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Friday, January 13, 2017

A Fun Little Under $10 Philosophy Deal at Nordstrom (Free Shipping + Samples)

After the beautyblender fiasco earlier, I'm gun shy about posting these types of deals for fear of them selling out before you have a chance to get them. But I also can't keep fun deals to myself! So here's a special deal that I'm only posting about on the blog. I will NOT be sharing this on social media. Think of it as a special little thank-you to those of you who are loyal readers and come here often (thank you!!).

Right now you can get this Philosophy Fresh Cream Ornament for 50% off ($9 down from $18) on the Nordstrom site with free shipping plus your choice of 3 free beauty samples at checkout. One of the choices for freebies right now is a Maison Margiela Replica Lipstick On fragrance sample, which a lovely fragrance if you haven't tried it yet (it smells like vintage lipstick and face powder).

The listing on the Nordstrom site has this fragrance at 0.25 oz., but I believe that's a typo. If you go to the Philosophy site, you'll see this exact same ornament is listed as 0.5 oz. for the same retail price ($18). So I'm pretty sure that this is 0.5 oz for $9. But if I'm wrong, remember that Nordstrom offers free returns on all orders, so you can return it with no risk to you.

I LOVE Philosophy's Fresh Cream fragrance. It's one of my favorite gourmands because it has this beautiful sweet, milky, creamy note to it (it's not just straight up vanilla). Super yummy, but the staying power is weak so I like to spritz it throughout the day as pick-me-up and I love when I can get a good deal on this one!


  1. Replies
    1. Gah! I'm so sorry! Thanks for letting me know. :(

  2. Looks like it sold out, but thanks for posting. Sorry people were rude. Keep being awesome!

    1. Oh not at all! Nobody was rude. :) I was just upset that it went out of stock so quickly after I posted. I had tested it multiple times to make sure it was still in stock. So I just hate it when people don't have a chance to get the things I post about. :(

      Aaand it sounds like the same thing happened with this one. I can't win today! Lol. I'm so sorry this sold out too. :(

  3. It still shows in stock for me and let me add it to my bag

    1. OMG yay!!!! I was just about to update this post with a "sold out" note but now I'll hold off. Thanks so much for letting me know!

  4. I think it is definitely sold out now. Getting the "Product Not Available" error

  5. G, this has been going on a few weeks.. I thought you knew about it, so I didn't send you a message. They also had the perfume set with a full size (2oz) Fresh Cream perfume and a roller ball for only $21.. I snagged it quick. I sort of regret not getting more. I agree with you of course - I have already gone through a bottle of it.. it smells SO good.. doesn't last long on the skin though, but I still love it.. <3

  6. Hi! It's $10.80 right now in Philosophy's website.

    -Your longtime reader from the Philippines :)


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