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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Last Minute Gift Idea: Soap & Glory Holiday 2015 Winter Wonderland Hand Food Gift Set

Soap & Glory Holiday 2015 Winter Wonderland Hand Food Gift Set
(retail: $12, 5.07 oz. total)

Need a last minute gift for a neighbor, relative, colleague, friend, teacher, postal carrier, relative, or just a treat for yourself during the holiday season? Well you know I don't usually do gift guides here on the blog (so many other bloggers do it so much better than I ever could), but I am the queen of last minute gift ideas thanks to my Expert Procrastinator status. And today I have a fun idea for you.

I received this Soap & Glory Winter Wonderland Hand Food Gift Set for review a few weeks ago, but I was planning to buy it at Ulta before I ever even knew I was going to receive a review sample. The minute I saw it at Ulta (it's also available on the Walgreens website HERE and the website HERE), I knew it was for me because I love Soap & Glory, I love hand creams, and I love holiday value sets. By the way, this trio is sold out on the Ulta site, but I saw it in-store recently so call your local Ulta and see if they still have it (if you want to get it in-store). So let's take a closer look!

Made in the UK

You get three different Hand Food scents in this set:

Sugar Crush, Original Pink, Smoothie Star

Sugar Crush
My favorite of all Soap & Glory scents. This smells like sugared lime candy. It's sweet and tart and almost makes my mouth pucker (in a good way). If you love sweet, candy-like citrus scents, I think you'll adore this one. 

Original Pink Rose
I'm picky about my rose fragrances, but this one's so lovely. It's a soft rose, and there's something else here that makes it extra fresh and clean to me (like a nice bar soap). It's soft and feminine without being cloying.

Smoothie Star
If you like scents like Philosophy Baby Grace, you'll probably love this one. I get lots of baby powder in this one, which I love, but I'm a huge fan of powdery scents in general (fun fact: I hated powdery scents when I was younger, but in recent years I can't get enough of them. Go figure.). 

I find the scent level of all three fragrances to be about equal, and I would classify the level as "medium-strong." It's not "knock-your-socks-off, somebody open a window" strong, but I can definitely smell these fragrances during application, and the scents linger on my skin for a few hours after application.

Flip-top squeeze tubes

So now let's talk about the formula:

As you can see, Hand Food has a thick formula when you first squeeze it from the tube, but once you start to work it into your skin, it breaks down quickly and it's very easy to spread on the skin. The formula feels luxurious and it absorbs quickly, leaving a velvety protective coating on the skin that I don't find heavy, greasy, or sticky. I've reviewed a lot of hand creams on this blog over the years, and you know I'm super picky about them. If I get a weird film or sticky, odd feeling from a hand cream, I just can't continue to use it. I do not get that with this formula--it feels so lovely on the hands, and I can immediately go back to typing on the keyboard after application.

What I like the most about this hand cream (aside from the lovely fragrances), is that my hands instantly look better after application. It's been pretty chilly in San Diego lately (upper 30s at night), and this formula immediately takes away that lizard skin look that my hands develop whenever it's cold. Also, I want to mention that this hand cream lasts through a few hand washings for me, and I find myself only having to apply once during the day, and then once at night (I like to apply again right before bed). And, it also doubles as a lovely foot cream.

I cannot recommend this set enough as a holiday gift or a special treat for yourself. From the formula to the yummy fragrances, there's just not one thing that I do not like here.

Are you a Soap & Glory fan? If so, what do you think of Hand Food? I'm on my way to declaring this one Holy Grail Status.

A sample of this product was given to Nouveau Cheap for editorial purposes, either directly from the manufacturer or from the agency that works on behalf of the manufacturer. All reviews on are the honest opinion of its author and editorial samples do not, in any way, affect the outcome of product reviews. For more information, click here.


  1. Hi G! The 1.69 oz travel size tubes of Hand Food actually retail for $4 at Ulta, I think you were thinking of the full size 4.2 oz tubes that are $8. :)

    1. Aaaah, thank you! The page on the site that I linked to in my post has a photo of the 1.69 oz tube for $8, so that's where I got my info. Must be a typo on their part. Will update my post. Thanks again!!

  2. Hey G.! Travel size hand foods are $4 for 1.69 oz and full size hand foods are $8 for 4.2 oz! I believe the picture for the normal hand food on drugstore .com says 1.69 oz but the listing says 4.2 oz selling for $8!

    1. Aaaah, that solves it (see my comment above). Thank you so much! Will update my post! xo

  3. Good to know thanks! I wanted to grab some for gifts at Ulta but they are OOS. Didn't know other DS' have this brand too, yay!


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