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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Important Update Regarding Target Beauty Sale Today

Let me start from the beginning, for those who are just now coming to the blog.

TODAY ONLY (12/1), ALL BEAUTY on the Target site HERE is 25% off with code BEAUTY, and you can stack this code with SHINE to get an additional 10% off. Everything ships free at Target through the holidays, and if you use your REDcard you get an additional 5% off on top of everything else. Also, all fragrance is BOGO1/2OFF HERE right now on the Target site, so you can use those codes on top of that sale too. Also, keep an eye on the beauty listings for more deals like $5 Target Gift Cards when you buy a certain amount, which you can also get today on top of everything else! (IN-STORE, you can text BEAUTY to 827438 for a mobile coupon to get 25% off all beauty. Today only.)

UPDATE: Thanks to several of you for letting me know that it appears that Target has disabled the additional codes for fragrances that I mentioned above. It sounds like you can't use any of these codes with fragrance purchases now, since fragrances are already BOGO1/2OFF. I'm so sorry about that--and thank you all for letting me know!

But it gets better!

Many thanks to reader Tina for letting us know that on orders $50+, you can use code TGTGQJV7 for an additional $5 off. On top of everything else!

To test this, here's what I did:

I added 4 bottles of SJP Lovely 3.3 oz. to my cart. Each bottle is $26.99.


  • I got the BOGO1/2OFF discount (1/2 off two of the four bottles). 
  • Then, I entered code TGTGQJV7 for $5 off.
  • Then, I entered code BEAUTY for 25% off.
  • Then, I entered code SHINE for 10% off.


Final price before tax: $53.99 for $107.96 worth of perfume. Plus free shipping! And that's not counting my REDcard discount, which will knock another 5% off (I didn't show that here, because I know not all of you have REDcards).

Now, you obviously don't HAVE to use these codes with perfume, but I did it above because that's how you can maximize your savings since perfume is already BOGO1/2OFF. If you run into any trouble with these codes not working,  be sure that your total BEFORE ANY CODES is at least $67.50. Because you might run into some trouble if your total dips under $50 after the 25% off +10% off discounts, and that MAY prohibit you from using  code TGTGQJV7 for the $5 off $50.


Thanks to reader @chavah.larsen on Instagram for letting me know that you can ALSO stack code SKINFIXED for $3 off any Skinfix brand items HERE!

Thanks again, Tina, for the awesome tip!


  1. Thank you so much, G! I just placed an order and saved $10, which is almost the cost of the Sonia Kashuk hair brush. I ordered it plus 3 other items.

  2. Thanks! Gotta love stackable coupons!

  3. Trying to use those codes and it worked for a few minutes earlier but now it says codes SHINE and BEAUTY won't work for fragrances :/

  4. I went to use this, all codes worked. I edited my cart, went back a short time later and it no longer worked. "The promo code you entered could not be applied either due to your cart not meeting the requirements or it is not combinable with another promotion already in your cart."

  5. I wasn't able to use the codes BEAUTY or SHINE on Fragrances...unsure why? It worked earlier for a few minutes then they said it wasn't valid. Maybe they caught on that a lot of people were using them or something?

  6. im having trouble getting the codes to work now...
    i initially grabbed 2 bottles of cologne for my husband -- the BEAUTY and SHINE codes worked, but it wouldnt accept TGTGQJV7 (i assume because the total after all discounts was too low) (yes, i entered them in the order you noted above).
    so i went back to the store to add something to my cart, since i was just a few dollars away from being able to use all 3 codes.
    when i went back to total things, i got a completely off-the-wall total (a $5 product suddenly made my total jump $20? i dont think so...) so i tried totaling it 2 more times + each time i got a different end price.
    i took the added item out (leaving just the colognes) and now it wont take ANY of the 3 codes.

    might try again at home on a different computer. maybe my cache screwed something up...or maybe the site is busy + having problems?

  7. I had two Thierry Mugler perfumes in my cart and the codes BEAUTY and SHINE worked when I first applied them. Later they seem to have been removed when I went back to my cart and I can not add them back. I get the message "The promo code you entered could not be applied either due to your cart not meeting the requirements or it is not combinable with another promotion already in your cart."

  8. Gah! I'm SO SORRY, everyone! It sounds like Target has disabled these codes for fragrances. What a bummer! Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to let me know--I just updated my post. :(

    1. BUMMER -- guess i should have pulled the trigger when it actually seemed to be working! oh well!

  9. Used all the codes for some Real Techniques, Sonia Kashuk and Pixi items for me and my mom ... they all worked and my total went from $90 to $50! AND ... I used ebates for 2% back. Hey! Thanks for tips, G!

  10. Is it only me that most items I want to order say shipping unavailable pickup in store only?

  11. Used all the codes BEAUTY and SHINE and it worked earlier this morning, I got Sonia Kashuk eye makeup remover (the best ever!!) and Pixi Tonic Glow, I also used ebates for 2%, going to pick up in store later. Thanks for your hard work!

  12. The 25% off also works in store if you text BEAUTY to 827438. They'll send you a link to the coupon.

  13. I couldn't use the 25% off fragrance either so I called Targrt Cust service and they manually gave me the 25% coupon! I don't see why they disabled it in the first place cause under exclusions it wasn't listed that you can't use it on fragrance if it's already on a sale


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