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Friday, June 17, 2016

Review: Moda by Royal & Langnickel Pro Makeup Complexion Brush

Back in March when I first posted about the Moda by Royal & Langnickel makeup brushes popping up at Walmart stores (click here to see the display), I was super excited to find the display in person. Not long after my post, I found them at a local Walmart and decided to pick up a brush for review. I've been using the Moda Pro Makeup Complexion Brush for about three months now, so here are my thoughts!

Actually, before I get to my review, I want to mention to anyone new to Royal & Langnickel that they're a well-established brand with headquarters both in the UK and US. They make both makeup brushes and art brushes, and their affordable Moda line is now sold in-store at Walmart (as of the time of this post, I could only find the two sets on the Walmart website HERE) as well as on the Royal website HERE.

Moda by Royal & Langnickel Pro Makeup Complexion Brush
(retail: $6.94 at Walmart; $7.99 on the R&L website)

Made in China

My camera hates hot pink, so I apologize if the handle in the pic above looks pixilated. In person, the handle is coated in a very smooth, soft, matte, rubberized material. 

I want to tell you that ALL of the close-up pics of this brush featured in this post were taken this week. In other words, The photos of this brush represent what the brush looks like NOW, after almost three months of use. I have washed this brush several times (deep-cleaned with soap and water using a silicone mat, and also spot-cleaned with Cinema Secrets and a paper towel). 

After multiple cleanings, this brush has not faded, splayed, or suffered much bristle loss. Occasionally after spot-cleaning I will find a loose hair sticking up from the brush, which I can easily pull out, but no stray bristles flying around or anything like that. 

Regarding the pink color of the bristles, this dye has not once transferred to my paper towel after using Cinema Secrets, nor has it transferred to my face while in use. Also, I have not seen my water run pink when cleaning this brush with soap and water. 

I also want to mention that while spot-cleaning with Cinema Secrets, which is a very powerful solution, I am able to clean the ferrule and handle without suffering any damage. I was afraid at first that Cinema Secrets may melt the rubberized coating on the handle, but it has not harmed the handle in any way.  It works like a charm and gets both the handle and ferrule perfectly clean without any damage.

For perspective, I looked around my house to find an object that was roughly the same size of the brush head, and decided to use a Softlips Cube, since most of you are probably very familiar with it. If you have a Softlips Cube lying around, just look at the height and that's about the width of this brush head.

This brush is extremely soft. It doesn't feel scratchy and it doesn't poke the skin, even when using it for buffing. My favorite way to use this brush is with powders. I love it for buffing powder foundations, and also for applying and blending powder products like blushes, bronzers, and highlighters. I'm not big on using it to apply liquid or cream products because even though the bristles are dense, I find that this brush does eat up a lot of my liquid and cream products. For me, this brush really excels at blending, whether it be powders, liquids and creams (foundations, concealers, blushes, bronzers, highlighters, etc.).

The quality and construction of this brush are solid. The bristles are firmly glued into the ferrule, and the ferrule is attached firmly to the handle. I love the rubberized texture of the handle; it's easy to grip and also easy to clean. I also love the size and shape--it's great for applying products to the cheeks as well as all over the face, and even for light contouring. 

FINAL VERDICT: for around $7, this is a solid, quality brush that has a lot of uses. It's great for buffing and blending just about every type of face product, and it works equally well with powders, liquids and creams. The only thing I would not use it for is applying liquid or cream products, because this brush tends to eat a lot of product despite the density of the bristles. But if you're looking for a new face brush for buffing and blending, I think this is a nice one to consider. I definitely do not regret my purchase and I find myself reaching for it quite often.

Do you own any Moda by Royal & Langnickel brushes? If so, I would love to hear which ones you own, and how they're working for you!

The products featured in this post were purchased with personal funds. For more information, click here.


  1. I recently bought the contour BMD-120 brush and I love it. I have only used it for setting my under eyes (perfect size) but plan on trying it for contour. I think I will purchase more. I especially love the handle.

  2. I've not used the Moda line but they did contact me awhile back about the plans to release them. They brand brushes for several lines, but I really like the originals. I'll definitely have to check this out! Thx for great review!

  3. Yess! So glad to see someone else rave about this. I've had mine for two months and use it almost daily. It's one of the best brushes I've ever owned regardless of price.

  4. I received an eyeshadow brush from an ipsy bag a while back, and i have to say, it's one of my favorites. It's held up well through washing and is a great multi tasking eye brush for me! It's also pretty soft for an inexpensive synthetic brush. Also, out of curiosity, how would you say the face brush compares to the Real Techniques expert face brush? They look fairly similar!

  5. Thank you so much for this detailed review - even taking the time to test if the hot pink color would transfer onto your skin. I can't wait to try this brush out!

  6. I bought a Royal & Langnickel blush brush and 3 retractile lip brushes a few years ago at IMATS and I still love them. Great review for a great brand. I'll check the Moda line out too. From the website, they look a LOT like RT.

  7. I bought this very brush and yes its very nice for applying powder and blushes, highlighters too, super soft and the easy to handle

  8. I actually own this Royal & Langnickel brush and love it! I do use it to apply my cover fx total cover cream foundation and I get a flawless finish that I can't get if I use a beauty blender or another brush. This is truly a hidden gem! ;)


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