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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Thieves Steal $4.5 Million Worth of Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palettes

image source: CBS Los Angeles

Thanks so much to readers @makeup_shenanigans and ChiChi20 for letting us know about this one.

In case you didn't hear: according to CBS Los Angeles (watch video HERE), in late January of this year, thieves broke into a makeup warehouse in Chatsworth, California and stole $4.5 million worth of Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palettes. 

The Los Angeles Police Department needs your help with catching the burglars who stole $4.5 million worth of makeup from a warehouse in Chatsworth.
More than 100,000 palettes of Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Modern Renaissance eyeshadow were stolen between Jan. 28 and 30, according to police. 
The burglars cut through the roof of the warehouse at 21329 Nordhoff Street. 
Each eyeshadow palette sells for $45. Police said the stolen cosmetics could end up anywhere – from the swap meet and eBay to being shipped out of the country. 
...Investigators said they have surveillance video of the thieves, but the images are too grainy.

Read the full article here.

My jaw is still on the ground about this and I feel so awful for everyone at ABH. Thanks again, @makeup_shenanigans and ChiChi20, for letting us know about this.


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  2. That's very sad and just pathetic. I read this article and I've never heard of anyone stealing 4.5million worth of anything that's ridiculous. Why risk going to jail, some innocent people employees are either going to lose their jobs for not catching them or be laid off due to the big hit the company is going to take. I hope they catch them. p.s I don't know anyone who has the guts to steal out of a small store let alone a 4.5 million worth of merchandise

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  4. YT and the beauty gurus have made makeup such a huge industry that I expect to see more of this in the future.

    It has already happened with hair extensions becoming so profitable that some drug dealers have stopped selling drugs to sell stolen hair extensions.

  5. Drats! Been holding off on this one. Probably means it may be difficult for me to get one for awhile. Thank goodness ABH made it part of the permanent collection!

  6. Buy 2 Get 1 free Real Techniques at Ulta!!
    Plus, Buy 1 Get 1 50% off Ulta Brand, and Buy 1 Get 1 free LA Girl.

  7. Most/All revlon and Physicians Formula on sale at Ulta rn..

  8. That is one strange thing to steal for sure. Unless they really do love the palette themselves, they can't really hope to get much from selling them.

  9. oh my.. I hope this does not affect the future product development or anything.. :(

    1. There are so many flea markets in Socal and there are a ton of people who sell makeup. I bet they could get at least 20.00 each, however I suspect now that the cops will be out at the fleamarkets.

  10. How terrible, I'm definitely not going to buy any of these palettes on ebay or any retailer outside of sephora, ulta, or anastasia's website.

  11. I hope they catch the thieves.These people work to hard for this nonsense.
    ABH might want to amp up the security now.

  12. I heard about this the other night. I've seen $12 ABH MR palettes on Ebay and you have to wonder where they came from. Definitely a copy, or stolen.

  13. I encourage everyone to only buy products through legitimate retail outlets. Makeup is not the only market sector victimized by freight theft rings. Usually the warehouse company or trucking company moving the freight assumes the risk. Freight theft is incredibly destructive in the marketplace. When we buy on eBay, at flea markets and the like there is a good chance we are supporting either theft or counterfeiting. This is not victimless crime.

  14. I really liked the look of this palette. I am glad I bought it last year -- Sephora had stock and I know it is the real thing.

    Never heard of palettes getting stolen. Around here it is always the human hair meant for extensions.


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