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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Coming Soon to Ulta: Dose of Colors and Wet n Wild

Very exciting news for you today, Ulta shoppers! So many new brands have come to Ulta over the last several months (NARSBH CosmeticsOfra, Model's Own, Cover FX and MAC, to name a few) and now we can add two more to the list!

So let's start with the Wet n Wild news:

image source: Wet n Wild Instagram page

Who is ready to get their UNICORN GLOW on? Double tap if you just fell in love with our Summer Limited Edition Collection. This collection will be sold at #BeautyconNYC on May 20th, then available on starting May21st and starting May 22nd, while supplies last!

The great thing about this collection being available at Ulta is that you can use any Ulta points you may have toward WnW, and also you should be able to use whatever discount codes are available at that time (I'm assuming that Ulta will not consider WnW prestige beauty, so discount codes should apply).

At this time, I do not know if the Unicorn Glow collection will be available in-store at the usual drugstores that carry WnW but I'll post if/when I find out (or if you report any sightings!).

I also don't know if this will be a one-time thing, or if the full Wet n Wild core collection will be available at Ulta at some point in the future. Let's hope that they are testing the waters the way they did with BH Cosmetics (if you'll recall, when BH Cosmetics first launched at Ulta they started with one limited edition palette, but now there are more items available).

image source: Dose of Colors Instagram page

And thanks so much to reader @_mely2 for the tip that Dose of Colors just posted this on their Instagram today:
Beauty News Flash! Dose of Colors will be launching (online only) on 🎉🎊 @ultabeauty When: Very Soon!!Stay tuned for more details...Double tap if you are just as excited as we are!! 

As you can see, no official launch date yet, and we don't know exactly how many products will be available beyond what you see in the photo. But I'm guessing that Ulta will consider this brand prestige, which means you probably won't be able to use Ulta's regular discount codes with your purchases. What makes me think this brand will be considered prestige is that Dose of Colors liquid lipsticks retail for $18. Ofra liquid lipsticks retail for $17 and Ofra is excluded from coupons (aka: prestige beauty). But you will of course be able to use any Ulta points you may have stored up toward your purchases.

Are you excited about these new brands coming soon to Ulta? What other brands would you like to see Ulta carry in the future?



  1. This is exciting! Gotta start racking up more points!

  2. Im trying to find out if they will be available in stores as well. So far the sales people say they dont know themselves. Also I would like to know if it goes on sale at midnight or in the morning sometime

  3. I have never tried anything from DOC. Looks like I am going to start a new brand I have been wearing WnW since high school! By the way, I just received my Tarte order today! I completely forgot about it. I guess the deal from the other week overwhelmed them and the foundation is my color but a bit orange, will give it a shot.

  4. I wish dose of colors was coming in store! I'd love to be able to see their shades in person

  5. Sephora better be clutching her pearls because Ulta is KILLIN' IT with the new brand partnerships and what not.

  6. Ulta is bringing their A-game!

  7. Can't wait to get my hands on WetnWild! Unicorn! I'll be getting everything except the colorful unicorn highliter fell into the big hype last time and couldn't find anywhere so ordered two from website. Never will fall for the hype again later I saw it released somewhere! But I do love it! I liked the entire collection last time and find the brushes so soft to avoid packing a punch of blush when you are so pale. Perfect! Love it! Love it! Those three eye powders look fun! And the new highlighters like I need more.

  8. So made a few calls and even though Ulta continues to say they dont know anything about this, I asked when do new collections make it to the website. They said midnight. So I dont know if we would be wasting our time staying up till midnite or all night long but when I go on my computer no wetnwild or unicorn box comes up. BUT when I downloaded the app and put in unicorn glow it did come up however when you click on it it says product not available.

    1. My best guess is it will be available sometime after 10PM Pacific tonight. That's usually when the new items and deals launch. Usually around 10:05 or 10:10. Fingers crossed!

    2. It didnt launch until about 6am. They sent out an email telling people its available but I really thing they shouldve just been up front with the time. Many women were up all night and some missed it. :(


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