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Monday, November 30, 2015

Your Choice of Two Viseart Palettes & Three Esum Brushes for $118 + Free Shipping ($238 Value)

As you probably know, Viseart Palettes are very expensive (retail: $80 each at Sephora). And if you haven't heard of Esum Brushes, they're professional makeup brushes that retail for $18 - $80+ depending on the brush.

Well thanks to reader Julia for this fantastic tip about how to get these products at a discount! Right now at Muse Beauty (professional makeup store in San Francisco), you can get YOUR CHOICE of two Viseart Palettes and three Esum Eyeshadow Brushes for a total of $128 HERE. But it gets better! Julia passed along the code PINFAN10, which gets you $10 off this deal. So that's two Viseart Palettes and three Esum eyeshadow brushes for $118 + free shipping. 

I do not know when this deal (or the code) will end, so DO NOT WAIT if you're interested!

Thanks so much, Julia, for the great tip!

Full disclosure: I have not ordered from Muse Beauty before, so I cannot give you any insights as to customer service, etc. But they DO take PayPal. which protects your purchase. 


  1. This set comes with all three of the brushes

    1. OMG thank you!!!! Fixing that now!

  2. What an amazing deal! If I wasn't broke from black Friday I'd be all over this! Dangit!!

  3. I bit the bullet and ordered It was an awesome deal, thank you and Julia for letting us know. (and now I won't have to wait until Sephora's next sale). I am not on a no buy for the rest of the month ;)

  4. Frends beauty has viseart for 55 not as good as this but if you only need one...and stilazzi eye shadows are 1.99 and brushed on sale

  5. Thanks!! I heard great things about them but couldn't justify $80 for a palette. I got Cool Matte & Bridal Satin. I know the cool matte didn't perform as well as the others for Temptalia, but I use primer and patience, and the others are way too warm ("neutral" isn't).

  6. Wow, thanks for posting this deal! I'm so excited to try the palettes and brushes. I got Dark Matte and Bridal Satin.


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