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Friday, May 27, 2016

Target June 2016 Beauty Box Sneak Peek

I want to thank several of you here on the blog and on social media for the tips about this one!

UPDATE (12:30AM PST 5/30): They're live and there are TWO boxes that you can grab HERE. The women's is $10 and the men's is $5. Both come with free shipping and don't forget to use your coupon from the May 2016 box for $3 off $15 plus 5% off if you use your Target REDcard! 


Since Target seems to make their boxes available on the first Monday of each month now, that would mean that this box should go live on June 6th. However, since Monday the 30th is a holiday, we MIGHT see it go live at Midnight PST on May 30th (in other words, Sunday night). I have no way of knowing yet but, as always, I will post here on the blog and on all of my social media channels the minute I hear it's live. If you want a text alert, CLICK HERE to sign up. Last month (May 2016) this box sold out by 9AM PST on the day it went live, so you definitely want to be on high alert or you WILL miss out.


The Target beauty boxes are one-off boxes (not a subscription). Lately they have been retailing for $7 each and they always come with free shipping. They are only available on the Target website (not in-store). The May 2016 box was $10, but I'm not sure if that was a one-time price increase or if this new box will also be $10 (fingers crossed the price goes back to $7!).


Well first let me mention that I believe there will be at least two boxes this time around (they offered us these two boxes in June 2015) judging by the items in the sneak peek. There should be a men's box and a women's box this time, but there may even be TWO women's boxes and ONE men's box, given how many products are listed in the sneak peek. Again, we won't know for sure until the boxes go live, and we won't know what's full-size and what's a travel/sample/foil packet until that time as well. 


Here are the links to the full-size items listed in the June 2016 sneak peek (again, we won't know what's full-size and what's a travel/sample/foil packet until these boxes actually go live).

I've broken these items down into what would be considered "men's" products and "women's" products, just to give you a better idea of what is probably going to be in the men's box:

Men's products:

Axe White Label Night Body Wash
Schick Hydro 5 Men's Razor (repeated twice in the listings)
Dove Men+Care Fresh and Clean 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner
göt2b Glued Styling Spiking Glue
Balla for Men - Original Powder
Remington Beard Boss Beard Oil 
Marlowe No.142 Men's Shave Gel
Old Spice Hardest Working Collection Sweat Defense Pure Sport Plus Antiperspirant
NIVEA Men Crème
Nautica Ginger Eau De Toilette

Neutral/Women's products:

Yes To Cucumbers Face Cleanser Towelettes
CoTZ® Face Natural SPF 40
e.l.f. Tinted Lip Balm
SheaMoisture® Fruit Fusion Coconut Weightless Creme Rinse

Target has never allowed customers to choose a shade option for their beauty boxes (if the product comes in multiple shades) so I wouldn't expect that to be any different this time around. You'll get what you get!

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to give me a heads-up about this sneak peek!


  1. I want!!! I hope I can get it this time. Thanks for posting.

  2. Thanks G! I've never missed a box since I signed up for your text alerts. I'm really excited about this box! would you know if we can use our $5 gift card and our coupon from last box?

    1. Yes! You sure can! I used my $3 off $15 coupon from the April box toward the May box. The May box was $10 so I had to order two (which I was planning on doing anyway since I wanted one for my mom) and so that brought the price down to $17 for two boxes (instead of $20). And then I got the extra 5% off for paying with my Target REDcard. :)

    2. Thanks again G. You and your blog are amazing! It's 2:10am here on the east coast and I have my little fingers ready. I've preloaded all of the gift cards and coupons that I received from last months boxes. So bring on Target I'm ready for you! (Insert evil laugh here) Look at what you've done. You created a monster LOL 🤗

  3. Always so informative and helpful! Thank you 😙

    1. Thank you so much, Nancy! Glad I would help!! xo

  4. This looks like their best yet! Thank you for this and ALL the work you do!

    1. You are so very welcome!! Thank YOU for reading! xo

  5. Thanks for the reminder G. I scrolled thru the contents so I can be surprised. I've gotten them all and hope to continue my streak!

  6. Agh, I really hope one of the boxes this time around is completely cruelty-free! Based on the products available it's definitely a possibility...fingers crossed!

  7. Just an FYI these are up and I was able to get the women's and men's box. Thank you for your posts!!

  8. The target boxes are live (12:02am pst) . One women's box sells for $10 and one men's box sells for $5. I just placed my order for both!

  9. The target boxes are live as of 12:02am pst. One women's box $10 and one men's box $5. I just ordered mine.

  10. woohooo I just got mine! I literally keep on refreshing the page since 11:55 and finally around 12:03 I see it although I missed it because on the top of the page it says no longer available, but scroll down a little bit and you will see June beauty box for women and men, $10. I quickly added it into my cart and paid. The tricky part was when I go back to the page to view the item in details, it will say it's sold out again, but just go back to the main page and you will see it there. Hopefully everyone can get a hand of this one. This is my first Target beautybox, so excited!

  11. Thanks so much, everyone! I was refreshing that page at midnight like all of you, and the moment it went live I posted a new blog post! I think your comments were coming in at the same time that I was posting! :) Thanks again for the great tips! xo

  12. Hey G, do you have any stats on the June beauty box (aka, how long it took to sell out)? When I looked last night I noticed both were available, and I just checked now and saw that women's is sold out and men's is still available. I'm curious to know if this was like a record long sell out time lol

    1. I actually just updated the status on my other blog post (the one I wrote when it went live yesterday) but I'm happy to post it here too! From what I can tell, the women's box sold out at around 11AM PST today (5/31). As of 4:30PM PST today (5/31), the men's box is still in stock. Target must have really beefed up their inventory this time around, because I have NEVER seen them stay in stock this long before! I'm guessing that was probably in reaction to how many people complained last month when that box sold out by 9AM PST on the day it went live! :)

  13. Got my box yesterday. Boy, was it heavy! Great box! I'd say it was better than this last Sephora box! Very pleased!


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