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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

All Color Club Nail Polishes Spotted on 50% off Clearance at Bed Bath & Beyond and Harmon

image credit: @polish.em for Nouveau Cheap
Color Club Nail Polish 50% off at Bed Bath & Beyond

Heads up, Color Club fans! Thanks so much to reader @polish.em on Instagram for this tip (and pic). She spotted ALL Color Club polishes on 50% off clearance ($3.74 down from $7.49) at her local Bed Bath & Beyond this week. She said that the minis were also on clearance for $1.49! At her store, the permanent Color Club display was no longer up, meaning that her store is apparently no longer going to carry Color Club.

I can't confirm that this is nationwide, but when I posted about this on Instagram the other night, some of you kindly mentioned that you also saw Color Club on clearance at your local Bed Bath & Beyond stores (these are the stores with an extended beauty department, of course) and also at Harmon (which is a subsidiary of Bed Bath & Beyond). If Color Club is exiting BB&B, I would expect that you'll also be able to find these polishes on clearance at Christmas Tree Shops as well (another subsidiary of BB&B).

If you have spotted Color Club on clearance at your local BB&B, Harmon. or Christmas Tree Shops, I would love to hear from you. I'm sad that it looks like this brand is no longer going to be sold at BB&B, but it's a good time for a haul if that's the case.

Thanks again, @polish.em. for the hot tip and pic!


  1. yes on sale at my Harmon in NJ too, they used to sell the whole line years ago when they were not owned by BBB

  2. I saw them 50% at my Harmon in NJ. I asked the staff and they said they were no longer carrying Color CLub. ;(

  3. Alas. I remember when I could get an entire collection at Ross for $8.

  4. I have $150 in BB&B gift cards. But they were supposed to be wedding gifts. So I don't think my husband would be too happy if I spent them on nail polish...

    1. I bought myself the first iPhone back in 2007 with money gifted for our wedding. But husbands shop at BB&B? I guess you could buy kitchen bed and bath stuff, if y'all need it. But I encourage you to buy as much nail polish as possible! :D

  5. I am bummed about no Color Club at BB&B...but as of late they only had the core colors display, no new collections...I think last LE collection I got there were the Modern Mosaics. I had noticed with each trip to the one BB&B in town with extended cosmetic dept that it was less and less great as far as new stuff. They stopped carrying the Eclos Freeman line. I didn't even bother to check there when Color Club Oil Slicks came out last summer, just ordered them all from Color Club directly, when they had a good sale.

    1. It would be nice if this meant somebody like Ulta was going to carry Color Club exclusively. I don't feel like any of the big retail chains have ever really carried the full line on a consistent basis.


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