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Monday, November 9, 2015

Wet n Wild 2016 Product Discontinuations

Several of you have asked for this, so I'm happy to tell you that I received the official list of Wet n Wild product discontinuations for 2016 directly from Wet n Wild, which I'll be sharing with you below. But before I get to the list, be sure to read all of the following information, to avoid confusion or panic.

As with most drugstore beauty product discontinuations, these discontinuations will not be happening overnight, meaning you don't have to run out tomorrow to stock up on your favorite products that are going away. Chances are, you'll still be able to find these products up until the Wet n Wild permanent displays in your area are reset for 2016 and the brand new products take their places (and by the way, there are LOTS of brand new, exciting products taking their places, but that's for another post).

IMPORTANT: Some of these products are not actually going away; the packaging is being updated for 2016, which means that only the existing product is being discontinued (in the old packaging). I will clearly mark those items below to avoid any unnecessary panicking. 

ALSO: For some of these products, there will also be NEW SHADES introduced for 2016. So if you see that some of your favorite shades within a product line are being discontinued, don't freak out yet--there may be new shades on the way. Again, I will mark that clearly below.



MegaImpact Mascara

Blackest Black

MegaPlump Double Threat Mascara

Very Black

Color Icon Eyeshadow Single



Twin Eyeliner Pencils

Black  (new packaging for 2016)

MegaLiner Liquid Eyeliner
(NOTE: there will be some new shades launching for 2016)

Black Sparkle

Black (new packaging for 2016)

Indigo Blue



Dark Brown (new packaging for 2016)

MegaEyes Defining Marker

Blackest Black

Dark Brown

H2O Proof Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner

Ultra Black




MegaEyes Crème Eyeliner



MegaSlicks Lip Gloss
(NOTE: there will be some new shades launching for 2016)

Sweet Glaze (new packaging for 2016)

Crystal Clear (new packaging for 2016)

Cherry Glaze

Sun Glaze (new packaging for 2016)

Cherish (new packaging for 2016)

Cotton Candy (new packaging for 2016)

Strawberry Ice (new packaging for 2016)

In a Tutu

Bronze Berry (new packaging for 2016)

Rasp-berry Voice (new packaging for 2016)

Rose Gold (new packaging for 2016)

Red Sensation (new packaging for 2016)

Sinless (new packaging for 2016)

Seedless Watermelon

Panning for Gold

Mauve-jave Dessert

MegaBrilliance Lip Gloss

Crushed Grapes


MegaGlo Illuminating Powder

Catwalk Pink (new packaging for 2016)


Spotlight Peach

Starlight Bronze

Color Icon Blusher
(NOTE: there will be some new shades launching for 2016)

Pearlescent Pink (new packaging for 2016)

Heather Silk

Mellow Wine (new packaging for 2016)

Berry Shimmer


Fast Dry Nail Color
(NOTE: click here to view the new 2016 Dollar-General-Exclusive shades)

Everybody Loves Redmond

Ebony Hates Chris

Saved By The Blue

Buffy the Violet Slayer


How I Met Your Magenta

Gray's Anatomy

Party of Five Glitters

Mega Rocks Glitter Nail Color

I'm With the Band

Jam Session

Creative Control

Slap the Bass

Waiting For My Solo

Gettin' Amped

Always in the Pit

Stick it to the Man

At Will Call


Eye Makeup Remover

Dual Pencil Sharpener (new packaging for 2016)

Kabuki Powder Brush (new packaging for 2016)

Eyeshadow Brush

Foundation Brush

Powder Brush

Again, do not freak out just yet if you see something here that you love that's going away. There are MANY new products launching in 2016 (as well as new shades within existing lines as indicated above) so there should more than likely be something bright, shiny and new to take the place of these discontinued products. Please trust me on that--there's more coming our way than what I've shown you in my recent sneak-peeks. I will share all of the new products for 2016 in an upcoming post, so check back soon.

Also, I want to mention that the above list does not include items from the Fergie line. I am awaiting official information on the Fergie line and, as always, I will post the moment I receive confirmation.

PS: Every year, I seem to hear weird rumors indicating that the eyeshadow singles in Brulee and Nutty are going away. NOT TRUE. Also, I've heard rumors this year indicating that the 8-pan eyeshadow palettes are going away. Again, NOT TRUE. Petal Pusher, Comfort Zone, and Poster Child are all staying put--no need to rush out to buy back-ups.


  1. Is the Mega Impact gone for good or other shades exist?

    1. Nope, just Blackest Black is going away. Very Black is staying. :)

  2. Eye makeup remover is crap. Good riddance!

  3. Weren't the brushes rather new? I stocked up on the blue bristle eyeshadow brushes but I picked up one recently with the fluffy synthetic bristles and that eyeshadow brush is fantastic for 99 cents! Blending eyeshadow, blending concealer, it's multifunctional. I'm going to stock up on that as it doesn't hurt the wallet but a shame to see it go already.

    1. New-ish, yes. They launched in 2014 in a limited edition collection (I think that's when they first debuted; I'l have to check my archives), and then moved to the permanent line more recently.

      However, WnW is launching a brand new line of Vegan Makeup Brushes, and there are a whopping 17 brushes in that new line. So hopefully you won't miss the old brushes too much! You can see a sneak-peek of a few of the new brushes here:

  4. Panther is the one of the best black eyeshadows I've ever used. Hopefully they bring it back!

  5. IF they ever took away the Comfort Zone Palette I would literally buy I don't know, maybe 10 of them lol.I was also confused because the second I saw your heading the first thing I thought of going were those horrible Fergie Lip Crayons and when I didn't see them I was like what?!?!?! Until, of course, I read the bottom paragraph. Those really must go lol They are so awful.

    1. I was thinking the same thing of the Fergie matte lip crayons. I bought a few, and thought many of the colors were pretty, but you cannot take the cap off without the damn lip bullet flying across the room.

  6. Oh thank goodness my Brulee isn't going away :)

    1. I recently saw Brulee at dollar tree.

  7. I'm really sad to see Panther on this list. I've never used a better matte black. :( Hopefully they'll bring in something new to replace it. I should buy a couple of backups anyway.

  8. And I was just thinking of getting rid of those two blushes but now since they won't be available I guess that means I have to keep them

  9. I really like the Heather Silk blush. It gives you that just-got-out-of-the-cold look.

  10. I broke my berry shimmer blush a good while ago and never replaced it. I guess I'll buy a few. It really is a nice pigmented blush.

  11. Thanks
    I have just been using that brulee shadow and just discovered the Long lasting lipsticks, which are amazing for under $2, I just bought 7 of them. Would love to see more on the lighter side, seems heavy on the darker shades

  12. Panther is by far the best matte black shadow at the drugstore. So sad to see it go :(

  13. Sad to see 9021Orange go. It's what spawned my renewed love of nail polish after pretty much not painting my nails for six years (due to where I worked), which in turn lead me to beauty blogs and this blog in particular <3

  14. does anyone know what's going on with the color icon pencils (not the retractable ones). I use the dark brown pencil for my brows but when they revamped the collection they didnt have a shade close to the original dark brown. where can I find them because I cant find them anywhere. please help!

    1. I have found some of these Color icon pencils at Dollar Tree or Dollar General. ..hope this helps :)

  15. Thank you so much G :) :) I am sad to see a few of the Color Icon blushes are going (I have heather silk but wanted to try berry shimmer, better get my hands on those ASAP :) :) but glad to see the pearlescent pink is being repackaged, That is one of my FAVES for sure :) As for the makeup remover, its about time that got the boot. That stuff is horrible!!!!!

  16. A couple of my favorite things are leaving! D: Ahh, well, hopefully some new things I'll like will take their places. I'll just have to stock up just in case. I'm extremely glad to hear that the 8-pan shadows are staying, I'm in love with those!

  17. I'm sure they don't sell as much Panther as Brulee since it usually takes longer to get through a black than a base shade or matte highlight. But still, a shame to lose the reliable, high quality $1 DS matte black.

  18. Are any of the color icon trios being discontinued? Because on their website, they no longer offer some of their more colorful trios like I Got Good Jeans, On Cloud Nine, or Knock on Wood.

    1. The trios you listed were phased out a while ago, I believe (2013, maybe?). The permanent trios that are still around (and not going anywhere in 2016) are:

      I'm Getting Sunburned
      Silent Treatment
      Spoiled Brat
      Walking on Eggshells
      Sweet as Candy
      Don't Steal My Thunder

  19. I'm so glad that the balm stains are staying. I know a lot of people don't like them and say they all turn hot pink on their lips. I really love them though, have at least 6, and use them more often than any of my other drug store, mid-range, or even high end lip products.

  20. Nooo not my Buffy The Violet Slayer! Mind you I have three different bottles (all slightly different shades) but I may need more backups while I have the chance.

  21. I really enjoy their products. I have found Creme Brûlée and Panther at Dollar Tree. Didn't know it was such a great black color but love Creme Brûlée. Don't think they would ever get rid of those two. Very iconic. Saw a video on the new Holiday collections out at Walgreens from Tati Westbrook at Glamlifeguru and there were some nice ones. I even had some if them at my Walgreens. Seems like we don't get anything in this small town that's LE or good. Just wish I could find LA Splash here. There r LA Colors at Dollar Tree. But not so impressed with them. By ask for keeping us in this brand very important to me for sure. Can't wait to see what's coming out. Very Exciting.

    1. Joyce, are you talking about the WnW holiday collection I posted about here back in September:

      or the WnW Fergie holiday collection I posted about here in October:

      The reason I ask is, if there's ANOTHER WnW holiday collection floating around that I don't know about, I would love to know more. Thanks!

  22. Awwwwwww not the Mega Glow!!!! The peach one is sooooooo good!!!!

  23. Morning beauty, I do apologize in advance if you have talked about the 8 pan palettes, Comfort Zone and petal Pusher. I have noticed 4 Walgreens in my area don't even carry the 8 pan palettes anymore?! Could it be just a restock issue , the displays in my store are all new and yes I have been seeing the new packagng already. I tried CVS yesterday and nothing. Found it at the Dollar Store and Target.

  24. Okay, a lot of these needed replacements or were getting old on my store shelves anyway(going bad) but the markers!! They were so good!! And panther, that was a steal!! I loved the quick dry polishes too but after a while all the stock at my local stores started going bad and then eventually disappeared, they were basically one coaters too

  25. I'm really sad that Ebony Hates Chris and Party of Five Glitters polishes are leaving! I'm just glad Ebony Hates Chris is just as great as their Black Creme polish, which I also have and doesn't seem like it'll be going away soon!

  26. Is anyone else disappointed to NOT see those glitter eyeshadow singles on the list? They suck and take up space. I've never even seen creme brulee in a store but you'd better believe there's a row of that stupid glitter goop still on the shelf.

  27. Are the Fergie products being discontinued? I went to my Walgreen's today and they had the 10 color palettes on clearance for $3.99 with buy one, get one 50% off, so one of the palettes I got for $1.99! Good deal considering that they were originally $7.99.

  28. What's gonna replace the H2OProof liners?? Oh no that sux & Starlit Bronze/Catwalk Pink were faves! I'm in a near panic state lol

  29. Is Fergie being discontinued too because its not on the new website and its on clearance at Walgreens

  30. I have not been impressed with the Fergie collection. The shadows were just okay (I prefer the original WnW formula) and everything else completely let me down. I wouldn't miss it if it went away to make room on the shelves for new products.

  31. Hi G! I was wondering if you could contact WnW re: the discontinuation of certain WnW Fergie products. I apologize if you made a post about it already but I searched and could not find one.

    Last week I went to Walgreen's and was shocked to find lots of Fergie products discounted / with those orange "last chance" stickers!!!

    Here is what I found:
    - Fergie Come Correct Celebrity Concealer (Walgreens exclusive?), all shades $2.69.
    - Fergie Take On The Day Mattifying Powder, $2.79.
    - Fergie Take On The Day Primer, both the original and shimmer shades were OOS so I could not purchase either. They were marked though!
    - Fergie Lipstick in shade D-Vinely Chilled, $1.79.
    - All of the Fergie highlighters were OOS & their spaces had stickers.
    - Fergie On Edge 24 Hour Eyeliner, all shades 89¢ - $1.79.
    - Fergie Matte Velvet Lip Color, several shades with stickers.
    - Fergie eyeshadow palettes (the 5-pans and 10-pans) had stickers but every single one was OOS.

    * All 3 shades of the Fergie blushes were gone (Blush with Danger, Blush with Destiny, Brush with Brilliance). I don't know if they were just OOS or if anything is going on with them but I thought I should ask while inquiring about the other items.

    There might have been a few more items... I'm so sorry I don't have photos for you!

    If you could ask your contact at WnW about which WnW Fergie items are being DC'ed for 2016 I'd greatly appreciate it!

    Many, many thanks and happy holidays!!! <333

  32. Are the FERGIE illuminators discontinued?

  33. I can see that the black sparkle is on the discontinued list but am too stubborn to believe it. Can somebody please confirm?

  34. They're getting rid of the megalast eyeliner? thats my holy grail eyeliner :( I saw at Superstore (canadian) that they put a new eyeliner in its place. They have something that looks similar to megalast, but from what I remember it was a felt tip paint jar type packaging as opposed to the paintbrush tip megalast had

  35. what about the fergie collection ??? is that gonna be gone i cant find the highlighters anywhere !!!!!!!!

  36. I need my mega glow starlight bronzer!!! Why?????

  37. Then why are the store clerks telling people nutty is being discontinued. You can't get it in Canada anymore and when my parents lookedin the states that's what they were told. My aunt looked in many different stores in the US and she was told they don't carry it anymore. Finally she found a few but the store worker was shocked they still had some. Doesn't make any sense. Used to find everywhere.

  38. Wait, is only the Eggplant color of the cream eyeliner being discontinued? I saw elsewhere that the black one is too and my local stores have quit carrying both :(

    The black is my all time favorite cream eyeliner, I'm so sad


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