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Sunday, April 9, 2017

The Lipstick League - Week of 4.4.17

The Lipstick League Question of the Week

Quick! Name the last concealer that you purchased and tell us how it’s been working for you.

G's answer: the last concealer I purchased was Tarte Shape Tape Concealer back in December. You may remember that I posted about a sale at that time on the Tarte site where you could get 30% off + free shipping on orders $25+ and it included Shape Tape Concealer (rare, since this product is usually excluded from sales)! I couldn't resist finally trying this product, but I have been waiting until I finished up all of my other concealers before using it.  Well I finally finished my other concealers and started using Shape Tape a few weeks ago. And unfortunately (for my wallet) I LOVE it and now understand all the hype. It has beautiful coverage yet the formula isn't thick or cakey and it blends like a dream with just my fingers (although it's great with a sponge or brush too). What I love the most is that, even if I have a heavier eye cream on underneath it, I have yet to experience any creasing or caking throughout the day. That's very rare for me when it comes to undereye concealers. Also, the staying power is incredible. I'm seriously considering using some of the Ulta points I earned during the 21 Days of Beauty event to purchase another tube.

The Lipstick League Links of the Week

Blushing Noir - The unicorn trend is STRONG and if you’re feeling magical and maybe a little sassy, yet still want to be BUDGET FRIENDLY check out these amazing Unicorn Brush Sets on Amazon!

EauMG - I bought a sample of a perfume with oud and raspberries with the expectation that I’d write a (funny) snarky review. Well, I’ve been played! I ended up falling for a raspberry/oud that reminds me of frolicking in a magical, fantasy forest.

fanserviced-b - I was overwhelmed when acne first hit my skin. Here are the products that form the Anti-Acne starter pack I wish I'd had back then.

Gouldylox - Who doesn't love a killer matte lipstick that actually helps dogs and cats have better lives? I know I do, even though one of the colors is NOT for me.

My Beauty Bunny - I’m trying out some natural goodies from RMS Beauty, One Over One, and Lily Lolo and letting you know what I think!

Nouveau Cheap - I struggled to find a place in my skincare regimen for the new St. Ives Coconut Oil Scrub. Here’s what happened.

Phyrra - Unicorn obsessed? I've got over 20 of the most magical pieces of Unicorn Makeup & Makeup Brushes you can get your hands on!

Prime Beauty - sent her undereye bags packing with Dermalogica Stress Positive Eye Lift AND she's giving away one to you!

we heart this - discovered NINE new formulas from Herbal Essences (including one that smells more like a high end perfume than shampoo, it's a must-have!)

Beautygeeks - needed a second date with a Dyson Supersonic hair dryer to know whether a little nozzle issue was going to be a deal-breaker.

(Wondering what the Lipstick League is? Find out here.)

Blushing Noir is Currently Craving: The Benefit Cosmetics Sunday My Prince Will Come Easy Weekender Makeup Kit. It has the GALifornia Blush that I’m DYING for plus a bunch of other awesome little goodies in an adorable bag!



  1. I just got Tarte's Shape Tape but have yet to find the best way to wear it. How much do you use? I dab some on my hand and use my fingers to dab it on, but I find it still creases a bit and looks dry-ish. (I have some fine lines, not noticeable without concealer, but I can totally spot them with concealer...) =( I feel like all the YouTube bloggers I've seen use so much product! But maybe I should try using more product then, lol!! How long do you wait after using your eye cream and which do you use if I may ask? Thanks!

    1. Yes, definitely experiment with using more! I tried using a tiny amount from the back the back of my hand like you did, and that did not work for me at all. I didn't have enough product to work with and it dried too quickly before I could finish blending, so lots of tugging and pulling. Plus, using this product too sparingly, with just a super thin layer, made my undereye area look dry.

      It might take you a while to find that sweet spot, but I find that (for me) three generous dots from the tip applicator under each eye is perfect. That would be WAY too much product if this were another brand of concealer, but it's just right for me with this one.

      As for what eye cream I'm using right now, I'm currently working my way through Clarins Extra-Firming Eye Wrinkle Smoothing Cream. I bought it during the Fall 2016 Sephora VIB Sale at the urging of a friend who said I would love it. I just started using my jar about 3 weeks ago so I'm not sure if I'm in love with it yet. I find that with the Tarte concealer, I only need to wait a min or two after applying my eye cream. But again, that is what works for me and this may require some experimenting to see what works for you. But generally speaking, this concealer works better for me if I don't wait too long after applying my eye cream. :)

    2. Ugh. So sorry for all the typos! I'm writing from my phone in the back of a moving car. :)

    3. Thank you for all those amazing tips! =) I will definitely try using more and experiment with your technique! I love when you give all your reviews and tips on the blog since we have similar skin type and color. So thank you! =)

      It's funny you mentioned the Clarins eye cream since I have a free smaple to try of it, lol!! I'm using Clinique's Repair Wear Laser Focus and I'm not sure I love it enough to repurchase. I also have a sample of the Origins GinZing which I like, but I'm not sure there's enough anti-aging ingredients for me to use at night. You posted the other day about K-beauty coming to CVS so I'm thinking of checking out some of the products that they have for the eye area.

      Anyway thanks again! =)

  2. I bought Makeup Forever concealer thinking it would cover a small scar. It works for about 1/2 a day and then boom scar pops right through. The color is spot on though. I want to try something else that will cover up the scar for a whole day but I don't know where to turn. I'm getting a little tired of wasting my money.

    1. Robin, have you tried the Shape Tape yet? Also, for drugstore I swear by the Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Circle Treatment. Hard Candy Glamoflauge is great too. Something is telling me you may have already tried those but just in case! ;)

    2. I haven't tried the Shape Tape yet. Next time I'm at Sephora or Ulta I will definately take a look at it. I love Age Rewind for for my eyes and use it religiously. Glamoflauge didn't give me the coverage that I am looking for. The scar is little but kinda new. I had a small sunspot removed right next to my lip (it needed to go, it was a basal cell) anyway I don't love the resulting scar and it's still a little red and I want it covered while it continues to heal!! Ugh!!

  3. I'm curious about the Shape Tape.

    The last one I bought was the NYX High-Definition Photo Concealer Wand. One shade is a really good match for my skin, and then the lavender (which was the repurchase) is nice to add brightness or I use a smidge of it to brighten foundation or BB cream.

    I like the NYX but I'm still looking for a good creamy concealer that stays put and conceals a couple acne scars and dark spots. Cover Girl had one I really liked but they discontinued it.


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