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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Popular German Drugstore and Supermarket Beauty Brand Entering US Market

I saw a blurb about this on the other day and I thought it was noteworthy so I wanted to bring it to your attention:


German firm Maxim Markenprodukte is opening a US sales division, Maxim Group, LLC. Founded in 1980, Maxim is a producer of private label and own-brand cosmetic and personal care products, operating five facilities across Germany, Luxembourg, and France.  Maxim products can be found in all the leading supermarket, drug and specialty stores throughout Europe. The firm’s brands include skin care brand Kaloderma, fragrance brands Miro, Artes Florales and EasyRider and BabyDerm. 

After taking a look at their list of brands on their website, I noticed that they make color cosmetics under their "Maxim" brand although I haven't heard anything about them from international readers (if you're in Europe, I would love some feedback if you'd tried any Maxim cosmetics). I'm also quite curious about their fragrance brands.

Another interesting tidbit: on their Kaloderma website, I noticed that Maxim also makes Herbacin (makers of my current holy grail hand cream, which is already available in the US). I would love to know what you think if you've tried any Kaloderma products (there's currently one review for Kaloderma on the Makeup Alley website).

Since Maxim is just now opening a US sales division, I think it will probably be a little while before we start to see their products in stores (and which stores may carry them remains to be seen). But if you spot any of these products in your area, I'd love to know where you found them, and if you tried anything.


  1. darn...I don't see Zoeva which is a German brand.

  2. I just got back from a year in Germany and I don't recognize any of these brands. Miro kind of rings a bell with drugstore perfumes but I'm not 100% sure.

    Darm, I was hoping it was a brand I liked :(

    1. Aaaah, well thanks for the feedback! :)

  3. As a German, I don't know any of these brands...

    1. Aaah, really? Well that's a bummer! Lol!! Perhaps, given the other comments here, they're not so widespread after all?

  4. I don't know any of these brands either! (I'm Dutch)

  5. As another German but also beauty blogger and editor with a LOT of passion and experience with brands here I've never heard of MAXIM or their products.

    However, I do know MIRO, I met them at a show a few times. Unfortunately they are not very professional when it comes to PR. The fragrances are the cheapest (and look very cheap, too) in the department stores. I have some body care items but unfortunately I can't recommend them. I haven't even given them away to friends because I think they deserve better.


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