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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

NEW Sally Beauty Bitzy Makeup Collection (Everything's $1.69 or $1.59 with Your Sally Beauty Card!)

I was a huge fan of the Sally Girl collection of (very affordable) beauty products at Sally Beauty but as I reported a while back, Sally Beauty is replacing the Sally Girl line with the new Bitzy line. But don't worry--these new products are also extremely affordable (everything is $1.69, or $1.59 with your Sally Beauty Card). And just as the name implies, the products in this collection are all small (itsy-bitsy...get it?), just like the former Sally Girl line.

I've been watching the Sally website like a hawk waiting for these products to go live, so I'm happy to report that they're finally here! Also, I want to thank reader Kelly for kindly letting me know that these products just went out on the floor (in-store) this week, in case you live near a Sally and want to check them out.

PLEASE NOTE: in case you don't live near a Sally Beauty and you want to order anything through their website HERE, try code 888306 or 444872 for $5 off your $25+ purchase. Using that code is like paying $0.95 for shipping instead of $5.95 on your $25 order since you have to purchase $50+ to qualify for free shipping.

So let's see what the new Bitzy line has to offer (click a link below to go directly to the item listing to view all shades and product info):

Bitzy Matte Lip Stick Crayon (10 shades; 0.06 oz.)

Bitzy Lipstick (8 shades; 0.13 oz.)

Here's a closer look at the packaging for these lip colors (I know that many of you are going to be happy that there's a black lipstick here!):

Bitzy Matte Lip Stick Crayon in Wine Me

Bitzy Lipstick in Dare Devil

Bitzy Liquid Lipstick (8 shades; 0.26 oz.)

Bitzy Lip Gloss Stacks (4 shades; 3 colors per stack; 0.12 oz. per stack)

Bitzy Mechanical Brow Pencil (4 shades; 0.004 oz.)

Bitzy Mini Lip Gloss Tube (5 shades; 0.26 oz.)

Bitzy Long Lasting Lip Gloss (14 shades; 0.07 oz.)

Bitzy Eye Pencils (13 shades; 0.4 oz.)

Bitzy Nail and Body Glitter (7 shades, 0.09 oz.)

Bitzy Mechanical Eye Liner (6 shades; 0.004 oz.)

Bitzy Glitter Glue (0.28 oz.; no image available as of time of publication--I think it's safe to say that this glue works with the Nail and Body Glitters pictured above)

Bitzy Eye Shadow (9 shades; 0.07 oz.)

Here's a closer look at two of the Eye Shadows--notice that some pans contain one solid color while others contain two colors:

Bitzy Eye Shadow in Independence

Bitzy Eye Shadow in Brick House

Bitzy Bronzer Blush Duo (4 shades; 0.9 oz.)

Bitzy Glitter Cream Shadow (4 shades; 0.04 oz.)

Here's a closer look at two of the Brozner Blush Duos and one of the Glitter Cream Shadows:

Bitzy Bronzer Blush Duo in Sugar n' Spice

Bitzy Bronzer Blush Duo in Sunset

Bitzy Glitter Cream Eye Shadow in Star Struck

Bitzy Volumizing Mascara (3 shades; 0.07 oz.)

Bitzy Nail Polish Remover Petals (4 fragrances; 32 pads per compact)

Bitzy Nail Color (52 shades; 0.25 oz.)

Bitzy Top Coat (0.25 oz.)

I'm super excited to see a whopping 52 polish shades in this collection, in a variety of finishes (click the link above to check them out--a few don't have images yet but most do). I'm also happy to see that these polishes are exactly half the size of a standard bottle of polish. So they're not super teeny tiny. Here's a closer look at two of the shades:

Bitzy Nail Color in Bitzy Blue

Bitzy Nail Color in Sweet Dreams

So let's hear it! What do you think of the new Bitzy line so far? Are you excited to see any of these products in person? Have you already seen these products at your local Sally Beauty? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Again, in case you don't live near a Sally Beauty and you want to order anything through their website HERE, try code 888306 or 444872 for $5 off your $25+ purchase. Using that code is like paying $0.95 for shipping instead of $5.95 on your $25+ order since you have to purchase $50+ to qualify for free shipping.

Thanks again, Kelly, for the great tip!


  1. Oh my gosh, they're so cute! I especially love the eye shadows and blushes. I think that I may have to pop over there today!

    1. Agreed! If I can't find these at my local stores this week, I'm going to order online. I've been waiting so long for this collection that I can't wait another minute! Lol! ☺

  2. Oh god, I want something of everything.

    1. You and me both, Heidi. You and me both!

  3. Omg i been waiting for they new stuff, I started playing with makeup with they eyes shadows i still have all of then!!πŸ’…πŸΌπŸ’„πŸ’‹

    1. I can't wait to know what you think of these new shadows if you try any! I loved the old Sally Girl connecting shadows so much...hopefully these are just as good or better!

  4. I love you page, i come here before I going to buy my beauty stuff thank you so much!!!

    1. Omg thank you so, so much for that!! ❤❤❤

  5. Must get me some of these cute things.

  6. I NEED to hit up a Sally's ASAP! But my car is in the shop. ��

    1. Mine too! Luckily, I'm supposed to get it back today, and my shop is right next to the Sally *and* the Dollar Tree. Score! Hope you get your car back soon so you can go shopping.

    2. Aaaw, well it sounds like you both know where you're going right after you pick up your cars! ;)

  7. Must go to Sally! Lipstick crayons are my new favorite thing, and for a $1.69?? Awesome! Some bronzer, eyeshadow and nail polish might need to come home with me as well... The glitter nail polish you posted looks like it's in a jelly base? Love! Clearly need.

    Thanks for all your hard work making sure us beauty addicts on a budget can still get our fix. My Sally is near the Dollar Tree, so I need to go look for those stains/tars you posted recently, too. *crosses fingers*

    1. Yes!! I included that polish in particular in my post because I was like, "Is that glitter jelly?!?!?!" Fingers crossed! ;)

      And you are so very welcome! How funny that your Sally is next to a DT (awesome). My favorite Sally her in San Diego is literally next door to a TJ Maxx, an Ulta and a Big Lots, so it's like DANGER DANGER whenever I go there. Lol!

    2. Oh my god, throw in a Barnes & Noble and a Sephora into that shopping center and I'd never leave.

    3. OMG, seriously! I think those are the only two things NOT in that shopping center. In addition to Ulta, Sally, TJ Maxx and Big Lots, there's ALSO a Burlington, Ross, B&BW, CVS, Michael's, 99-Cent Only, and even a Rita's Frozen Custard. I seriously have to clutch the wallet when I'm there!

    4. That sounds like an amazing shopping center! So sad I missed out on the recent 99 Cent Only makeup sale, though.

  8. I'm such a sucker for itty-bitty things and I can't wait to find these. I'm going to try to get to Sally's this week! The bronzer in Sunset has my name on it! As well as the brow pencils and everything else lol!!

    1. Me too, Robin. Mini anything is my weakness! I cannot wait to hear what you think after you pick up some things! xo

    2. I loved that the descriptions called things "purse sized" for "touch-ups." I kinda thought I was the only one that would stash stuff in my purse for emergency touch-ups. Minis are the best!

  9. Ive never bought make up from sally :o do they have good quality?

  10. Can you still get this deal if you don't have a sally card?

  11. Absolutely i will let you know as soon i try it, im going to sally store today hope they have it now!!πŸ™‚

  12. If you use ebates, they have 6% cash back too.

  13. So cute! I love minis, because it takes me foreverrrrr to get through a full-size lipstick or polish. Keeping my eyes open for reviews!

  14. You would pay $1.69. A Sally's card is so worth it. It costs $5 (sometimes it is onsale for $2.50) & the register prints out a $5 coupon that you can use starting the next day until the end of the next month. It saves you money on pretty much every item & they send out reward coupons as well.

  15. They also have a 20% off coupon code:

  16. Cute!!! Reminding myself that I shouldn't be buying anymore makeup, buuuttt I know that once I find these cuties in store they will be going home with me.

  17. I'm kinda digging those baby chubby lip pencils.

  18. I want to get one of these. I do love trying products. Especially when they're so cute x

  19. Hey ladies! I went to Sally last night and bought a few of the new Bitzy items!

    Here's what I bought:
    - 4 Matte Lipstick Crayons (Girls Night Out, Perfect Pout, Diva, and Going Steady)
    - 1 Lipstick in Shy
    - 1 Long Lasting Lip Gloss in Antique
    - 2 Eye Shadows with two colors in Independence and Night & Day
    - 1 Eye Shadow single color in Pink Icing
    - 1 Eyeliner in Platinum

    They also had the Sally Girl eyeshadows and nail polishes for $0.69. I bought 4 of the eyeshadows.

    Since they have not taken out the SG displays yet, they didn't have the entire new line available. They have not put any nail polishes out yet, and I am definitely looking forward to seeing those!

    I have tried all of my lip items, and so far I love them! Especially the matte crayons!! I had to put on more than one swipe to build the color, but I think they have the look and feel of a high end matte lip crayon. They are definitely a true matte and don't feel too dry. The formula does not dry down completely so it has transferred some to my coffee cup. If I blot off the excess it leaves a pretty, even stain on the lips. I didn't get any light colors so I don't know if those will leave a noticeable stain.

    I haven't had a chance to wear the matte crayons for very long. I don't know what kind of staying power the mattes will have. I am wearing one right now and my lips feel a little irritated, but I haven't determined if it is because of the lip crayon or because my lips are a little chapped. I noticed that the lipstick color is brighter than the color of the tube. It is the only lip product I bought that has opaque packaging.

    I quickly swatched the eyeshadows to check them out. The ones that have 2 colors are so buttery and soft! I still need to try them on my eyes, but I am very impressed with how they look and feel! For some reason the eyeshadow with a single color had a rougher texture. I checked the ingredient lists and they all were the same so not sure why it was different. The eyeliner goes on super smooth. It isn't waterproof and smudges easily when I rub my finger over it.

    I am planning on going back and getting extras of the lip crayons because there is only about 3/4" of actual product in the 3 1/4" packaging. The lipstick is about 1" in its 2" tube.

    Overall I am very impressed with the products' quality for the price. I personally have never come across a matte lip color of this quality that is anywhere close to this price!! The mattes are a standout favorite for me!

    Let me know if you would like to see swatches! If someone doesn't beat me to it, I can take some pictures of all the Bitzy products when I go back to Sally later today.

    1. Any swatches you have of these products would be greatly appreciated!! Send them all!

  20. Does anyone have any swatches to share?


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