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Friday, December 25, 2015

Annual Lush BOGOFREE Sale Starts 6AM Pacific on 12/26 (Plus: A Mini Review/Recommendation)

As you probably know, Lush doesn't do Black Friday or Cyber Monday. They really don't do any major sales at all, EXCEPT for their Annual Boxing Day Sale, otherwise known as their "Day after Christmas BOGOFREE sale."

And guess what? It's back!

Starting at 6AM Pacific (9AM Eastern) on 12/26, all Holiday 2015 products and other select products will be BOGOFREE both on the Lush site HERE, as well as in-store. If you're planning on taking advantage of this sale online, log on as close as you can to the start time because things WILL sell out. If you're planning on visiting your local Lush store on 12/26, get there are soon as you possibly can, and expect to stand in line. Because again, this sale only happens once a year, and it can get pretty crazy in-store. For online shoppers, please read the fine print about this sale HERE so that you're prepared and ready to go when the sale begins!

I actually received one of the Holiday 2015 gift sets for review from Lush recently, so I'm able to give you a personal recommendation! If you'd like more info, keep reading...

Lush Holiday 2015 Santa Baby Gift Set
(retail: $19.95)

This gift set is currently out of stock on the Lush site HERE, But no worries because both items in this set are available for purchase individually HERE for $8.95 each. So during the sale, you can by both and get one of these items FREE.

This set includes the Santa Baby Lip Stain (stick) and Santa's Lip Scrub (pot). Again, these are both $8.95 each and available here.

Just like the Valentine's Day The Kiss Lip Scrub that I reviewed back in February, the Santa's Lip Scrub contains little edible hearts (all ingredients in this scrub are edible, of course). But unlike the Valentine's Day lip scrub, which smelled and tasted like marshmallow candy, THIS scrub smells and tastes like cola. And when I say this smells and tastes like cola, I really mean it. I'm a huge fan of cola scented/flavored things, and this one's spot on. So yummy.

The consistency of this scrub is just like all of the other Lush scrubs I've owned over the years. It's thick, and the granules are large, but not too large. Just a teeny tiny scoop is enough enough for exfoliating your lips, so one pot will last you a good, long while. I LOVE this stuff, because not only is it super effective, but the scent and flavor are heaven for me. And the best part? you don't have to wipe off any residue when you're done working it in--you can just lick it off your lips (if you'd like). It's a win-win for me.

The Santa Baby Lip Stain used to come in a pot, and I know a lot of people were happy when Lush decided to put it in stick form. This is the first time I've actually tried this product and I have to say, the texture totally surprised me. 

This is a very dry balm. In fact, it's not a "balm" at all. If you look at my pic above, you can see that this doesn't have the smooth consistency of most lip tint sticks. This is an opaque, thick, dry product but, very surprisingly, it doesn't feel dry once it's on my lips. It doesn't ADD moisture, but it also doesn't suck moisture from my lips. It's not chunky or grainy once it's on the lips, contrary to what you might think when you see it in the tube.

I just want to prepare you if you buy this though, because the texture is quite unique. This product doesn't glide across the lips--it's dry, so it actually drags across the lips if you try to apply it like a traditional lip balm. For me, it works best if I keep it in my pocket for a bit and let it warm up with my body heat. Then, I dab it on my lips (versus trying to glide it across my lips), and then I take my finger and sort of work it in and spread it around from there.

One swipe

The pigmentation of this lip tint is seriously impressive. Truly, a little dab will do ya. What I like most about this product is that, it is a true lip STAIN. Meaning, it really stains your lips. I can easily get eight hours of color from this product, no problem. And I love that it doesn't fade unevenly. I can apply it and pretty much forget about it. AND, it smells like cola! I don't really get a cola flavor from this though (not much flavor to speak of, actually), but the scent is definitely cola.

If you think that this shade of red might work for you (it's vivid, and more of a pink-based red than an orange-based red as with previous versions), then I think this is one to consider as long as you're prepared for the unique texture. Seriously, if you like lip stains that last forever, this could be a wonderful addition to your collection if this shade of red works for you.

I hope this post helps a bit if you're planning on taking advantage of the BOGOFREE sale tomorrow (12/26). But again, please refer to my instructions at the beginning of this post if you want a shot at these products, because they will probably go pretty quickly.

A sample of this product was given to Nouveau Cheap for editorial purposes, either directly from the manufacturer or from the agency that works on behalf of the manufacturer. All reviews on are the honest opinion of its author and editorial samples do not, in any way, affect the outcome of product reviews. For more information, click here.


  1. Thanks for the review, G. You might also mention that Lush has never updated their website to handle the traffic it gets for this sale, so either patient refreshing or a redial button on your phone is mandatory.

    IMO, it's still worth the hassle!

  2. The website has been slammed since 9 am- as expected. I've been trying to get the page to load for over a half hour since I added everything in my cart as soon as your post went up. I hope everyone else has better luck :(

  3. site has been down all morning :(

  4. LUSH started in Canada and Canada celebrates Boxing Day!! We have a LUSH at our mall, but I'm truly afraid to go to the mall today : )

  5. G.,
    I couldn't get the site to work yesterday, it kept crashing at checkout. :( However, I went to Lush today and the sale is still on. They said it will keep going until they sell out of the BOGO items. There was still plenty of rose jam, snow fairy and Santa baby when I was there. Also whatever the bear gift set thing was. It was CRAZY crowded, so I have no idea what else was still around.

  6. G,
    The website restocked for the sale. Everything I want is back in stock but I can't justify the shipping costs again- hopefully, it will help someone else!

  7. I had fun at Lush just picking up some of the new Snow fairy dusting powder! The line was all the way back to the store entrance though so it was hard to browse around, hahaha! The line moved fast and there were plenty of associates around to help! I want to also try the Santa lip scrub but it seems really messy. Does it stain because of the red pigments in it? Thank you for the review of the one new item I also wanted to try (that scrub)! I also really recommend the first snow dusting power and I am thrilled to see it back this year.


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