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Friday, August 5, 2016

It's Back! Coastal Scents 99-Cent Hot Pot Sale Now through 8/12

It's baaack! Everyone's favorite Coastal Scents sale is back again for another round. Now through 11AM Eastern on 8/12, all Hot Pots are $0.99 each HERE. These are regularly $1.95 each. Free shipping on orders $50+ (if you're only ordering a few Hot Pots, First Class Shipping should be around two bucks).

If you're new to Hot Pots, they are eyeshadow pans that are the exact same size at MAC eyeshadow pans, so they'll fit into MAC palettes. There are many, many MAC dupes in the Hot Pots line (you can click here for a Google Image Search to see hundreds of photos).

I did a review way back in 2009 of a Hot Pot (back when they only had numbers and no shade names) of a dupe-ish shade to MAC Satin Taupe, but they have since come out with the shade Dark Chocolate, which I hear is a MUCH better dupe of Satin Taupe.

If you're a Hot Pot collector, I would LOVE if you'd share your favorite shades with us in the comments below!


  1. I purchased a 12 pan Coastal Scents palette and filled it with 3 MUG shadows, 1 ELF, and the rest are Hot Pots. I have been very impressed with them so far! The site does not do a great job of depicting the actual color/finish. Look for pictures and swatches online. The shades I own are:

    - Chamois Nude
    - Amaretto
    - Earth Rose
    - Cinnamon Stone
    - Deep Roast
    - Antique Maroon
    - Spiceberry
    - Wild Raisin

    1. I'm curious. I'm interested in both Earth Rose and Cinnamon Stone, but when I look at swatches, they look very similar. What do you think? If you had to pick only one, which would you go for?

  2. I've heard you can put together a dupe for the first l*mecr*me palette with hot pots...I will have to get to googling!

  3. I've bought a ton. Hands down, my favorite shade is Peachy Pink. I made a look with some violet shades and then put Peachy Pink above the crease -- WOW. My slobbering review of the shade is on the CS site too.

  4. I'm so ready to try these! New to watch some reviews :)

  5. You can get $5 off by clicking the link "Get $5" at the top of the coastal scents website!

  6. Thank you!! I got 8 hot pots for $5.72 shipped after the $5 off coupon code. :)

  7. I have a generic z-palette with nothing in it at the moment and I think the Coastal Scents eyeshadow formula is good (not my absolute favorite, but definitely usable). I will have to check this out. Thanks for the post!

  8. I have only tried the Revealed Palette 2 from Coastal Scents, and am excited to try the Hot Pots. I made my own peach palette for $18.57 shipped. Only thing that irked me was estimated shipping was $2.xx, but paid $6.xx. I think I'll live though! Thank you for looking out!

  9. Here's some shipping cost info that might help others - When I first used the CS site's estimated shipping tool to my zip, it was $2.92, but after adding several products (about 10 hot pots, an empty palette and the free gift they let you select at checkout) the shipping cost rose to over $8. I toggled around with the items in my cart and found that any of the free gifts (I tried with both a shadow sample and a shea butter sample) automatically increased the shipping, and there was no middle ground between the two above-mentioned prices, it shot from $2.92 to over $8. I'm guessing that this is because those items are bigger / don't pack as efficiently as the hot pots do alone. Also, for me the magic number of hot pots I could get while keeping the shipping under $3 was 12 total, 13 made it jump to the higher price. Hope this info helps anyone making a similar order. Strangely, it works out that if you're ordering between 12 and 24 hot pots, it would actually be cheaper to do do 2 separate shipments (only by a couple dollars). I'm super excited to get mine since this is the first time I'll be trying CS products at all - it was so hard to decide with SO MANY gorgeous shades!!

  10. I got 10 shadows(along with a 4 shadow sampler) for $7.82 shipped! I refused to pay more than $2.92 for shipping, so gave up one or two shadows(that I may already have something similar of). I've never used Coastal Scents, so decided to try a few colors that I don't THINK I already have. Did a lot of research yesterday(Google Images for swatches, Youtube swatches, reviews, etc) and am very excited. I bought a lot of MUFE shadows two years ago and have to admit(after researching dupes, quality, etc), I feel really happy to have shadows that are comparable to MAC, Makeup Geek, Urban Decay, etc. Thanks for all of the info that you always give, G! I've been following your blog for the last 5 years and you're one of the best!

  11. I've always wanted to put together my own Z-palette but these things overwhelm me SO MUCH. I have like 30 hot pots in my cart right now & I have no idea how to narrow it down, or how to diversify (clearly I love purples & pinks but i don't need 30 MORE of them).

  12. Me and my sister went a little crazy on the last coastal scents sale and filled a whole palette each, while she is relatively happy with her choices, I am mostly disappointed and underwhelmed by the pigmentation and chalkyness of their shadows. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I suppose I was hoping for similar pigmentation to the morphe palettes, however that was definitely not the case. At least not for my choices. Don't think I'll be picking up anymore of their shadows again.

  13. I've ordered 12. I picked a combo of shades that are similar to some in Too Faced Peach and ABH Modern Renaissance. Hopefully some of them work out well! And this will inspire me to depot some other singles too.

    1. Oh, I would love knowing which ones your picked. I thought about doing that for the ABH Modern Renaissance


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