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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Review: Revo Lip Balm in Coconut Blueberry (Target Exclusive)

I picked this up at Target a while back and kept reminding myself to review it for you (things get lost in my "drafts" sometimes but better late than never, right?). So if you have been curious about this one, here are my thoughts!

Revo Lip Balm in Coconut Blueberry (Target Exclusive)
(retail: $2.49, 0.25 oz.)

To refresh your memory, OraLabs (makers of Revo) released new Target-exclusive flavors back in April of this year. They can be found both online HERE and in-store (in the lip balm aisle near pharmacy). 

The flavors in this line are:

Acai Berry
Vanilla Mint
Kiwi Watermelon
Strawberry Dragonfruit
Coconut Blueberry

When I posted about these new flavors in April, my eye immediately went to Coconut Blueberry because it felt like the most unique of the bunch (although I really want to try Strawberry Dragonfruit at some point). 

Made in USA

When I first cracked this open and took a whiff, my immediate reaction was "blueberry candy". Initially, this felt like a sweet, candy-like blueberry fragrance with very little coconut. But after sniffing it a few more times, I did notice the coconut note. I'm guessing that when Revo was formulating this fragrance/flavor, they understood that coconut can be very dominant and it's better to hold back a bit. Otherwise, coconut can completely drown out softer fragrances like blueberry. So I guess my point is, if you don't detect any coconut here, give it a few more tries and I think the coconut will become more apparent.

Now that I've been using this lip balm for several weeks, I definitely get both blueberry and coconut in the fragrance and also in the flavor. There's a nice mix of both notes here, without one dominating the other. The flavor is kind of subtle with this lip balm (I own other Revos that have a more intense flavor) but I can taste both coconut and blueberry on my lips during application. The fragrance and flavor are a bit fleeting with this one though; they don't seem to stick around quite as long as with other Revos in my stash. 

As for the formula, I find this lip balm to be a bit more creamy than other Revos I own. Certain Revos in my stash have more of a thin, slick feeling on the lips, but this one just feels more creamy. I've been enjoying this formula quite a bit. It delivers some nice moisturization and it sticks around for a nice amount of time on my lips (several hours before I feel the need to reapply).

FINAL VERDICT: If you were hoping for a balanced blend of coconut and blueberry, I think you'll be happy with this one. Don't let that initial whiff of blueberry fool you; the coconut definitely comes out to play the more you use it. Although the fragrance and flavor are a bit more subtle and fleeting than other Revos I own (which could be a good thing for some of you who find Revos too strong when it comes to fragrance/flavor), I am quite happy with my purchase. I think the formula feels more creamy than some other Revos I own, and overall it's a very pleasant experience to use and wear this lip balm.

Do you own any of the Target-exclusive Revo Lip Balms? If so, I would love to hear which flavors you have, and how you like them!

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  1. It looks like I'll use my coupon from my last Target Beauty Box and fill up on one of each of these Revo lip Balms. I also am a big lip balm lady lol.�� I bought the Maybelline Baby Lips Glow Stick when ypu firat posted them G. and as always you never disappoint me!! THANK YOU for all of the beauty deals that you have provided to me at a HUGE steal, the top of my dresser never looked so colorful and full! I might have to get a big makeup cabinet for around fall and Christmas hauls ������. #AnotherSatisfiedFollower ������

  2. I have all of the Target-exclusive Revos, and the Strawberry/Dragonfruit (pink) one is probably my favorite! It smells like strawberry bubblegum and just makes me happy, LOL. A close second would be the Watermelon/Kiwi (green) one. They all have that great creamy consistency - definitely a win-win in my book!! :)


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