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Friday, March 18, 2016

By Request: Swatches of the New Sephora Favorites Paint it Pink Set

Some of you asked on my post from yesterday (please click here to see my full unboxing of the new Sephora Favorites Paint It Pink set, including pricing, value, etc.) if I could post some swatches of the items in this set. And to that I say, of course! I'm happy to share swatches, but I still can't really comment on performance because I just received this box this week (I purchased it right BEFORE Sephora started offering the 5 free samples with every order...because of course).

So let's start with the lip products:

This above pic is from my original post--I'm not swatching the mascara because it's just a black mascara.

Left: Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi-Gloss in 202 (deluxe sample; 0.10 oz)
Right: Laura Mercier Velour Lovers Lip Colour in French Kiss (full-size; 0.12 oz ) 

The MUFE gloss is a milky peach shade, and it's actually a bit more sheer than what you see above My swatch is making it look like it's completely opaque, but that's just due to the angle of my hand. If I tilted my hand upward to show the transparency, the shine from the gloss would make it so that you couldn't really see the color. So I opted to show you the color instead. For this swatch, I used only the amount of product that was on the applicator after removing it from the tube; I didn't reinsert the applicator for more product. In real life, this shade actually has a bit more pigment than I was expecting. I thought it would look completely colorless on my skin, but I do see a slight peach tint on my lips. And lots of shine. This lipgloss isn't super heavy or sticky, but I do feel a slight tackiness on the lips. There's virtually no fragrance, and just a very slight fruity flavor.

The Laura Mercier lipstick is a warm, hot-pink shade. My swatch was photographed after one swipe, so you can see that this definitely has "one swipe intensity". The finish is velvet matte. In person this color is absolutely gorgeous. It's warm but not TOO warm, if that makes sense. Absolutely beautiful for spring and so opaque! I also love how light this lipstick feels on the lips. It's not a heavy, thick, creamy lipstick; it feels almost weightless on my lips. Also, there's virtually no fragrance or flavor to this lipstick.

Moving on to the powder products:

Left: Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Scratch (full-size; 0.05 oz)
Middle: Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Blissful (deluxe sample: 0.05 oz)
Right: BECCA Cosmetics Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pressed Rose Gold (deluxe sample; 0.085 oz)

The UD shadow is just beautiful. It's a shimmery, warm, pinky-rose. Actually, I would almost consider this a frost finish because it's quite shimmery. For this swatch, I swirled my finger in the pan once and then swiped twice on my hand (no primer). As you can see, the pigmentation and opacity are both excellent, as is the case with many UD shadows. Oh, I should also add that there's no glitter in this shadow. Just lots of shimmer.

The Tarte blush is a warm pink matte. It was drier than I expected, and more sheer than I expected as well. For this swatch, I swirled my finger in the pan once and then swiped twice on my hand (no primer). I'm a bit bummed with this blush because I was expecting more intensity. I fear that the dry texture is going to translate to a patchy look on the skin, but I have not yet tried this on my cheeks so I can't confirm that.

The Becca skin perfector is a warm peachy-bronze with rose gold shimmer. For this swatch, I swirled my finger in the pan once and then swiped twice on my hand (no primer). The pigmentation of this powder in intense! If you have fair to medium toned skin, I would venture to guess that this would make a better bronzer or blush, rather than a highlighter. If you have a deeper skintone though, I think it might be absolutely lovely as a highlighter to add warmth to the skin. On my NC20 skintone, I would definitely have to use it as a blush or bronzer; it's just too dark for highlighting on me. As with many Becca products, this one's so smooth and so amazingly pigmented, and the shimmer/glow is absolutely stunning. 

I didn't have time to swatch the Deborah Lippmann nail polish in this set (Baby Love), but you can check out some swatches HERE (three coats).

To view my full umboxing of the Sephora Favorites Paint It Pink set, click HERE.
To purchase the Sephora Favorites Paint It Pink Set ($40), click HERE.
For some code ideas (for extra freebies), click HERE

I hope this helps!

The products featured in this post were purchased with personal funds. For more information, click here.


  1. I want this set so bad! I think you'll still like the Tarte blush, G. I have a lot of deluxe samples in various shades and they're all really nice and long wearing. I don't think I would like the gloss much and the lipstick sounds fantastic but the shade intimidates me a bit. Great value though! Thank you for posting!

  2. Mine just came yesterday. I admit I bought it just for the beauty blender, the rest was just bonus. Lol! Thanks for searching!

  3. As someone with fair skin who purchased this set, I can hopefully give a bit of insight on the BECCA skin perfector. I've so far been using it in the C area around my eyes and on my cheekbones over my blush. When using a brush, I can pick up just a little bit, and using circular strokes it seems to diffuse really well into a pretty highlight. It's not overly harsh. I've also used a finger to pick up more for highlighting my lips and inner corners of my eyes. It's quite possibly my favorite item in the box, with the UD shadow coming in second. I've been using both of them every day since I got them.

  4. Thank you souch for the swatches G!

  5. Swatching Tarte blushes never do them justice, it's when you apply them to the cheeks you see the true beauty of them!

  6. This set is so cute, but I got the nude lip package instead, and I'm happier with that one. Though if this had a different color Laura Mercier lipstick, I might have bought it. It is possible for me to have enough bright pink lipsticks, unlike pinky nudes. Plus I used some Sephora points for the Bite Amuse Bouche in Radish, and that fuchsia pink, and the formula, is sublime.

  7. Thank you for posting swatches! I'm so torn on this set. On one hand it's a great deal, on the other I don't need more stuff right now...

    1. You don't need it girl! There will always be more deals (probably better than this too)! Haha sorry I've been watching a bunch of decluttering and anti-haul vids so I'm in that mood..

  8. The blush is a little warm for me but wear time is great on my dry skin. Also for me it went on as smooth as warm butter! Lol. I used a Too Faced blush brush that I got from HSN special collection at Christmas time. The highlighter is way to dark for me which bummed me out. I have to find a perfect Becca highlight. It's becoming a mission.


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