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Friday, February 19, 2016

New Walmart Equate Dupe for Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm (and More)

If you've missed my other posts about this, Walmart has a line of Clinique skincare dupes in their Equate line (you can see my review/comparison of the Equate Strikingly Unique Mild Liquid Facial Soap to Clinique Facial Soap Mild HERE). You can find these products in-store (not all stores seem to have them, and some stores only carry limited products), and some products are also available online (links below).

Today I'd like to tell you about two NEW Walmart Clinique dupes, thanks to reader @lush4blush on Instagram:

image credit: @lush4blush for Nouveau Cheap
Walmart Equate Wipe Away The Day Cleansing Balm
(retail: around $13, 3.8 oz.)

This new Equate product is a dupe for Clinique's popular Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm ($29; 3.8 oz.). As you can see, the Walmart version is the same size as the Clinique (3.8 oz.), for less than half the price. @lush4blush said this product retails for around $12-$13 at her Walmart. If you go on the Walmart website HERE, you can check in-store availability but you cannot yet purchase online. The ingredients are not listed on the Walmart site, so I don't know how close this is to the real thing in terms of formula. 

Here is all of the info that's currently on the Walmart site:

Equate Beauty Wipe Away the Day Cleansing Balm is a transforming makeup remover that moves from balm to oil to milk to remove every last trace of makeup. Its non-drying, lightweight formula nourishes the skin while cleansing it thoroughly of any dirt and residue.

Equate Beauty Wipe Away the Day Cleansing Balm:
Quickly dissolves eye and face makeup
For all skin types
100% fragrance free
Walmart Equate Moisture Wave Hydrating Gel
(retail: $12.83, 1.7 oz.)

@lush4blush also let me know about this other new addition to the Equate line. This is the new Equate Moisture Wave Hydrating Gel, which I believe is a dupe for Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief ($39; 1.7 oz.). But it COULD be a dupe for Clinique Moisture Surge Intense ($39; 1.7 oz.) because Clinique Moisture Surge Intense states that it's for "very dry to dry combination skin" and that's basically what it says on the Equate box above. 

This product is not yet available for purchase on the Walmart site, but you can check in-store availability on the Walmart site HERE. From the Walmart website:

Equate Beauty Moisture Wave Hydrating Gel works to provide all-day moisturization for your very dry to dry combination skin. It leaves your skin feeling silky and smooth.

Equate Beauty Moisture Wave Hydrating Gel:
Helps enhance skin's natural moisture barrier
Dermatologist tested
100% fragrance free

Links to other products in the Equate Clinique dupe line:

Have you tried any of the Equate Clinique dupes? What are your thoughts about these new additions?

Thanks again, @lush4blush, for the great tips and pic. I really appreciate it!


  1. Oooooh! Has anyone compared ingredients on the box (they don't seem to be online yet)? Regardless, I'm sold on the other dupes you listed! With such similar ingredients, it's like they built the product line by line!

  2. WOW! Talk about timing! I just started a delux sample of the Moisture Surge this week and have been really enjoying it. I figured I would wait until there was a really good GWP at one of the dept. stores before buying a full size, along with the Moisture Surge spray AND the Take the Day Away - which I've been using for about a year. I'm definitely going to hit up Walmart and am hoping they are worthy dupe$!!!!

  3. I will definitely try the balm. I absolutely love TTDO balm but the price is ridiculous so if this is close, I'm on board. Even if its not exactly like TTDO, I figure I'm just removing makeup anyway so it can't really screw anything up. Thanks for this info. I'm checking my Walmart this weekend.

  4. How long have these products been around? I'll have to try some out. I've used Clinique for years (the moisturizing gel is a HG) and had no idea Walmart had any of this!

  5. Please review this G!!!! I am interested to know your thoughts!!! Plus I am missing your reviews!!!! Xo

  6. My Walmart carries these items - YAY! Usually the ingredients in Walmart's "compare to" products are exactly the same as the originals.

  7. Guys. I wanted to love it. I use TOTDB religiously so this would have been great. The ingredients are exactly the same, but the formula is not. It melts very very easily to the touch and applies well. When you go to wash it off it leaves a thick film on your face that you have to wash off with another cleanser. It was incredibly hard to wash off. Also, I don't think it removed my eye makeup as well. However, it did do the trick and wasn't drying. Might be worth adapting to, but definitely not an exact dupe to Clinique.

    1. Damn! The rinsing away clean is really important to me, as I'm far too lazy to double cleanse most days. Thank you for the heads up!

  8. I bought one today! According to the website, there weren't any in stock within a 50 mile radius, but there were about 4 at my nearest Walmart. The ingredients are *completely* identical (at least according to beautypedia, I can't find them anywhere else), and it costs $12.83.

  9. My Walmart carries all of these!!! And today I bought the Moisture Wave. I took some pictures of the box (for the Ingredient list!) and what the product looks like inside, if you would like them, let me know and I will email them too you. Also, I tried it out tonight and it sure feels like the moisture surge line, as far as I can tell. Thanks for the heads up as usual! <3

  10. I want to try this. Seems to compare to the Elf Melt cleanser that I am in love! I just can't do Elf's shipping...

  11. I tried Wipe Away the Day... not impressed, it burns my eyes so not really for removing eye makeup. I'm back to regular almond oil for now :)

  12. I bought the Moisture Wave and tried it on one half of my face along with my sample of Moisture Surge on the other. There are difference several differences. Moisture Surge sank into my skin a lot faster than Moisture Wave, and it took very little product of Moisture Surge to give me the moisturized feeling that I am used to.

    Moisture Wave is thinner in consistency and it takes quite a bit more product than Moisture Surge to cover my face. Moisture Wave was also very sticky on my skin, when Surge sank right in. The side with Wave on it took several minutes for it to sink in and for the stickiness to subside. When it did dry down, both sides of my face did feel very similar in texture and softness.

    I will still probably keep Moisture Surge around and use Moisture Wave if I run out of Moisture Surge. They are definitely not identical in formula / ingredients. Sisters, yes. Twins, no.

  13. This works great as long as you *don't* follow the instructions. If you try to rinse it won't work! Rub it in your dry skin and then wipe off with a wash cloth. It comes off beautifully and leaves your skin soft and clean. I usually do a second cleanse but not always.


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