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Thursday, April 28, 2016

70s Haircare Brand Short & Sassy to Make a Comeback

Short & Sassy haircare ad from 1977

You know that I always get a kick out of posting about vintage beauty products (check out my Vintage Vault category HERE for more if you love this kind of thing, too!). So today I wanted to let you know that a haircare brand for the 70s is about to make a comeback.

Short & Sassy originally debuted by Clairol in the 1970’s by leveraging the spirited attitude, wedge haircut and popularity of Olympian Ice Star Dorothy Hamill. It was launched as a conditioner formulated specifically for short hair and as its popularity grew, three different shampoos were then offered for dry, oily, and normal hair.  Many consumers remember this iconic brand in the same vein as similar hair care brands like Breck or Prell.  
Now, RJM Licensing, in partnership with Arabella Enterprises, has been signed on by Retrobrands USA to help relaunch the Short & Sassy conditioner and shampoo brand in the US.  Retrobrands has tasked them with finding a manufacturer to develop an innovative new formula and packaging to relaunch this iconic brand.  
Jeff Kaplan, president of Retrobrands USA LLC, said, “We welcome back the Baby Boomer customers who miss the brand and hope to see an entire generation of new customers using this iconic brand.” 

You can click the link above for a sneak peek at what the new products will look like.

I was one of the millions of little girls who wanted (and after much begging, received) the "Dorothy Hamill Cut" back in the day, and it was a disaster. It needed daily styling (which I did not know how to properly do in the 4th grade) and I was always mistaken for a boy until my hair grew out (which isn't a bad thing, but it got old after a while). I was on a cowgirl kick at that time, so I was always wearing dark blue jeans and a big ol' belt buckle and let's just say it was very easy to mistake me for a boy at that time of my life!

I honestly can't remember using Short & Sassy back in the day (I was an Agree girl) so I can't recall if those products had an iconic scent to them. If YOU used Short & Sassy back in the day, do you remember? Do you hope they at least bring back the same fragrance? What did it smell like? You know I would love to hear from you!


  1. I'm ok with this so long as the trend continues and they bring back a reformulated version of the ORIGINAL Herbal Essences scent. The one that had the lady with the hair full of flowers on the label and the shampoo was green. This has to happen!! lol

    1. Ah yes, sooo many people want that original green Herbal Essences again! It was nice that they brought back the 90s versions, but the original would be awesome to sniff once again!

    2. Oh, what I'd give to get that lovely original Herbal Essence scent back again! I'd never use any other shampoo. Something else I'd like to see revived (and I'm admitting my age here) is Yardley's Oh! de London perfume...the scent of the '60s. An outfit called Long-Lost Perfumes put out something under that name several years ago, but it really wasn't the same.

    3. I would love to have that ORIGINAL Herbal Essences shampoo too! It has a hauntingly fresh scent!

  2. Yes, Short 'n' Sassy had a distinctive scent, although I can't put my finger on it now, and I used the HECK out of it. Loved it!

    Also agree to please bring back the original 1970s scented Herbal Essence. Vanart shampoo, made in Mexico and until recently, available at Walmart, was a scent dupe but I didn't like the chemicals in it.

  3. I had long hair in the 70's and sometimes my Mom would buy me Long and Silky! Does anyone remember that? I can't for the life of me remember the scent Also I don't remember what Short and Sassy smelled like. But Herbal Essence?!? That would be awesome!

  4. I had long hair growing up and the shampoo I remember loving the most was "Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific" because that really did smell terrific.

    1. That was my favorite shampoo back in the day. It smelled so good.

    2. Does anyone else remember Body on Tap? I think that was it's name, it was supposed to have beer in it. I also remember Wella Balsam. Ah, memory lane. I did not have the Dorothy Hamill haircut, but I remember wanting to be a figure skater.

    3. Please please please bring back gee your hair smells terrific! It was a great shampoo and my hair did smell terrific in the nineteen-seventies LOL

    4. Body on Tap, Yes! I loved that too! We thought it was so cool because it had beer in it. The botle was neat too.


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