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Saturday, May 28, 2011

NYC Expert Last Nail Polish in Hint of Mint and Late Night Lilac

Remember back in March when a lovely reader first spotted the limited edition NYC Expert Last Nail Polishes at Rite Aid? Soon after that, I spotted them as well, and when Rite Aid was having a great sale on NYC I picked up two shades to try out.

Here are the two shades I purchased:

(apologies for the current state of my cuticles)

 NYC Expert Last Nail Polish in Hint of Mint
(retail: $2.49 at Rite Aid)

I know what you're saying: I need another mint green polish like a hole in the head. But I just couldn't pass this one up! It's just so pretty in the bottle, and I'm happy with how it looks on the nail as well. The only issue I had with Hint of Mint was that it was streaky on the first and second coats, so I had to apply three coats for what you see above.

 NYC Expert Last Nail Polish in Late Night Lilac
(retail: $2.49 at Rite Aid)

Late Night Lilac has a pretty, hidden shimmer to it, and it was a pure joy to apply. Two coats for perfect opacity and not one issue during application. This shade very much reminds me of the Maybelline LE polish from last year, Goody Plum Drop (it's even got the same hidden shimmer), so if you missed out on that one, this is a nice alternative.

After wearing these polishes for four days (I used Orly Bonder as my base coat and Seche Vite as my top coat), I can confirm that I experienced minor tip-wear on day two, and then a bit of chipping on my tips by day four. So it wasn't seven days of wear, but still not bad!

Do you own any shades from the NYC Expert Last collection? If so, what colors do you have, and how do you like them?


  1. I love the mint color, I have it too!

  2. LOL G, are these the only 2 you bought from this collection? Because those were the only 2 colors I picked up a few weeks ago from that collection as well. :P What a coincidence!

  3. I agree, I got minimal chipping at 3 days and I'm always working with my hands. I'm impressed, I prefer these polishes to Wet n Wild!

  4. I picked up the mint color about a month ago and I love it! I just happened to put it on my toe nails today, then I saw this post! lol!

  5. Such pretty colors!! The mint green looks like For Audrey on my phone. Does it lool like that in person? I may pick up the Lilac if I see it!!!

  6. Seche Vite actually comes off much easier than other top coats so maybe you should change up the top coats and base coat that is meant to last because those can be a factor too, not just the color polish itself. The colors are gorgeous! I usually have pink on my nails for the past couple of years but I might go back trying out other colors c[=

  7. Yami: Yay! :)

    Sephiria: OMG, YES! Those are the only two shades I bought. Great minds think alike! ;)

    Gaby: I'm so happy to hear these worked so well for you!

    meroekhalia: Ooooh, I bet that looks so pretty on toes! :)

    robin: Aaaaah, no, it doesn't look like For Audrey in real life. Sorry hun! For Audrey has more blue in it while this one's a true mint green. Still very pretty though! :)

    xoladiihoneyxo: Actually, Seche Vite doesn't come off easily on my nails, but everyone's body chemistry is different, so maybe that's why it comes off easily on yours. There are a zillion combinations that can probably make this polish last longer for certain people, but I used two products that seem to be quite popular just to give people an idea of how this polish might work for them if they used those products. Hope that clears it up!

  8. That teal color is LOVELY on you!

  9. I have the purple, yellow, pastel pink, hot pink, slate grey ones. LOVE THEM!!!


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