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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Today Only (11/3): 50% off Butter LONDON The Most Wonderfull of All Set

You probably already know that every Thursday, Good Morning America does a Deals & Steals segment with one-day-only special deals that sometimes include beauty. I check them every Thursday morning but it's been a while since there were any noteworthy beauty deals that I thought were worth passing along to you.

But today the theme of the GMA Deals & Steals is Oprah's Favorite Things 2016, and there's a Butter LONDON deal that you hardcore polish addicts might be interested in (or anyone who has a hardcore polish addict in their life, as this would make one heck of a holiday gift).

Today only (11/3) the Butter LONDON The Most Wonderfull of All Set HERE is 50% off ($75; reg $150). Free shipping on all orders and a limit of 5 sets per order. This set contains 18 deluxe-size nail polishes and 4 deluxe-size treatments, plus a nail file, 2 packets of Scrubbers and 2 packets of Glitter Scrubbers. (Thanks to reader @beautybudgetcollection for pointing out that the nail colors are also deluxe size--1/2 the size of full-size--as I had originally indicated that they were full-size). I am so sorry for that error; I completely misread the listing (this is what I get for trying to write five blog posts simultaneously right now).

PS: there's one more beauty-related offer today for 50% off select products at The Cottage Greenhouse (most items are already sold out but there are a few items left as of the time of this post).


  1. I warned my husband that the beauty budget is toast in November...but I thought I wouldn't start spending for a few more weeks at least! Ugh, can't say no to nail polish. ;)

    1. Catherine, I am SO sorry for this but I want to let you know that I was just made aware that this set contains ALL deluxe size polishes (1/2 the size of full-size). I had previously indicated that the nail colors were full-size (please see my explanation and apology above). I am so hoping that this doesn't create a problem for you but hopefully if you are not interested in this set, you can contact Butter LONDON to cancel your order. This is still a great value and the lowest we'll probably ever see this set go during the holiday season, but I just want to apologize again for my oversight!

    2. Bummer! That explains why the deal seemed a little too good to be true. No worries -- I should have taken the time to read the description myself.

  2. Replies
    1. Ah, Taylor, I don't FEEL like the best, since I made a mistake in my listing when this post went up. Please do see my updated post (and comment above). I am SO sorry for the misinformation!!!

  3. If I could afford this right now, I'd totally be jumping on this!

  4. G, just a heads up - I don't think these are full sized polishes. The website says they're "fashion size" and the Nordstrom website, which also carries the set, lists them as 0.2 oz (full size is 0.4 oz).

    1. OMG, I think your comment came through right as I as updated my post about that. I am SO SORRY, and I think you for pointing that out!!

  5. This looks amazing whether full size or not. Too bad I'm on a forced no buy for the near future. Oh well it's fun knowing what is out there and following others good fortune.


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