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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

New Milani Makeup Brush Collection

Milani Makeup Brush Collection
(retail: $8 - $16)

Thanks to reader @_mely2 on Instagram for letting me know about this one. Milani posted on their Instagram two days ago announcing the arrival of their new makeup brushes and I totally missed it!

In case you missed the announcement as well, this new brush collection is now available for purchase on the Milani website HERE. Per the Milani Instagram page, these brushes will be sold exclusively on the Milani site (not in stores). Free shipping on orders $25+.

These brushes are made of synthetic (nylon) bristles and there are six brushes in the range:

You can also buy the entire set of 6 brushes here for $60.

My first reaction when I saw these was, "Wow, they seem pricey." I felt the same way when the 2016 Revlon makeup brushes came out (those retail for about $7-$15). I guess I'm just shocked because I tend to buy most of my brushes from brands like e.l.f., EcoTools, and Real Techniques. But in all fairness, I don't want to make any snap judgments about these new Milani brushes because, if they are of premium quality, they could very well be worth the price. The prices just shocked me a bit because I think we're all used to Milani being a drugstore brand, and these price points seem more in line with mid-level brands, not drugstore. BUT, on the other hand, the Real Technique Bold Metals collection is similarly priced (higher, actually) so again, I don't want to rush to judgement here. I obviously could go on and on about this, but I would love to hear what YOU think.

Thanks again, @_mely2, for the tip about these!


  1. My first thought was also " wow pricey", but they do look nice. Did you ever try any of the wet and wild brushes? If so, what did u think? Btw, check your local 99 cent only store. They are getting a new influx of drug store makeup. I saw a few different maybelline brushes at mine.

    1. I tried the wet n wild ones and was extremely surprised. They work so well buy them they're worth it

    2. I also tried the Wet n Wild ones and I love them. I have the eyeshadow(close to the elf studio c brush but the bristles are longer) and the contour(I think?) brush. They are both wonderfully fluffy! I just wish they were easier to get. Both of my local Walgreens did their reset and no brushes anywhere :-(

  2. Drugstore items are getting so expensive lately. I know there are coupons, but a lot of the time I feel like I could spend another $3-5 and get mid-level items instead.

  3. They look very nice! I would love to purchase the eye brushes, I can't have enough of those, would be nice if they sold them as a set to save a little.

  4. I love the look of the flat-topped brush, but I was just thinking I need to purge my brush collection. Get thee behind me, Milani!

  5. Milani is really stepping up their game. They have matte lipsticks coming out and in addition they have these brushes!! OMG what am I going to do but buy them. I have to see if they are really worth the hype or not but they did amazing with this!!!

  6. I think they are pricey. The Revlon brushes were pricey as well. I'm still trying to find a complete set of the new Wet n Wild brushes. I keep hearing they are really good. I'm still going to try at one of them out though. Same with the Revlon brushes. My curiosity gets the best of me. I think both of the brushes from both brands are pretty. Just wish I could buy them in stores rather than online.

  7. Hi guys! A makeup artist who attended Generation Beauty last weekend said these are REAL good. She said they are incredibly soft and felt uber expensive. She was on Periscope and mentioned not to sleep on these. I am purchasing them... They gave a discount code at the show. I'm going to see if I can get it. On another note--- why are drugstore brands selling at such high prices now? They are officially doubling their prices on a bunch of their items. Did they think we wouldn't notice? Not to mention the quality is just not there yet to justify the price hike. I just don't know how to feel about all of this.

  8. They are pricey for a 'drugstore' brand... RT Bold Metals shouldn't be counted or mentioned in this post because they came out with an affordable line before the bold metals, that you can ACTUALLY get coupons/deals on at a variety of places. They even said that Bold Metals are for those who like/want extra. So that's my thing, I might think about it when Milani does a 30% off once in a blue moon.. But then again, I'm not a huge brush person or a big fan of gold, so I'll probably never pick them up. I love that drugstore brands are coming out with more products - however, they must keep in mind what drugstore (price) means and most importantly the quality... I'll throw in shade selection too as WOC aren't two shades. I digress.

    1. I'm not sure why you're saying RT Bold Metals "shouldn't be counted or mentioned in this post".

      As I said in my blog post, I buy elf, EcoTools and Real Techniques brushes due to their affordable pricing, and that's why the Milani prices shocked me at first. In other words, I'm used to the affordable pricing of brands like RT, and the Milani prices are high in comparison.

      THEN I used the comparison of Milani to the Bold Metals pricing to illustrate that there are similarly priced drugstore brush lines on the market. Just because I made that comparison does not mean that I'm in any way denying that Real Techniques has affordable brushes--I've been blogging about their brushes and reviewing them since they first came on the market, and I post about their sales and coupons constantly here.

      Comparing the Milani prices to the Bold Metals prices is a valid comparison within the context of my post. Hope that helps clear it up for you! :)

  9. Oh wow I love milani overall (blushes, lip products, bronzers etc.) and these look great but for the price I might not buy em if I can get sigma zoeva or other brands for just a few dollars more. But thats just me. Maybe it would be worth it during a sale or something.

  10. The brushes look like they're from the same manufacturer as the FLOWER brand brushes. Are they equal in price too, or are these brushes more expensive?

  11. One of my favorite eyeshadow brushes ever I got from Flower in a holiday gift set. Similar to their ultimate eyeshadow brush online. I agree the price point for these does seem some what high. I did think the same of the Revlon brushes when I saw them. I think $18.00 is high for a drug store brand makeup brush. Especially when I bought my whole set of rose gold Morphe brushes for less than $20 and I just picked up the RT powder brush for $7.99 plus half off another one. I love drug store options but I think these ones will be a pass.


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