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Saturday, April 30, 2016

ColourPop Flash Sale Extended to Noon PST 5/1

Thanks to reader @kizzyonline on Instagram for this tip!

ColorPop announced on their Twitter that, due to the technical issues on their site, the 20% off Flash Sale has been extended to NOON PST on 5/1 (previously 7AM PST). So relax, wait a few hours, and you should be able to place your orders!


  1. They actually extended it to 9 PM PST!

  2. I tried for three hours previously to get my order to go through (before they placed the "queue" up), and after the third hour I just gave up. I'd rather pay extra/regular price than waste more time trying to get things I really shouldn't be buying right now, anyways. :v

    Thanks for all the updates, though! I just wish they had a better server and capacity tolerance. They're at the popularity level where they need to up the restock (I've waited for months for an eyeliner to get restocked) and server game, although I'm not sure how one would go about doing the latter part of that.

  3. I know that it says free shipping but does this include Australia? I have spent so long in line and read some comments on Instagram saying that additional Australian shipping must be paid!!!! If anyone could let me know I would love it! Thanks for the updates ❤️

  4. I think Colourpop is a disorganized!! They don't restock much of anything that's popular and it's annoying. Or the shipping or people's credits getting stolen or sales now. They should be aware of how popular they are getting and this, as a result to one of their sales, is one of them. Waiting for the "queue" is a bit absurd. But thank you G for always updating your blog. Your hard work is always appreciated by me. (: Colourpop, not so much.

  5. Right now it's 3AM on the east coast. I've been waiting for 2+ hours. I was on the site earlier in the day right after you posted, when the site was 50/50 displaying properly or displaying error codes. Actually, I didn't intend to wait up all night to access the site. When I saw the meter was not even halfway yet and I already waited 1.5 hours I told myself to try tomorrow.....I've never bought from Colourpop before and I don't know what to make of this madness. I mean, it's not even Black Friday for crying out loud....But I was up doing something else and now I only have 20 min until my turn. I might as well wait another 20 now rather than get stuck on a new queue tomorrow with the risk of my picks being Sold Out....It can be frustrating but I respect the Queue. I like the Queue. Everyone will get their share to access the site, first come first serve. That is the only way the site will work now, by not overloading traffic to the site....This better be worth it!

  6. I waited about 2-3 hours to get in but once I was in I had no problems with the website at all, I only saw about 2 things out of stock and the process went pretty smoothly, everything's well except my bank account :):

  7. BTW, while the site is not 100% back to normal and the Queue is turned on, the site is not fully accessible:

    Sorry, the my account page has been temporarily disabled!

    You can sign in to your account at checkout and any orders placed will automatically appear on your account.

    Happy Shopping! Xox – ColourPop

  8. Thanks for the info. I just bought $172.00 from their site. This gives us a chance to try new products and a few colors in each one plus stock up on our favorite and add a few gifts for our friends! Great sale.

  9. Oh thank goodness I finally placed my order. I had been planning on ordering from there for months now. =)

  10. As soon as I saw the email for 20% off I got on the site and added stuff to my cart! But once I tried to check out it there was too much traffic and the site crashed! I tried again later around 5 but I had to wait in line, I waited for about 2 hours and got my stuff quickly and I was lucky that what wanted wasn't sold out! :) my sister wanted Dopey but it was sold out but we got Mess Around instead. I was able to place my order and now I'm jut waiting for my shipping email! This is my third Colour Pop order the other time I had trouble was Cyber Monday!


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