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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Stock up Now: Rimmel Show Offs & Show Off Matte Lip Velvets to Be Discontinued

image credit: @mzericalynn5 for Nouveau Cheap
Rimmel Show Off Matte Lip Velvet display at HEB

Very sad news today for fans of Rimmel Show Offs and Rimmel Show Off Matte Lip Velvets. A little birdie confirmed to me this week that BOTH lines are going to be officially discontinued in the Spring of 2016, which means you're going to start seeing these on clearance at all retailers very soon (if you haven't seen them on clearance already).

To illustrate this, longtime reader Erica (@mzericalynn5 on Instagram) kindly shared the above pic of the Show Off Matte Lip Velvets at her local HEB with the discontinuation notice, and this pic of the regular Show Offs at her local Walgreens:

image credit: @mzericalynn5 for Nouveau Cheap
Rimmel Show Offs on "Last Chance" clearance at Walgreens

Again, BOTH lines are going to be discontinued, so stock up NOW if you love these. By the way, the same little birdie told me that we ARE going to see the new Rimmel The Only 1 Lipstick line here in the US in Spring 2016, so that's very exciting! That line has been in the UK for a while now, but we don't have to wait much longer for it here on the other side of the pond. 

PS: I'm going to be doing a post tomorrow with LOTS of additional Walgreens clearance sightings, so please check back--it's getting to be "that season" again for clearance goodies, but I haven't heard any mentions of CVS clearance sightings yet. If you have, please let me know!

Thanks again, Erica, for sharing these sightings with us. I really appreciate it!


  1. I can't speak for the glossy versions of these but I own one of the velvet matte ones and although the color's gorgeous, the formula is so hard to work with! It's smooth and pigmented but never sets so it's a bleeding transferring mess. I guess the competition in the liquid lipstick department is becoming fiercer!

  2. $1 off RImmel eyes and lips coupon on too!

  3. Are they still watermelon scented?

  4. I really loved these!! I stocked up when the Walgreens I work at put them on clearance lol. Those new lipsticks look kind of boring in comparison unfortunately.

  5. I definitely have to agree with bollywoodbelle, the velvet matte ones are kind of difficult to actually get down to a matte finish without it getting on everything ever. Even with clear setting powder, they don't really stay put. Though, I own two of the glossy versions and I quite like them. They're more of a gloss than a lipstick. I might have to grab a couple more before they disappear.

    I'm so stoked about the only 1's coming over here! When my friend went to England, I had her pick up some make up that we don't have over here and she happened to grab 2 of those in shades 800 and 820. I absolutely love them! They're so comfy to wear. I gotta stoc up on them when they get here. Mine are getting kinda low.

  6. There are a couple of Show Offs that I really like so I will definitely stock up on those if I see them at clearance prices. The Only 1 looks very interesting and right off the bat I saw 2 or 3 that I like!

  7. Aw oh no, that's so sad! I'm one of the few people who the Matte Lip Velvets really worked for, I guess I'll have to get the rest of the colors before they're gone! Atomic Rose was my first real nude too. :(

  8. I bought one of the ones on clearance. Celestial, I think. It's a pretty color and looks nice, but I wasn't impressed enough to mourn their discontinuation. They feel okay, but they also feel a touch drying. It'll probably just live in my purse as a backup lip color.

  9. I never liked these. I have like 5-6 of the regular ones and one matte...I didn't like the regular ones and when I saw they came out with the matte and I am a matte liquid lip fiend I grabbed one and I didn't like it. This was a case of Youtube made me buy this and they suck lol.

  10. I saw a few of them at the 99 cents only store and also at Ulta yesterday( on clearance)

  11. I work at a Giant Eagle, and we only have certain shades on clearance at the moment, which makes it all the more confusing, sigh.

    1. Yes I was about to comment the same thing regarding my sighting at Giant Eagle.

  12. Wow, I really love the glossy ones. I have NVR tried the mattes. But they are so smooth and pigmented. I will be sad when these are all gone. I love all their color selections so i better stock up on all of them!

  13. I bought a couple of the matte ones and instantly regretted it, with all the matte competition on the market these days these just do not stack up at all. I have one of the glossy ones but rarely wear it but that's just because I'm more of a lipstick fanatic these days.

  14. I've never tried them, but I haven't really heard great things.
    Those "The Only 1" lipsticks look more up my alley.

  15. I also saw Rimmel's 60 second nail polish on sale at Walgreen for 89 cents with those same tags...I was happy about the price, but I'm sad that it looks like they're discontinuing these :( love their polishes

  16. Aw man, I remember seeing posts on here about two years ago announcing that these would be available in the US and I was excited. I bought one as soon as I saw the display at WalGreens then proceeded to buy about three or four more after that. I like to put on dot of it on my finger then press it onto my lips like a stain. Matte, long lasting, never feathers.

  17. I would only stock up on Celestial :) love this shade so much :)


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