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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

(SOLD OUT) Colour Pop Secret Grab Bag Launching 10AM Pacific Today (12/7)

image credit: @colourpopcult

UPDATE: this bag is now sold out. Judging by your comments below (thank you so much, everyone!) it appears that it took all of 5 minutes for this bag to sell out. I wish they would have had more available so that more customers had a chance to grab one, but congrats to everyone who was able to snag one. I hope you'll share with us the contents when you receive it!

It's 9:50AM Pacific as I write this, and I just want to let you know that in 10 minutes Colour Pop is going to launch a secret grab bag for $20 ($80 value) on their website HERE. According to @colourpopcult on Instgram, this bag will contain something NEW. Limited quantities, while supplies last.

Good luck and I hope you're able to get one (if you want one)!


  1. All sold out as of 10:05 PST, 1:05 PM

  2. Did this really sell out in 5 min? I was watching the homepage and then I was confused as to why it wasn't posting the bag and realized my dumb self had to click the picture to go to the product page at 10:05 PST and it already said sold out. Sad. :(

  3. So the bad news is, I was on the site, refresh --> not there --> refresh --> not there --> refresh --> sold out. But the good news is, i saved $20 and don't have to find a place to put more makeup. I had about 15 seconds of sadness, then considered how blessed I am to be at a place in my life when I could spend $20 on stuff I absolutely do not need. There were many many many days of my life where that was not true, so I shall smile the rest of my day.

  4. It sold out in less than 1 minute! I even had my clock up to count down. Even when you had it in you cart to check out, it would tell you your order was canceled! Exactly what happened to me. Colourpop has got to do better!

  5. I was in the middle of checking out when it sold out :(

  6. Annnd sold out in less than 5 minutes, as I was entering my info. You know, I know people complain about Zoya and how long it takes for them to ship their promo sales, but at least you can actually GET them LOL. Thanks for the heads up on this and all the hard work you do!

  7. Gone! It's 1:20 EST. Too bad, I've always wanted to try this brand. Congrats to those who got one! :D

  8. Its sold out. Just checked. Hopefully they do this again!!

  9. As usual, they bungled the launch of a limited product.

    The product didn't go live on their website on time, you had to search for it, and it sold out within 2 minutes. There were multiple complaints of people having the bag swiped from their carts. I think I'm done buying from colourpop, because it seems like they continue to have stock/process/customer service issues, and it's getting old.

  10. I didn't even see the email announcing this until hours after it had been sold out - the email was sent at 10:17 am MST, which is 43 minutes before it went live. Nowhere near enough time to plan, which makes me think they were very aware of how fast this was going to sell out, they were protecting their site, etc.

    1. Even less here, 33 minutes before it went live!

  11. Oh hell no. The one day I didn't check your blog I missed this hot tip! Boo Hoo! :-(


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