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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

New NYX Ultimate Shadow Palettes (Compare to Viseart Palettes)

Thanks so much to reader @mstripledouble on Instagram for the heads-up about these!

Ulta has just released the new NYX Ultimate Shadow Palettes on their website HERE for $18 each (0.46 oz.). As of the time of this post, NYX face and eye products are BOGO1/2OFF (ends 4/2). Plus, you can use the $3.50 off $10 coupon on top of the sale, which breaks down to $23.50 for two palettes.

These new palettes are not yet on the NYX website as of the time of this post--they are only at Ulta, and I don't know when they'll be available in-store (I would love to know if any of you have spotted these in-store!). Update: thanks to reader Elena for letting us know that Ulta told her that these palettes should be in stores in two weeks (that would be starting the week of 4/11).

The moment I saw these on the Ulta site, I immediately thought of the Viseart Palettes ($80 each, 0.84 each). I'm not saying these are exact dupes--I'm just saying that they look to be inspired by the Viseart palettes. The NYX palettes are $18 for 0.46 oz., so they're roughly half the size of the Viseart palettes. But each NYX palette contains 16 shades, whereas the Viseart palettes contain 12 shades. For perspective, the CoverGirl Tru Naked Palettes are 0.23 oz. each, so these NYX palettes are exactly double the size of those palettes.

Here's a closer look at all four palettes:

NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette in Smoky & Highlight
(Compare to Viseart Sultry Muse)

NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette in Cool Neutrals
(Compare to Viseart Paris Nude)

NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette in Brights
(Compare to Viseart Bright Editorial)
NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette in Warm Neutrals
(Compare to Viseart Neutral Matte)

Again, I'm not saying these are exact dupes of the Viseart palettes--obviously they're not, since the palette above contains shimmers and mattes (it looks most similar to the Viseart Neutral Matte palette, in my opinion, which is an all-matte palette). But if you're looking for shades that give off a similar vibe to the Viseart palettes and you want them all under one "roof", this could be a more affordable way to get that feel. Breaking it down to dollars and cents, the Viseart palettes are about $95.24 per oz., while the NYX palettes are about $39.13 per oz.

I'd love to know what you think of these new NYX offerings.

Thanks again, @mstripledouble, for the hot tip about these!


  1. Ulta told me that these palettes are going to be in stores in 2 weeks :)

    1. Oooh, thank you so much, Elena!! Will update my post! xo

  2. I can't wait to hear how the quality is. This would be a great buy. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. I think I'll hold out until there are review. I really want the Brights. However, after getting Dare from the Hot Singles line, I was severlely disappointed and will probably hold off until I can a) get to a Ulta myself or B) see enough good reviews.

    I feel like if they are good, then it'd be a great beginner's palette for someone!

  4. Charisma Star the YT beauty guru used the warm neutrals all the time in her videos! I was thinking it was an old palette since I didnt recognize it. She uses mainly the reddish brick colored shades and they look nice enough. Hoping they are similar quality to the AvantPOP palettes

  5. The quality of Viseart would never be replicated by NYX. I've never had an NYX that I thought was great personally but the Viseart is worth saving up for to me.

  6. Oh this is very frustrating I have a $38 gift card for Ulta and I can't use it, in fact I can't even give it away!! These palettes look really interesting too aaargh the frustration that is my life :(

    1. For some reason Ulta won't ship to my freight forwarder address in NY, they are pretty much the only company I can't order from, I thought I'd found a way around the non USA credit card problem and bought an egift card from Amazon and they still won't accept it..........If anyone would like a $38.05 Ulta gift card please let me know

    2. I would like it if you want to email it

    3. I would like to have it if u still have it..been wanting to buy a few things for a friend

    4. Sure Katie you are welcome to it if you want to email me at abudhabiwitch I will send it right on to you, I'd love it to go to a good home.

  7. These palettes are sooo pretty! Almost too pretty to use!!

  8. I will wait for swatches and reviews. While I love Nyx eye shadow singles, I've had horrid luck with their palettes -- chalky, poor-to-zero pigmentation. Thanks for the heads-up!

  9. emilynoel83 raves about the formula of the avant pop palettes & hopefully these will have that same formula .

    i'm really loving the warm neutrals & brights !

    1. I was just wondering if they are going to be the same formula as the avant pop palettes! Hopefully because most of these look a bit more wearable and I love how many color options are in each palette.

  10. I just got mine I'll keep you guys posted so far not that impressed but we'll see


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