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Friday, January 15, 2016

Two Ways to Save on Viseart Eyesahadow Palettes

I've got not one, but two ways to save on Viseart palettes for you today! As you probably know, these eyshadow palettes retail for $80 at Sephora, so every little bit of savings count, right?

  • First up, thanks to reader @makeupbyparita on Instagram for letting me know that the 01 Neutral Matte Palette is on sale right now at Frends Beauty for $63.99 HERE. Shipping is free on orders $100+. I'm in San Diego and shipping was $5.76 when I tested buying just this palette (shipping on the Frends site is calculated when you enter your zip code). So if you're only buying this palette, your grand total should be around $69.75 ($10.25 savings off retail). I also want to mention that if you sign up for a Frends account, you will receive 10% off your first order but this discount does NOT apply to sale items (thanks to Parita for confirming!).

  • Thanks to reader Sasha for the following tip. Now through 1/18, Alcone Co. is offering 10% off SITEWIDE including all of the Viseart Palettes HERE (retail price of Viseart Eyeshadow Palettes at Alcone is $75, which is $5 less than Sephora) with code DreamBig at checkout. You must be signed into your Alcone Co. account or this code will not work. I''m guessing that many of you already have an Alcone Co. account if you took advantage of their Viseart sale I posted about over the holidays, but if you don't have one you can sign up HERE (be sure to sign up for their newsletter to get the scoop on codes like this in the future). With the 10% off, that brings the Viseart palettes down to $67.50. Shipping is free on orders $75+ and $4.95 on orders under $75. So if you were just ordering one Viseart palette, your grand total would be $72.45 ($7.55 savings off the retail price at Sephora). This deal is really best if you're ordering more than one Viseart palette, since their regular retail price is already lower than Sephora ($75 instead of $80) and you'll be able to avoid shipping fees.

I hope that helps, and thanks again to @makeupbyparita and Sasha for the great tips!


  1. the 10% off on frendsbeauty does not apply to the already on sale items..hoping the alcone/musebeauty viseart sale comes back! even with above discounts the palette still costs around 65-70$ which is huge :(

    1. Thanks so much for confirming, Parita! I just updated my post.

      And yup, the Alcone deal is really best if you're buying at least 2 palettes, since that brings each one down to $67.50 with free shipping. That's still a nice savings compared to $80 at Sephora ($12.50 savings per palette) but I would love an even deeper discount like those we saw during Black Friday/Cyber Monday! :)

  2. I know these palettes are supposed to be amazing, but I'm spoiled by much better bargains. :-P

  3. Please keep the Cheap in Nouveau Cheap! These palettes are ridiculously priced, although I do very much appreciate your telling us about sales and coupons. :-)

  4. Already have the dark mattes and neutral mattes which I'm obsessed with. Will wait for a better deal to get the bright mattes I've been eyeing. Thanks for letting us know though!

  5. @Laura oh believe me, I am too! I still wanted to post though, since I know a LOT of people really like these and are looking to save even a few bucks. :)

    @Sue: I completely understand your request! I've always tried to cover sales and deals for all makeup here (high end, midrange and drugstore) but it may feel like I'm doing more high end deals lately, simply because the sheer volume of high end deals has increased significantly since I started my blog 7 years ago. I JUST posted a great tip about L'Oreal palettes at Walmart right after this post, so please know that I'm always doing my best to cover ALL deals here! Thanks so much. :)

  6. Hi ladies, Morphe 35O pallette is back in stock at Morphe site.

  7. this looks a lot like the Matte Eye Shadow palette I bought at Forever21 yesterday for like 8 dollars.

  8. This blog is a must have for low to high end makeup purchases! I actually like the high range in products talked about on this site because more consumers can benefit from it.

  9. I don't use drug store makeup and am thrilled that you include deals on high end products. A deal is a deal! The target Viseart customers are Pros not consumers hence the price. The quality is impeccable and I'm glad I've been able to get them for an average of 30% off.

  10. I just went to Ulta today and they were clearancing out their Prestiage makeup.

  11. I appreciate the drugstore to high end deals. Given how expensive high end makeup is, I love the deals you post. Cheap doesn't mean low price. If it's a good deal on an expensive product, that's still cheap to me.

  12. I appreciate both drugstore to high end deals so I'm thrilled that you're finding and sharing both! Thanks for all of your hard work finding ways for us to save.

  13. Every little $ helps to get those beauties! I was lucky enough to get the two plus brushes from muse for $128 using a code that got me $20 credit at muse so then I got two more for $108! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  14. I enjoy the cheap and drugstore aspect of this blog but I also love tips on getting high end deals. Keep it up!

  15. I picked up the cool mattes palette at IMATS LA yesterday for $60. I wanted more but still way too expensive.

  16. Thank you for taking your time and being so sweet!


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