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Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Lipstick League - Week of 4.18.17 (To Depot or Not to Depot: That is the Question!)

The Lipstick League Question of the Week

Are you a depotter, or do you prefer to keep your products in their original packaging? 

G's answer: While I appreciate the philosophy behind depotting (custom palettes with exactly what you want/need and nothing extra getting in the way), in practice the process can stress me out. I know that many people enjoy the act of depotting, but I guess I just haven't devoted the time to finding a good system that works for me. Keeping track of each brand, shade name, when you bought it, etc. before you toss the packaging's time-consuming and stressful to me. So I tend to keep my empty palettes filled with pans that I bought specifically for that purpose (like Inglot Freedom System eyeshadow pansMAC eyeshadow pans, etc.) and I don't do a lot of depotting. Buying pans (without packaging) is also economical, and alleviates the stress of getting rid of original packaging that I actually like and may want to keep. But on the other hand, if I don't like the original packaging and feel it's better to depot, that pulls me toward depotting and creating my own palette. It's an ongoing battle!

The Lipstick League Links of the Week

EauMG - It’s Perfume Playoffs! I’ve put my favorite cherry blossom perfumes into competition to see which one comes out the champion. 

fanserviced-b - I’m a big fan of Sunday Riley’s $105-per-ounce Good Genes, but I don’t love the price, so I tested 16 other lactic acids in hopes of finding a dupe. 

Gouldylox - This new Wonder Brush and Blush from It Cosmetics seem too good to be true. Can the brush actually deliver? I've tested it and I have thoughts. Let's discuss! 

My Beauty Bunny - Urban Decay's brand new Rehab Makeup Prep line is designed to prep your face for makeup AND cleanse it at the end of the day! I'm letting you know if I think the collection is a hit or a miss. 

Nouveau Cheap - NYX is coming to Walgreens! Why is this exciting? I break it all down for you here

Phyrra - I've got everything you need to know about What's New in Cruelty Free Makeup

Prime Beauty - is reviewing Neutrogena Naturals in celebration of Earth Month. This is green beauty that is affordable and available at the drugstore! 

we heart this - Sing it with us: "Bathe like an Egyptian!" Then, check out The Body Shop Almond Milk and Honey Body Care Collection. (Hey, that kinda rhymes.) 

Beautygeeks - gets into the geeky formulation details of Riversol, a derm-created line for sensitive skin; here’s how to get a 2-week trial kit for just $3 shipping (CAN/USA)! 

Blushing Noir - What if I told you a SMART MIRROR exists & it tells you all about your skin woes as well as the best products to use AND what order to use them in? This is not a drill - you NEED the HiMirror Plus Skincare Analysis Mirror in your life ASAP ...and it’s not as expensive as you might think (but I’ll give you a coupon code anyway)! 

Clumps of Mascara - I’m late to this but turmeric in skincare is my new favorite thing. And a turmeric scrub? I’m in love! 

(Wondering what the Lipstick League is? Find out here.) 

EauMG is Currently Craving: I’m loving Pinrose’s newest makeover. But, what I love even more is the fragrance Sun Saint. I want to smell like I’ve left all my worries and ran away to a tropical island paradise.  


  1. I agree with you...i have one palette for singles not in packaging. How are the quality of inglot shadows? I was thinking of getting some of those or makeup geek for my singles palette, but wasn't sure which to get. Thanks for the posts!

    1. I love, love, love the Inglot Freedom System shadows! I did a review of some shades a few years ago and since then I've purchased even more from Macy's (that's the listing I linked to above; gotta love free shipping)! They carry shades that a lot of other brands don't make and I find the quality to be excellent for every shade I own. :)

    2. I've never tried Inglot. I have so many shadows, but I always want more.

  2. I keep my palettes together if I like most of the shades AND the packaging but if I don't really care about the packaging or if it's super bulky and hard to store it gets depotted. I also own and have depotted all the wet n wild shadows because they're amazing quality but I never reach for small palettes and the packaging is ugly. I've got a large MUFE palette full of just WnW.

    1. See, I never depot palettes (aside from some WnW small palettes) because I feel like there are going to be shades in a palette that I don't want to depot, and then what happens to those? Do I keep those in their original palette "just in case" or throw the palette away? So them I'm left with a custom palette yet I'm still holding on to the original palette that now only has 2 or 3 shadows in it? So confusing! Lol.

      But for random singles, I can see where it's nice to depot and have all of those shades together without having to dig through a drawer of singles for that perfect shade.

  3. On one hand depotting appeals to me, but I have so many palettes all over the place that it's easier to keep them all in one of those big hanging storage things, the ones that have something like 40 or 50 little clear pockets. I can quickly see what I want or need that way and it's secure stored in there. Plus I never mastered getting the little pans out of palettes. I tried hot irons and a couple other approaches and made more of a mess than anything.

    1. Omg I suck at depoting. Lol. I've tried the flat iron, candle, iron, you name it. Videos make it look so easy but it's NEVER easy for me. Sigh...

    2. Me too! I've broken so many eyeshadows trying to depot them, and then I tried dousing with rubbing alcohol and then smoothing them, they were never the same and now I feel like I don't like those shades as much.

      Is there a better way to fix broken poweder?

    3. R u talking about keeping ur palettes in a like a hanging shoe organizers? I have never thought of that? I love to org and I have a smaller one for makeup that is double sided but it barely holds two compacts in one pockets because I really only using one side at this time. It will hold one Blush palette or like their highlight palette. But like PF compacts the Butyer Bronzer barely can get two of those size. I got it off Amazon a yr or more ago. But it's nice. I saw someusing a pan and pot lid org to store palettes. A hanging storage would be nice. Love to know where u got urs?

    4. I don't depot anything. I'm afraid I will break it. I like the pkging of most anyway. I like the concept of having all the colors together and like it for the WNW but I can't do it. Not worth breaking and repressing for me. For some palettes afraid it will take away the value also if anything ever happens to me. Only way my family will pay for a funeral. Sorry but true. Only thing valieable I have really. Not even jewelry.

  4. I just can't do it! I love my palettes too much. I am all about the packaging and it's more about having the actual palette in my collection, not the convenience.

    1. I hear you. Depotting a bunch of singles makes sense, because having them all together in one palette can save time and actually help you to use things that may otherwise stay in the back of a drawer never see the light of day otherwise. But depotting palettes in pretty packaging is hard for me to justify. Lol.

  5. I live for palettes so it would break my heart to depot them lol but with individuals I guess it makes sense especially after you've accumulated a few. Ok this is random but I got a walgreens email that says they now have no7 foundation matching technology so I'm wondering has anyone tried it yet? I wonder if the shade match will help us find foundations based off the no7 shade.

  6. I bought a couple of MAC empty palettes because, oh yes I was going to be the depotting queen. Alas they are still empty. I was then going to put the few singles of things that I have and didn't do that either. Oh well....

  7. I depotted a cardboard Bare Minerals palette that I had purchased. It had 3 eyeshadows and one blush in it and it was SO bulky! It was easy cause it's cardboard! I also "depotted" the singles I've received in my Sephora Play! and ipsy. I want to do more because I have a lot of smaller palettes from the drugstore that I never use and I would be more likely to use them this way. I just need to get a better z-palette. I have the large container from Tarte that they had during the holidays with brushes in it and it's too big and kind of a pain to use as a palette.


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