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Thursday, May 19, 2016

All 20 Shades of Maybelline The Loaded Bolds Now Online at CVS (Get 20% off + Your Choice of 1 FREE Beauty Product with Your Order!)

Thanks so much to readers Peaisms and Colormepinkenblue for these hot tips!

All 20 shades (including Wickedly White and Pitch Black, which are NOT in the display that's now popping up at Target) are now available on the CVS website HERE for $8.29. Free 2-day shipping on orders $49+.


There are TWO codes that you can use together right now to sweeten this deal:
  • Enter code SAVENOW for 20% off all health & beauty purchases (excludes items that are currently on sale; Maybelline is NOT on sale this week).
  • If you are spending at least $15 on beauty (at least two of these lipsticks), you can CLICK HERE to select one FREE product, add it to your cart, and then enter code FREE15 and that product will be FREE. The Aveeno option (Positively Radiant Targeted Tone Corrector) has a retail price of $17.99 but it will be FREE with that code. What a deal, right?? I just tested this and CVS allowed both the 20% off code AND the freebie code. 

If you're not spending $49 to get you to free shipping, you can order 3 The Loaded Bolds lipsticks and your total will be $24.87 + $5.49 shipping. After the 20% off discount, your total will drop to $19.90 + $5.49 shipping. So that's almost like getting free shipping, even though you're not spending $49+.

CLICK HERE to view reader lip swatches of 18 of 20 shades in the Loaded Bolds collection and be sure to check out the video link in that post for live swatches! You can click here to see swatches of Wickedly White and Pitch Black

Oh and Colormepinkenblue, if you're reading this, I want to let you know that I was saving your tip about this free deluxe beauty sample from the old You Tell Me Page (I don't think it ever showed up there) and I'm so glad I remembered to share it here today. Thank you again for that great tip!

And thanks again, Peaisms, for your hot tip! I never would have thought to check the CVS website for these lipsticks today, so I really appreciate you taking the time let us know that they're available there!


  1. Clicked on the link for the freebie it says page is unavailable?

  2. I keep trying to open the free beauty sample link, but it is saying the page isn't available. Could it be because too many people are trying to view it...or possibly that all the free stuff has already been grabbed?

  3. The site seems to be having some issues. Idk if a lot of people are on it or what but I had to switch to Chrome for the Loaded Bolds to even come back up without an error message and now I can't even check out. I keep getting different error messages smh. Ugh! Very frustrating.

  4. Hey ladies, I have no idea what's going on with the site right now. I accessed that freebie page a dozen times while I was writing my post and there was NEVER an issue. Hopefully the site is just busy right now and they didn't remove that promo completely!

    If you still can't get to the freebie page via my link, try going to the beauty main page and looking for a link that says, "Beauty Samples". But I can't see that link on my phone right now for some reason. Very frustrating!!

  5. The freebie page link is working again as of 10:30AM PST! :)

  6. This is such a amazing deal! But the site won't let me check out. I have tried goole explorer and aol. I am so bummed.

  7. I just tried to use both coupon codes for two lipsticks plus the ROC freebie, but it will only accept the FREE15 code. :-(

  8. I got the Gone Greige shade at Target today, as well as the Spider Lash mascara. Both were on sale, the lipstick for $5.59 and the mascara for $5.99. Can't wait to try them!


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