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Monday, December 21, 2015

A Subtle, Last-Minute Hint for Your Friends, Family, and Loved Ones...

Do you have a friend, family member or loved one who waits until the last possible minute to buy you a gift each holiday season? I do (actually, that just described my boyfriend, brother, and a few other people I know). So lemme try to help all of us out right now. Perhaps you can leave this post open on your laptop, or somehow find a way to get it in front of their eyes.

Did you know that PayPal is an authorized seller of Sephora gift cards on eBay? And they have email gift cards HERE that deliver within 24 hours of purchase? And the recipient can use them online or in-store at Sephora?

And you can also buy them on Amazon HERE, which couldn't be easier if you already have an Amazon account. (Thanks to reader Santina for that tip!)

You may be asking yourself, "Well G., why wouldn't they just order through Sephora? Or go to a gift card kiosk at the drugstore, grocery store, etc.?"

Well sure, they CAN do those things. But if we're talking about my boyfriend and brother, those two guys will end up at a retailer that doesn't have Sephora gift cards. And I know (because they've told me) that they don't want to deal with the hassle of creating an account or even purchasing as a guest at Sephora, when they already have eBay and Amazon accounts. And since you use PayPal to purchase these Sephora gift cards on eBay, it literally could not make things any easier since they don't even have to whip out their credit cards and enter numbers.

So yeah. They don't have to leave the house, they don't have to create a Sephora account, and they can use PayPal. AND WE GET SEPHORA GIFT CARDS!

PS: to all the friends, family members and loved ones reading this, YES, WE WANT SEPHORA GIFT CARDS. This is an awesome gift that you should not think twice about giving us. We will use them, we will love them, and we will be grateful for them. I'm an expert on this, so you can trust me. OK, I'm not an expert on this, but I'm 99.99% certain that everything I've said is true and that the beautiful person you're buying this card for will love it. It may take him/her a while to decide what he/she wants to buy, but do not interpret hesitation as an indication of displeasure. It takes us a while to figure out exactly how we want to use our Sephora gift cards, but that's part of the fun. We may even have a weird, stressed out look on our faces while we're shopping, but inside we're loving it. Please just trust me on that one.


  1. You can also buy Sephora gift cards at Most men I know have either Amazon or an eBay account

    1. Totally forgot about Amazon! Thank you! Will add that to my post! xo

  2. Hi, I've been following your blog ever since Black Friday lol and I really appreciate all you do! I've found some really amazing beauty deals through your blog #CVS clearance
    Anyway, I went to Nordstrom Rack today and I couldn't help but notice that their beauty product prices were ridiculously low life for example: I found Urban Decays 24/7 liner for $5 and their primer potion for $6 and there were some nice LORAC eyeshadow palettes with 7-12 shadows for $12-$15. It might be worth checking out ;) Happy shopping and happy holidays!

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  4. Publix grocery stores sell Sephora gift cards. I almost bought one for my fiancé's brother's girlfriend. I told him trust me, she will like this. He told me he thought she wasn't that into make up and she might not be but I know they sell things that are not make up. And I was going to still purchase it. But I didn't. Why? BECAUSE I DIDN'T WANT THE FIANCE'S SISTER TO HAVE GIFT CARD ENVY OR EVEN THEIR MOTHER. Both women do like make up so I knew they would have wanted it. But we already had bought them other gift cards and I didn't want to give the newest person in the family the better gift card, lol.

  5. I shouldn't have posted that story under my normal SN. Oh noes.

  6. If someone gave me an Amazon gift card can I then turn around and use it to purchase a Sephora gift card on the Amazon site? I hope so because my brother doesn't know how to give a gift unless it's an Amazon GC. That's always his go-to gift. I still need to spend $70 to hit VIB again and I need stuff from there (foundation repurchase, UDPP, etc).

  7. Not to mention that currently there is a special on ebay where you save $5. A $50 e-gift card for only $45. Think it ends soon. And it's probably limited to one per person.

    Don't try to get more with a different account with this seller, PayPal digital gifts is linked with eBay. Once my brother and I both bought a discounted ebay gift card from them... they said we tried to circumvent buyer limits and then ebay banned us for 2 weeks. Apparently to ebay, same last name and same address equals same person. That sure surprised my mom, since she distinctly remembers the hours of labor she suffered for each of us...

  8. I love this G.!!!!! I would love a gift card did not ask for one. My husband tends to stick strait to the list! Hahaha that is not saying that I could just buy one for myself and then when I have to go to Sephora well, hubby couldn't argue!!!! I did huge damage there though in the last couple of months.

  9. Haha, you're hilarious, G! I literally laughed out loud reading this!!


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