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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Cutex to Make Nail Polish (Again!)

As someone who follows beauty news on a daily basis, I have a confession. For the past several years, whenever I see a press release for Cutex, I whisper to myself, "Are they bringing back nail polish??" And every time I see that the release contains info about new removers, I cry a little inside. So when I read this article on New Beauty, it was a record scratch moment for me.


For those too young to remember, Cutex was a nail polish brand before they branched out into removers. According to Chronically Vintage, Cutex introduced nail tints to America in 1914. From about 1920 all the way through the 1990s, Cutex made both nail polishes and removers. You may remember (or still own) the 90s Cutex polishes that looked like this and this.

When the 2000s came around, Cutex stopped making nail polish and focused on removers. And my heart ached a little bit. Since the early 2000s, I have hoped that they would start making nail polishes again, so today I am rejoicing at the thought of a 100+ year old company returning to its roots.

Now whether this decision to make polish again stems from Revlon's acquisition of Cutex from Coty back in June of 2016, I have no idea. Maybe it does, or maybe the plan was in the works before the acquisition. That's one we can ponder, but the fact is that nail polish from Cutex is coming!

According to New Beauty:
...the brand will now be divided into five categories. Nail polish removers will still be a big focus, but now the formulas will be enhanced with a touch of fragrance, as well as vitamins, botanical oils and proteins.  
One big intro: Actual polishes, which fall under the Care + Color line of 21 vitamin-enriched shades with a retail price of $7. In addition to the color category, nail tools and hand and foot creams will round out the mix.

According to, the new Cutex Care line will contain:

  • Nail Polish Removers: Available in five liquid formulas and on-the-go pads, these quickly and gently remove all traces of nail polish. 
  • Nail Care: The comprehensive range includes multi-benefit solutions to combat all major signs of nail wear and improve overall nail appearance. Infused with vitamins, oils and nail strengthening ingredients the line includes nail treatments, manicure enhancers and cuticle care to restore, condition and protect nails. 
  • Care+Color: Includes an array of 21 on trend, vibrant nail colors that are formulated to condition and protect nails. Each color features a vitamin-enriched strengthener and built-in protective base coat. The formula, which contains patented ingredient Hexanol, helps condition and strengthen nails.
  • Hand and Foot Creams: Each cream is specially formulated to lock in essential moisture to keep skin protected and hydrated. These creams contain a unique blend of glycerin, vitamin E and botanical oils to ensure skin, nails and cuticles are properly conditioned. 
  • Hand and Foot Tools: From nail files to cuticle clippers, Cutex tools have distinct features to deliver improved performance and precision. 

In the same article, indicates that "The Cutex Care Line is available this month [February 2017] at select retailers including HEB, Meijer, and Amazon; prices range from $2.99-$13.99."

I just checked and I'm not yet seeing any of these new products on the Amazon site, however I am seeing some of these new products on the Jet website (no nail polish as of the time of publication). I'm guessing that this new line will expand to additional retailers in the coming months, so definitely keeps your eyes open. And if you live in a region with HEB or Meijer stores, I would love to know if you have spotted any displays yet!

In the meantime, here are some pics from the newly-revamped Cutex website:

(There will be 21 shades in this range)

I also just noticed that yesterday, 2/14, Cutex posted some bottle shots on their Instagram page here, if you'd like more sneak peeks.

So let's hear it. Are you excited to see Cutex re-enter the polish game? Do you remember Cutex polishes from the 90s? Think you'll give these new polishes a try?


  1. I love their new look...especially the nail polish bottles....they're so adorable!

  2. I remember their nail polish. I am so outing myself as old, but I can remember when they made makeup also. They made a mascara with a big ball for the cap. Funny the things that stick in your mind over the years. Cutex was THE brand when I was a teenager.

  3. I am so excited! Cutex was the first nail polish I bought with my own money in the early 70's....i know I'm dating myself big time! Also in the 70's maybe 72 or 73 my best friend and I snuck and ordered Cutex cream eyeshadow from a catalog (our parents weren't letting us wear shadows yet) Anyway it came in a little round plastic ball. I had purple, she had blue! It's one of my best memories! Thanks for that G.!

  4. I saw the whole display and colors at 2 different HEB's in Houston :)

  5. Oh my dog, those bottles are so cute I need at least one, possibly more if there are good colors!

  6. Yep, spotted them at an HEB in South Texas last week! I definitely did a double-take. :)

  7. Wow! I am embrassed to say I really do not remember Cutex nail polish....I am old do of course know the polish remover. My mother did not wear make up or nail polish at ALL and I did not start until 8th grade prom (1990) so I guess this one slipped by me! Looking forward to trying them out.

  8. I just saw a big Cutex Nail Polish display at an Austin HEB about a week ago. I was in a hurry but will go back and buy soon. I remember my mom used to have some, the bottle was so distinctive.

  9. I was just browsing cosmetics in HEB last night. Didn't see these. Will keep an eye out.

  10. Cutex has been selling nail polishes again here in the Philippines for the past few years.

  11. I better check my HEB since people are writing about their sighting on here, lol. I'll check my San Antonio HEB's. I remember borrowing my sister's Cutex polish to paint my nails. They looked like the ones with the white cap. Can't wait to use them again.

  12. I don't know if I realized they quit selling polish. Lol so sad. I buy a lot of Sinful colors and WNW polishes mostly. But I remember having Cutex polishes. They have just been gone a along time from my coll. I was raised in the 70s as a little girl and as a teen in the 80s. So remember them. Grad high school in 86. I counted up how many hrs I have been wearing makeup it has been over 35 yrs. that's a long time. Lol.

  13. I saw a brand new display at Meijer about a week ago!

  14. I'm another one who started with this nail polish in the 70s. You could actually peel it off, so ironically, you wouldn't really need the remover! My bottle had a long white top and an actual paper label. I'll definitely get one or two for old times sake!

  15. I still have a bottle of Cutex Meloncholy from the early 90s. This is exciting!!

  16. wow. this actually makes me quite happy. I loved Cutex polish. Heck, I may even go back to wearing polish again. Thanks for this news.

  17. Thanks for the update! I usually use their Advanced Revival nail polish remover in the green bottle and I swear by it. I didn't realize they had changed their packaging for that as well and sent my bf out to get me a new bottle. Poor guy went to three stores and called to say "I can't find the green bottle anywhere!" When I went out to the store with him today, I read this blog post and both of us were like "Oohhh!" It was a pretty funny moment and he was like "That's why I couldn't find it! I was looking for that green cutex bottle you usually get and it's not even called Advanced Revival anymore." I believe they've changed the Advanced Revival to "Nourishing." Although, since the formula is different, I don't know if it's exactly the same. I've noticed that it smells different and also not ever ingredient in the ingredients list is the same. They do have most of the same botanical, nourishing oils.

  18. How did I miss this post? I remember the Cutex Strong Polish. I wore it in the 80's when I was about 12. It really made my nails stronger. I also remember the one with the long white top a poster mentioned, one of my older family members had that one. I didn't know they made makeup as well. I still use their polish removers, the Advanced and the Spa ones. I'll have to see what they are called now. It never made sense to me that Cutex stopped making polishes. I always wondered why. They have such a long history. I'm glad to see new products and I'll be trying them out.


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