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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Review: L'Oreal Color Riche Anti-Aging Serum Lipstick

Perhaps you've seen this new display in your local drugstores lately:

Since my luck with Color Riche lipsticks hasn't been that great these past few years, I wanted to give the new Color Riche Anti-Aging Serum collection a chance. I picked up "Compelling Coral" to see if these babies are any different than the regular Color Riche lippies.

First let me say that I like the clear top on the packaging so that you can see what color you're reaching for when it's in your makeup bag. Also, I like that there's a moisturizing balm (the "Anti-Aging Serum") that runs through the center of the lipstick itself. According to the L'Oreal website, this serum is supposed to "instantly improve definition, fill surface lines and create fuller looking lips."

After I applied this lipstick, I looked for some type of improvement to my lips. Sadly, I didn't feel or see any such improvement. It felt like a normal Color Riche lipstick, but just a touch more moisturizing. It's a nice-feeling, creamy lipstick, don't get me wrong, but I just wasn't wowed by it being a huge improvement over the regular Color Riche formula. Also, the fragrance and flavor are reminiscent of the regular Color Riche lipsticks but just a tad more medicinal.
As for the color? Let's see:

The first time I put it on I thought, "Wow, this is a nice color." But there is an issue: The texture is more dewy than shiny. Now, this is not a bad thing, but when this lipstick fades, it tends to look a little chalky and matte. Now this is just my own experience and yours could be totally different, but for me it was a bummer. I'm not a high-maintenance lipstick person so having to keep tabs on how my lip color is fading is just not something I'm willing to do.

But as for it being true to the color in the tube, this is where it scores big points. Finally, a L'Oreal lip color that looks the same in the tube as it does on my lips. Good job, L'Oreal!

Look, Ma! The color in the tube matches the color on my lips!

Final Analysis: If you're looking for a lipstick that falls somewhere between shiny and matte, this might be a good choice for you. However, I did experience some inconsistencies when it came to how this lipstick faded, so you might need to be a little more liberal in your upkeep when you're wearing this product. As for the anti-aging properties, it's definitely a bit more moisturizing and creamy than the original Color Riche formula, but I didn't notice any real improvement to my lips. But perhaps this improvement comes over time with repeated use.


  1. It looks like a really nice color on you!!

  2. Thanks, Kitty! I just wish this color looked as good (or even close to it) as it fades. :(

  3. I like the idea of the "anti-aging infused core" - but what I would really love is if a lipstick made a core of CHAPSTICK - in the center of color! It would save me 2 steps - because I like to apply a little chapstick first, then lipstick...

    Let me know if you find anything like that - if not, maybe I'll invent it for you to review :) hehe.


  4. Hey Mookie! Your idea is great! I wish they had something like this as well (I think there was a company a long time ago that did make something with a moisturizing balm in the middle but I can't remember which company it was). So I say get to work on it! LOL! I know I'd buy it! :)

  5. The anti aging lipstick really sounds like a great idea. Keep us updated as to any results you see! I'm always a bit wary of those kind of claims, but I'd love to hear how it goes. Thanks!

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