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Friday, March 29, 2013

Interactive Sightings Map: Jesse's Girl Limited Edition JulieG. Frosted Gum Drops Collection

If you follow Jesse's Girl on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram, then you know that there's been quite the buzz about the new Limited Edition JulieG Frosted Gum Drop Nail Color Collection (click here for swatches).

Jesse's Girl has done a great job at keeping fans updated on the distribution of this collection, but since we all know that limited edition collections like this don't show up in stores at the exact same time, I created a map to track sightings.

Keep reading to view the map or leave a marker...

You are encouraged to place a marker on this map (instructions below) if you have spotted the Frosted Gum Drop Collection at your Rite Aid. I approve markers once per day, so if you do not see your marker after you submit it, please note that it may take up to 24 hours for it appear.

NOTE: IF THIS MAP DOES NOT LOAD FOR YOU, TRY VIEWING IT IN A DIFFERENT BROWSER OR CLICK HERE FOR A DIRECT LINK TO THE MAP (you cannot add markers via that direct link; you must add markers by accessing the map via this blog post).

Jesse's Girl Limited Edition JulieG Frosted Gum Drop Collection Interactive Sightings Map



2) After you find your location on the map, click "ADD" in the upper right corner of the map and follow the instructions. PLEASE BE SURE TO FILL IN THE STORE LOCATION AND CITY INFO ON THE MARKER FORM (and a street name if you'd like) of the drugstore in the notes. You may also add notes about how many palettes were left when you were there, where the display was located in the store, etc.

3) IF YOUR MARKER DOES NOT APPEAR AFTER YOU REFRESH THE PAGE, DO NOT ADD ANOTHER MARKER! It might take up to 24 hours for markers to become permanent on this map.

Any questions, leave a comment on this post and I'll do my best to answer them!

One more thing:

WHEN VIEWING THIS MAP: If the description on a marker does not specify an exact location, zoom in on the map several times to see street names and hopefully you can figure out which drugstore is being referenced.

DISCLAIMER: Nouveau Cheap is not responsible for incorrect information represented on this map. Before driving to a location referred to on this map, it's always a good idea to call the store ahead of time, just to be sure they still have product left.


  1. OMG. I will be watching this map with bated breath! Also...this is top secret...but there may be a scavenger hunt contest in my blog future - so hint, hint...snap a pic of the display while you're in the store. I love your blog and have been a longtime reader. Keep up the awesome work. :D

  2. Oh, thank you for doing this, G! I'm becoming persona non grata at my local Rite-Aids because I keep calling. ;)

  3. I've checked this map about three times already. I hope this shows up somewhere. Trying not to spend money on makeup for a while, but I think I'd break down for a couple of these. They look so fun!

  4. Ahhhh, it's in West Chester! So excited <3

  5. Not a single marker in the state of Florida ! Such a shame, I never got these!


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