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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Attention Drugstore Beauty Lovers: Harmon Face Values is Expanding to the West Coast

I have some exciting news for you today, my fellow West Coasters. Thanks so much to reader @heatherveeee on Instagram for this tip!

Harmon Face Values (a subsidiary of Bed Bath & Beyond) has just opened a location in Pasadena, CA. The address is 3609 E Foothill Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91107, and you can view photos of both the outside and inside of the store HERE

Why is this exciting news? Well first of all, Harmon has been an East-Coast-only retailer forever. I believe that this is their first West Coast location, and hopefully there will be more locations to come!

Second: Harmon tends to get new collections from Maybelline, Wet n Wild, L'Oreal, etc., several weeks (sometimes even a month or more) before other retailers. And their prices are extremely competitive. Plus, Harmon carries brands that some other drugstores don't, such as Missha. Dr. Lin, Love & Toast, Color Club, and products like those oval face brushes I showed you a while back. They also carry an impressive (and affordable) line of house brand makeup brushes, otherwise known as their "Face Values" brush line. 

Third: this is also great news for those of you who don't live near a Bed Bath & Beyond store that has a Harmon store inside of it (the "extended beauty department" that's available in select BB&B stores is actually a Harmon Face Values). With Harmon expanding to locations beyond the East Coast, that means that some of you may now have a chance to find all of these super-new drugstore products before many of us in other parts of the country. And for a great price. 

To see where your closest Harmon Face Values is located (this includes BB&B stores with a Harmon inside), CLICK HERE

Thanks again, @heatherveeee, for the awesome tip!


  1. Harmon is my favorite place to buy drugstore makeup! That's great west coasters!

  2. This location is super close to me so I am totally going to check it out!!!

  3. I pass by there all the time. I think I saw it last when it was still under construction. I'll have to check it out. The Bed Bath & Beyond that's also on Foothill has a Harmon. Prior to this, I had never seen beauty and personal care products at a BBB. Pretty cool especially since you can use 20% or $5 coupons! I built up a e.l.f makeup brush collection this way.

  4. Wonderful for the West Coast! There's one here in Manhattan, NYC. I just wish it were a bit closer, but I have found it useful.

  5. You guys will be happy
    I have been shopping there for years, and only buy my DS lines there,
    since BBB took over they have winnowed out some of the lines but prices are the best

  6. I don't have a Harmon but have Christmas Tree Shops that sells Harmon items. Often they have items first as well.

  7. I was just in Pasadena 2 weeks ago, wish I would have known.

  8. Unfortunately the Harmons at the Bed Bath and Beyond do not carry all the items that the free standing Harmons do. Especially Wet n Wild. I was in North Carolina and now Texas and neither carried WnW. Very frustrating.
    Also I lived in NYC and New Jersey and they didnt have a Harmons at all so wondering what part of the North East does have a Harmons?

  9. It took some investigating but it seems there is ONE in NYC. The rest are out in Long Island or North Jersey. I lived in South Jersey. Wish they would put a Harmons Face Value store here in the Houston area.

  10. I will be in that area today. I am so excited to see what the new location carries! I will try to share pictures! Adore, Ty Denise


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