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Thursday, September 22, 2016

e.l.f. News: Holiday 2016, Free Shipping, New Stores Opening, and IPO

e.l.f. Holiday 2016 Love Your Look Kit

Lots going on in the world of e.l.f. right now, so let's jump right in!

In case you haven't heard the news, today e.l.f. Cosmetics made an IPO (initial public offering) and they are now listed on the NYSE as "elf". That means that, if you so choose, you can invest in e.l.f. and become a shareholder. Stock was initially priced at $17 a share but opened at $24 a share today, surging to $25.72 as of the time of publication. Per the WSJ, that means the company is now valued at over $1 billion. Wow. Do you remember when e.l.f. first started and only had some brushes and a few color cosmetics? Boy how they have grown!

In honor of going public on the NYSE, e.lf. is offering free shipping on all orders today on their website (9/22):

FREE SHIP all orders - One Day Only (CODE: BEAUTYEXCHANGE) Plus FREE Fall Warmth Giveaway (value $15) on orders $25+ (CODE: GOODIEBAG).  

You can stack both codes.

Next up:

image credit: Kayo for Nouveau Cheap
e.l.f. store coming soon to Westfield Culver City, California

If you haven't heard yet, e.l.f. stores are expanding! In addition to the stores that are already open in New York and New Jersey, there are now stores open in Sherman Oaks, CA (click here for info) and Glendale, CA (click here for info). And thanks to reader Kayo for sharing the above pic of the store coming soon at the Culver City, CA Westfield Mall. And thanks to reader Samantha for the tip about the new location at the Smith Haven Mall in Lake Grove, NY, which is now open. Samantha also let me know that there's a store coming in Fall 2016 in Bay Shore, NY (Long Island) at the South Shore Mall (and there's also a new location coming soon to Plainfield, NY). Hopefully more and more of us will get to experience their standalone stores soon!

And last but certainly not least:

The e.l.f. Holiday 2016 sets are here (just in time for free shipping today)! Thanks so much to reader Kelly for letting me know that they're all live now on the e.l.f. site HERE.

I'm guessing that there will be even more Holiday 2016 goodies from e.l.f. at Target and Walgreens soon. They always do special end-cap displays, so be on the lookout for those soon.

Thanks again, Kayo, Samantha, and Kelly, for the great tips!


  1. Totally wanna buy stock in this but I know nothing about that stuff! Can I buy just like one share? Lol

    1. I don't know a lot about the stock market either, but you CAN buy just one share. However, when you buy stock, you have to purchase from a stock broker, and they charge a commission fee. The fee is usually higher if you're only buying a few shares, so it would probably be a better investment to buy multiple shares at one time (with a lower commission fee). :)

    2. If you use robinhood there are no trading fees. I think elf trades around the mid $20 range. Another good app/ website is stockpile because you can buy stock in any dollar increment you want without having to buy in exact stock price increments ie Google trades at $815 but if you only have $350 you can buy a partial share with a $.99 - 1.99 trading fee on there. The downside with stockpile is they have limited variety of stocks. Hope that helps! Haha (I have a finance degree to go with my makeup addiction hehe)

  2. I have a question... When I get your texts I click on the "http"link and it is sending me to twitter instead, it's been doing this for the last couple of days... Is this a glitch? I'm aware there is a twitter link as well, but up until a couple of days ago, I could choose which one I wanted to open. Make sense? (Maybe the issue is on my end?? IDK,but had to ask). Thanks!!

    1. Sheila I am so sorry. I don't know if you've seen my tweets over the past few days that I've sent out to people who get my text alerts, but Twitter is flagging my links as "malicious" right now. I have no idea why, since I've been using Twitter to send out links to my blog since 2009. Same blog, same links, but NOW they're considered malicious. They're not. I did a Google check on my site just yesterday and no malicious content is here.

      So I'm GUESSING that when you click my links, Twitter is "protecting" you by sending you back to Twitter. I am SO sorry about that. I have submitted a ticket with their help desk and so far, no response. I'm unfortunately at their mercy, so I have no idea if/when this is ever going to get fixed. I'm losing my mind over here! Thanks for your patience. :)

    2. I'm no expert but I can say this type of problem happens when a user is sending multiple info that seems like its the same link over and over. Kind of like avoiding people from spam. I am a Crowdtap member, a site that offers rewards for doing things on their site, which means they send me multiple emails in one day for reminders or for new offers. Turns out one day I wasn't getting those emails anymore even though I signed up to get them. I contacted them and they told me my account from Yahoo had blocked their email without even telling me. The reason being they emailed me throughout the day everyday. I had to contact yahoo and send them the companies email address so I could get those emails again.

    3. Oh yes, I should have mentioned that I was aware of the "malicious" tweets. Gosh, I sure hope you can get that straightened out. I am hearing right now on my local news that over 500 million yahoo email accounts have been hacked. But they did say that credit cards and bank data were not stolen. Crazy, huh?
      And no worries. I'm just not much of a twitter user, and I didn't know for sure if you knew it was doing that with the site link. :)

    4. When they send you back to twitter there is a notation on the bottom that asks if you still want to proceed. If you just click on the "yes" it will take you to the site. At least that's what I have to do, I hope this helps!

  3. OOO Wow! Hope they open some stores close to me! Thanks for all the info! They really have grown and become my favorite drugstore brand!

  4. Relax, we know where to find you ...its kinda like a tree fell over the path to your just takes a little more time to go around it...but we still know where you are ��

  5. You're very welcome. I helped myself to several of those holiday sets. E.L.F.'s been very generous with the bonus goodies lately!

  6. SO EXCITED!! I regularly run errands at that Culver City mall. Now to add one more store to the "regular" stops there!

  7. Love only for Cali and NY. The only exciting thing heRE is Daiso.

  8. I thought that picture looked very familiar! I've been waiting for this to open!

  9. the promotion for free shipping has been extended 1 day later! Refer to the countdown timer on their site..... So happy to hear the good news about them!

  10. YAASSSSSS an ELF store Culver City!! I'm doing my Snoopy happy dance.



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