of 'I recently obtained ______' with no other details like I see in so many other beauty blogs or videos.

    I actually added your site to my home page tabs. I figured if I'm going to go to it anyways, might as well make it easier for me, lol.

  7. How many posts do you have? I have over a thousand over 3 blogs, and over 100 audio podcasts and 70 video podcasts as well as over 300 YouTube videos.

    It would take me a year to go back and revise all of them. Not to mention the fact the I bet none of my listeners, viewers, readers probably care.

    This ruling can't apply to items before 12/1/09. I'm sure if it did they would have mentioned it already.

    I'm not touching past post/shows unless I have to, I'd never do anything else!

  8. ndoodles: Thank you SO much, honey! That really means the world to me. xoxo

    rayqueenbee: You are so welcome! I'm so glad I could help!! :)

    Lysse: I honestly don't know what to say. Your comment touched me so much. It's readers like you who keep me motivated to keep doing what I'm doing. I know it sounds cheesy but I would be nothing without you ladies! So thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for taking time out of your day to come to my site and read what I have to say. It really means more to me than I could ever express in a comment. xo

    Sandi: WOW, my little ol' blog made its way to your homepage?? I'm honored and humbled. :) Thank you so much for your incredibly sweet comment, and for supporting my blog in general. I'm so glad that you seem to enjoy the way I write my reviews. That truly means the world to me and I just cannot thank you enough. I hope I don't let you down in the future! lol! xo

  9. HSG: I think I should clear this up--I in no way am trying to claim that the FTC is going to be retroactive in its decision (I have no idea if that's the case, but from what I've heard and read, I don't think it will happen). For me, because I only have 407 blog posts to date, it was easy to go back and add the disclaimer to all of my (applicable) previous reviews. Even though it took me the better part of the weekend to do it, I was able to add the disclaimer to past reviews. BUT, I don't *think* this is going to be necessary--I'm just super paranoid by nature and like to have all of my bases covered if possible. I totally understand, given the size of your archives, that it's just not realistic for you. And I totally agree--most readers probably wouldn't care anyway. I didn't add the disclaimer for my readers (they already know when I rec'd something for free because, like I said, I have always stated that up front), I just did it because it was a relatively easy thing for me to do. I hope that clears it up a bit! :) xo

  10. I guess this is going to sound repetitive now, but I absolutely agree with everyone..I've always appreciated your honesty in your reviews. I always wondered why nobody would say where their products came from... Is it because they don't want to brag that it was free, or maybe they want readers to think they actually paid for everything themselves? Well I think its a great perk for simply writing about stuff you love. This blog is one of the first that I read everyday and I love it. Keep up the good work! : )

  11. Giselle, thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a sweet and thoughtful comment! I never, ever felt comfortable writing a review and not explaining how I got the product, and I guess I'm glad I went with my instincts because now we (bloggers) HAVE to disclose it! lol. Whew! All I can say is that I'm grateful and lucky that I did it all along, and I really want to thank you for noticing that and commenting about it. I can't tell you how happy it makes me that you choose to read my blog every day. It's a true honor. Thank you SO much! xo

  12. Pretty cool place you've got here. Thanks for it. I like such themes and everything connected to them. I definitely want to read a bit more soon.

  13. Please, please - PLEASE keep up this amazingly honest, straightforward and FRUGAL blog.
    You are my inspiration.
    If I ever get up and running, you and everyone else will know that you have been my primary reason for doing so,
    Happy Labor Day,


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