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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Milani Limited Edition Halloween Nail Colors

I love love love it when I'm totally shocked and surprised when I walk into my local CVS. Today I hit the JACKPOT for all of you Milani and nail polish lovers out there! Have you seen these new nail polishes? (Before I begin, let me say that they're all $4.49 retail and they are all free of the big three.)

Let's start with the Limited Edition Black Magic collection:

(click on the pictures to super-size)

I realize these all look like plain black nail polishes in this crappy Blackberry camera photo (sorry but I don't have the nerve to bring along a digital camera when I'm in the drugstore!). But up close, these colors are AMAZING!

Basically, they all have a sheer black base, and each one has a different color of micro-glitter in the black base.

I know it's really hard to see in these photos so let me tell you the six different colors of glitter: ORANGE (when is the last time you saw a black polish with orange micro-glitter?? And of course this is the one I forgot to put in the picture. Argh!), purplish-magenta, red, midnight blue, ROYAL blue (gorgeous!) and silver. From what I could tell, the base is the same for each of these (sheer black).

I was literally so overwhelmed by the beauty of these shades that I did not make a purchase. I need your help! Please leave me a comment and let me know which one I should get! I can't make up my mind (I've really got my eye on that orange glitter because I've just never seen this combo in the drugstore before).

Moving on. So after I am literally blown away by the Black Magic display, I turn around and right behind me I see THESE:

The lighting is HORRID, I know, but trust me when I say that this "Welcome Back Color" collection is GORE-JUS. Basically, there are two different versions of each shade (blue, purple, yellow, orange, bubblegum pink, coral, hot pink and green). Each color has its own pastel cream polish, and then a pastel cream polish with multi-colored micro-glitter AND multi-colored BAR glitter. I have never seen BAR glitter combined with regular micro-glitter together in a pastel cream base before. Have you? I mean, in the drugstore? OK, anyway, so for some odd reason, there are a few of these shades where the glittery version is NOT a cream but a shimmer (from what I can remember, the purple, coral and green shades all have a shimmery glitter counterpart).

Here's a closer look at the blues:

In this shot, you can kind of see how the glittery version of the purple (far right) is way darker and is a shimmer instead of a cream.

Now I couldn't just walk away from these without buying one of each, a cream and a glitter. So here's what I got:
Radiant in Purple (left) and Flashy Orange (right)

In this pic I think it's easier to see the bar glitter floating around with the regular micro-glitter.

Now as for how they apply, I love love love Radiant in Purple:

Two coats, no top coat or base coat

As for Flashy Orange? Not so much...

If you look closely, you can see that this is crazy-streaky (after two *very* thin coats) and the bar glitter on the lower right side of my nail looks like a piece of hay or something. The base turns all of the glitter into a cream color and the bar glitter reminds me of the little particles that are left behind when you break apart bamboo chopsticks.

So even though I was simply mesmerized by the pastel bubblegum pink shade with the multi-colored bar glitter and micro-glitter, I'm way too afraid it's going to end up looking like the orange. So tomorrow I'm going to return "Flashy Orange" and pick up one of the Black Magic shades.

Which one should I get? Please help me out here! The choices again (all in a sheer black base): Orange glitter, purplish-magenta, red, midnight blue, bright royal blue and silver. Right now I'm torn between the royal blue, the orange and the silver (the silver one has SO much glitter in it that it makes the polish look like a crazy starry sky). Help!

[UPDATE: Click here for the second part of my adventures with these limited edition polishes, including more pics!]


  1. AAAAAAHHH!! Would you just stop with all the polish porn?! I swear I've bought 20 polishes in the last week alone. And you're asking fellow product-junkies to help you decided what to get? Uh....I think you know we're going to say, BUY AS MANY AS YOUR WALLET WILL ALLOW!

  2. royal blue royal blue royal blue

    And get me one too, will ya?

  3. Depending on how much you love Halloween, lol. I'd say get them all :-) J/k

    I like the orange idea, and maybe the royal blue. Red on black base isn't rare to see, so ...

  4. Ooooh! I swear we get new items here very late, it's completely annoying.

    I'll have to check it out. =D

  5. I'll be making a dash to the CVS today for sure. There is one of them in the area that seems to put out more Milani than the others.

  6. Oooooh, the purple one that you bought is all about me! I would probably pick up the black with orange micro-glitter ;) It's not something you would wear year round, and it's just one of those "fun" ones that we all pick up once-in-a-while! Why not, right? ;) Sounds like you're pretty much leaning towards that one too... can't wait to see it!


  7. Hey Toma! LOL!!! Sorry to tempt you with these, but you know I had to snap some pics the minute I saw these babies and post them for my fellow junkies! :) And you're right--I need to buy as many as I can because, well, they're LE! Right? :)

    Hey Product Placement! You got it. One for me and one for you. :) xo

    Hey Halifax--I was thinking the same thing. The red is out because we've seen that combo all over the place. But orange...and also royal blue...those are pretty special! :)

    Hey Rai & Dee! If you find these in your area, could you let me know? Also, if you do find them, I'd love to know what you get (if you get some of these). :)

    Amber! Why am I so NOT surprised that you like that purple? I actually did a full manicure with it last night and it is insanely pretty. You neeeeeeed this. Really, you do. And yes, I'm leaning toward the orange but then there's a part of me that says, "You'll probably wear the royal blue one more often so maybe get that one". I don't know...I'm so confused. And then there's another part of me that wants to just get another one of these pastels because now I know they apply like a dream and they're not streaky at all. Argh! :)

  8. Way back in the day, Revlon had a line of makeup called Street Wear and they used to combine bar glitter and micro glitter. It was the best polish---very pretty and lasted forever.

    The black/purple polish sounds fab but so do the orange, blue and red ones. *sigh*

  9. I think you should get the black with orange glitter, that should come in very handy around Halloween!

    ^^^& LOL @ polish porn! Tee hee.

  10. Went to 3 CVS's today, and no such things. There was, however, a new display of the Spring Sally Hansen Tracy Reese polishes. Go figure. (I'm in the Chester County, Pennsylvania area.)

  11. Orange or royal blue, fo sho. Can I just tell you how much stuff I've bought because of you in the last month?! It's like half of my "what I'm using now" list!

  12. Hey dangerkitty! I totally remember Revlon Street Wear (occasionally, I still see random products from that collection at Big Lots!). :) And thanks for the recs on which polish to sounds like you're torn too! I still haven't narrowed it down. lol! xo

    Hey femputer! Thanks for the rec. You're right about the orange coming in handy for Halloween! Very good point. xo

    Hey Dee! I'm so sorry you couldn't find these in your area. That is the worst, isn't it? Happens to me all the time too. And OMG I saw those Tracy Reece polishes too! I was like, "Didn't I read about those in January??" lol! I've got to say that I was immediately drawn to the purple, yellow and green in that collection. So pretty! Did you buy any of those?

    Hey beautyandthecleats! Thank you--I think I've narrowed it down to one of those two shades. Yay! Also, thanks for letting me know that you've been reading my blog and trying some new products! I hope that my reviews have been helpful and that you've found some products that work for you. Thanks again for reading--and for commenting! xo

  13. Hi! I just got all of the glitters except for one, the hot pink. I have pictures of the green on my nail and the green and bubblegum pink in the bottles on my blog. I'm planning on posting the rest of these sometime soon. Please feel free to visit!

    The post I'm talking about is from just a couple days ago so you won't have to scroll too far :D

  14. Hey Stephanie! Thanks for the comment. :) That green looks great on you, and I'm not surprised that the glitter was more visible in that one because the base is shimmery. I'm very curious to see the pink on you because, as you can see in my pics, the orange cream w/ the glitter was just awful. The glitter gets completely covered and lost in the cream formula. When you post pics of the pink cream with glitter, I'd love to see them! Thanks again for stopping by! You rock! :)


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