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Monday, April 1, 2013

Review: Sinful Colors Nude and Genteel

Remember last week when I posted about that new Sinful Colors display now popping up at Rite Aid and Walgreens? If you missed my post about the Buff to Bright Collection, there is a brand new shade in this collection, as well as some shades that were previously only available in Europe.

I managed to find both Nude (new shade) and Genteel (previously only available in Europe) at my local Rite Aid last week, so I'd love to share some swatches with you in case you were thinking about a purchase (don't wait too long to decide though, because these are going quickly).

Sinful Colors 1000 Nude and 578 Genteel
(retail: $1.99 each, 0.5 oz)

Let's start with the new shade, Nude:

Sinful Colors Nude
two coats, no top coat

Nude is, once again, one of those cremes that basically paints itself. It's so buttery and easy to work with--I love the formula and the opacity (it's a one-coater!). I pretty much always apply two coats though, so that's what you see above.

Dry time was right on par with other Sinful Colors cremes--not super fast but not terribly slow either. This shade reminds me of one of the shades in the L'Oreal New York Nudes collection (Broadway Boogie, to be exact) and I think it might also be similar to one of the nudes in the Revlon Naked Tips Neon Lips Collection

Next up, Genteel (previous only available in Europe):

Hidden violet shimmer!

Sinful Colors Genteel
three coats, no top coat

Genteel is one of those salmon-y rose colors that I usually DON'T gravitate toward (these shades always seem a bit dated to me and remind of a time in the '80s when all you could find was colors like this at the drugstore). But once I got this color on my nails, I actually warmed up to it. I don't know if it's the lovely hidden violet shimmer or the fact that it's a jelly-ish finish, but I find this one quite lovely. If this were a creme and it didn't have that hidden shimmer, I would be running for the hills due to some bad '80s flashbacks, but I feel like this is a modern take on an '80s classic.

This polish is sheer, but not streaky. I needed three coats for what you see above, but some of you could probably get away with two. The formula is a tiny bit thick but it's very easy to work with. Dry time wasn't the greatest due to the slightly thicker consistency and the fact that you need three coats, but it's wasn't terrible considering those two factors.

FINAL VERDICT: Coming from someone who's not a big nude or rose-colored polish fan, I'm actually enjoying both of these shades quite a bit. Nude has an absolutely perfect formula and is a one-coater, which is great for such a light shade. Genteel requires three coats for decent opacity but it's not a difficult polish to work with (though a tiny bit thick). If you're drawn to either of these shades, I say grab 'em while you can!

Have you purchased any polishes from the Buff to Bright collection? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

The products featured in this post were purchased with personal funds. For more information, click here.



  1. Genteel looks so pretty, like Essie Demure Vixen. I spotted this display, but for the life of me I can't remember is Nude & Genteel were in it. I was too focused on Endless Blue & my need to dupe/back-up my Nails Inc Baker Street. ;-)

  2. Ah, I liked both of these when I saw the display images. Now the swatches have sealed the deal for me. Genteel is lovely. ^^

  3. I hope to see Genteel soon around here. I like!

  4. I actually love genteel! I don't usually go for those type of colors either, but as you mentioned the finish and violet shimmer makes it quite appealing :)

  5. I will be looking for this display to hit the shelves. I really like both polishes. That purpley shift is really nice.

  6. I'm a nude fan so I have to keep a lookout for both.

  7. I found Nude and Pistache so I snagged them. The slots for Genteel were empty, so I'm still on the lookout.

    I'm glad I grabbed Nude when I had the chance. I wasn't feeling it after I bought it, because some nudes are streaky and sheer. This I can see being in rotation when I need to have "work-friendly" colors on.

  8. Love the squishy look. I need to actually go out to try to find these.

  9. I have to get my hands on Genteel now, so pretty!

  10. I really like the way Genteel looks on you, G. I may have to go back to Rite Aid and see if I can track it down, after all. I didn't like it at first because it did give me the 1980s pink vibe, but you're right, the hint of shimmer is nice.

  11. Genteel reminds me of an old OPI a little - Nomad's Dream

  12. speaking of 80's colors, Genteel reminds me of Sea Fleur by L'Oreal, in those ultra-old-skool odd squished rectangle bottles! Sea Fleur had blue shimmer though. I sort of loved that shade and I think I love Genteel too.

    1. Jill, I remember Sea Fleur too! Wow, that brings back memories...loved that color.

    2. I LOVED SEA FLEUR!!!!! :)

  13. I might just have to snap up Genteel and while I'm at it check if Nude might be a good match for my skin tone. I'm super fussy about nudes and I haven't found the right one yet!

  14. After seeing these swatched I picked both colors and pistachio up. I'm warming up to nude colors recently. why not grab this lovely color

  15. Wearing Genteel now with Pistache on my ring ringer. Pretty colors!!

    1. That sounds like a really pretty combo!

  16. What base&top coat do you use, G? My nail colors always chip so quickly! :(

  17. I think they both look really pretty on you, and I'd be willing to try them out for that price. I've bought some of their colors before though at Target and wasn't a fan of the formula.

  18. You sold me on the Genteel, G. I grabbed one while I was at Rite Aid taking advantage of the NYC sale.

  19. Nude reminds me of that really pretty creamy brown from OPI's Texas collection. Santantonio


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