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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Review: You Are Amazing Hello Beautiful Skin Body Lotion in Juicy Grapefruit (Target-Exclusive)

A few of you asked if I would review some products from the new Target-exclusive brand called You Are Amazing. I'm always happy to honor your requests, and the fact that this lotion came in the last Target Beauty Box made it even easier for me get a review up for you! I love that so many of you also have this lotion, because we can compare notes in the comments and I get to see how YOU feel about this one, too.

Target recently introduced three new bath & body brands and You Are Amazing is one of them. From the Target press release:
You Are Amazing is a fun-loving, boldly scented bath and body brand that gives girls a positive start to each day. Offering vibrant scents like juicy grapefruit, lemon meringue, mango papaya and more, each product’s packaging communicates positive, empowering messaging to the women who use it. 
For each item purchased, a donation is made to Girl Up—the United Nations Foundation’s adolescent girls’ campaign, supporting the empowerment of girls everywhere. Prices range from $1.99 to $9.99.

You Are Amazing is currently available exclusively at Target, and if you look at my image below, you'll see that these products are "Manufactured for Project Underground". What is Project Underground, you ask? 

Here's some info from Fashionista:
"...[it's] a beauty incubator called Project Underground. The incubator, whose general manager, Monica Saracino, is a former buyer at Target, is a privately held beauty company that focuses on creating innovative beauty products with a give-back philosophy. This means that each brand is partnered up with a charity. For now they're only available at Target, but they could become more widely available in the future."

The tube I'm showing you in this review is a deluxe sample that contains 1.0 oz. (the one that came in the last Target Beauty Box), but the full-size version retails for $3.99 (8 oz.) and it also comes in a tube (although the full-size tube has a flip-top lid). The entire You Are Amazing line is extremely affordable--you can check out all the products HERE.

I've been using You Are Amazing Hello Beautiful Skin Body Lotion in Juicy Grapefruit on just my hands and arms (I tried to conserve what I had so that I could get the best idea of how this product works over a few weeks of use).

What surprised me the most about this lotion is that the texture is not thick--I would consider it "average" in that it's not super thin and runny but it's not thick like a body butter--but it manages to hydrate my skin well, and the effects are long-lasting. With some lotions (as opposed to creams and butters), I feel like I can apply and within a few hours, I can't really tell I even applied lotion at all. With this lotion, my skin feels instantly hydrated, and it continues to feel that way through the entire day.

Also, I love that this lotion absorbs very, very quickly. So quickly that, the first time I used it, I thought to myself, "Oh this isn't going to give me what I need." I was convinced that in an hour or so, the skin on my hands and arms would be back to their normal state. But no. My skin felt smooth and moisturized throughout the entire day.

What I also love is that this lotion doesn't leave any type of heavy film, stickiness, or greasiness on my skin. I can feel a slight waxy coating on my hands after application,, but it goes away after about an hour. After that my skin just feels soft. This lotion also lasts through multiple hand washings for me.

As for the fragrance, well I'm a huge grapefruit fan so I love it. To me, the scent isn't straight-up grapefruit though. I feel like there's something else in the mix--a bit of honey and a bit of berry, perhaps? At any rate, it's a sweet, tart scent, which I love. The fragrance level is pretty high though; I would consider it "strong" since I can still detect it on my skin several hours after application. But to be fair, the brand states that their products are "boldly scented", so you should go into it knowing that if you don't like strong scents, this line probably isn't for you. Since I love the scent of this lotion, I love that it lingers.

One more thing: I wouldn't recommend this lotion for severely dry skin. I tried it on some of my trouble spots like my heels, and it didn't provide enough moisture/hydration. It's a body lotion though, so I didn't really expect it to tackle extremely dry areas the way that a butter or cream would.

FINAL VERDICT: I'm pleasantly surprised! I didn't have any expectations about this lotion, but I find myself reaching for it every day. I love the way it feels on my skin, I love the scent, and I love that the moisturization lasts all day for me, without leaving a heavy, greasy, or sticky residue on my skin, and I love that the formula is fast-absorbing. I will certainly be picking up the full-size version the next time I'm at Target, and I can't wait to try other items in this new line.

Did you get this sample in last month's Target Beauty Box? If so, what did YOU think of it? Have you seen the You Are Amazing line at your local Target yet? Have you purchased any other products in the line? I'd love to hear from you!

The products featured in this post were purchased with personal funds. For more information, click here.


  1. I think it works great too and there def is another scent in there, I'm not big on grapefruit but this scent I really like, its very fresh.

    1. Yay! I'm so glad you're liking it too, Mimi. And yes, the scent is so intoxicating--I wish I could figure out what else is going on there (I swear I get some honey, and maybe some raspberry, too?)

  2. Oooooh. As a big B&BW fan, I am excited to read this review. I will definitely be checking these out -- thanks, G.!

    1. I would love to know what you think if you get anything from this brand, Rubia! Keep me posted? :)

  3. I also loved the feel of the lotion - the formula is perfect for my skin. The scent was not what I was expecting, though. The longer I had it on my skin, the more it smelled like perm solution - a very distinctive smell! Maybe I'm just weird or got a strange batch. I will use up what I got but may not repurchase - I could go for another scent, though. Which is sad, because I was really looking forward to a tart grapefruit smell!

    1. I'm so glad to hear that you like the formula, but I'm so bummed that the scent didn't work for you! Body chemistry is such a weird thing. I didn't get the perm solution note, but I have this product on my hands right now and I can see what you're saying! I feel like if it were just a little more "sharp" I would be able to detect that note. But on mye, it's grapefruit + honey + berry. If you end up trying other scents, I would love to know if they work better for you. Fingers crossed!

  4. Im really liking this lotion, keeps my hands and elbows hydrated and dont leave that greasy film behind, i will purchase a full size once im done with this one

  5. I did not enjoy the scent of this at all. It was way too strong, and I had to go wash it off. I'm particularly sensitive to strong fragrances, though.

  6. I really appreciate the mission behind these products, and I agree that the lotion is light yet moisturizing, non-greasy, and overall nicely formulated. However, I don't get a single whiff of grapefruit--all I smell is cloyingly sweet pink bubblegum, which, suffice it to say, is not my favorite thing in the world. Here's hoping my 13-year-old cousin will like it!

  7. I have the coconut-scented exfoliating body wash from this line and I love it! It sudses up nicely and has the right amount of grittiness to smooth away rough dry patches. My skin is really dry so it sounds like the lotion won't be enough for me, but I'm still impressed with the one product I have a and definitely want to try more!

  8. I got this in my Target box too and I was very happy with this sample! I am one who is usually overwhelmed by strong smells, but this one did not bother me at all. I was also really happy with the other products that came in the box! I liked the shampoo/conditioner and at first I didn't think I liked the nail polish formula, but I changed my mind. It worked really well with my existing base and top coat.

  9. I gave my lotion to my mom and I honestly regret it. It smells better on her and it is keeping her so moisturized. I do plan to get another scent and she wants a full size of the grapefruit.

  10. I'm a little envious of those of you who got grapefruit -- one of my fave scents. I got the berry one. Maybe next Target box! :-) Thanks for the review. I always appreciate your reviews because they are so thorough, please keep them coming when you have the time!

  11. I 100% agree with your review! I got the grapefruit in the beauty box. I really wanted to try it out, but I'm not really a lotion (I make a glorious body butter that I prefer using) or grapefruit person AT ALL. I did put a bit on my hands and was planning to give it to my mom since she loves grapefruit...But I couldn't! It really doesn't smell like grapefruit to me and I love it. I love everything about this brand. I stocked up on the grapefruit, papaya mango, and eucalyptus mint lotions and body washes today because of the gift card beauty deal this week.

    Also, I feel the aloe is the badass boss ingredient in these. It leaves my skin with a beautifully nice cooling sensation and it might also be why it stays absorbed so well even after washing your hands.

  12. I love a strong scent for sure but when I saw this and it just said grapefruit, I put it aside. I do not like grapefruit at all the food or scent. But G., since you said it wasn't straight up, I am going to give it shot!

  13. I also received the grapefruit lotion in my target box and I love it! One of the big pluses for me it that it's paraben-free since I am allergic to them. I love the citrus scent, a lemony grapefruit like aroma. I will definitely buy more of this.

  14. I like this lotion as well (also got it in the Target Beauty Box!) but I have to say, I am not the biggest fan of the scent. When they say bold, they really do mean bold.

  15. My friend let me try hers, the coconut water lotion, body scrub and body spritz. I was never a fan of coconut but this does smell like a mix and not strong like coconut at all. I could not believe the price and researched the ingredients first, since I liked the feel of what I had just tried. I liked the ingredients, too and went to purchase it for myself 2 days later. Been using it for 10 days now and am I said, for this price, wow! I am used to high quality and big names but I always want good ingredients. This line is good on my skin and I still can not believe the so affordable price! Try this coconut water scent. I like it. Next, I will try something fruity and am looking forward to it. Oh, I also use the body lotion on my feet and it works wonders on my CA, always flip flop wearing heels. So, picky me says; great product and super great price.


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