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Friday, November 6, 2015

New Nordstrom Beauty Rewards Program Now in Test Markets

Did you hear the news? Nordstrom has a new beauty rewards program! With all of the great deals and freebies they've been giving us lately, plus free everyday shipping on all orders, I'm personally thrilled that we may soon be rewarded for our beauty purchases.

This program is currently only available in test markets (I'll give you the list of locations that are currently participating in a moment) and the rewards themselves are a bit vague right now. Also, if you're in a test market and want to sign up, you must do so in-store (no online registration). I'm guessing this will change when the program launches nationwide, but below are the details we know so far.

What is Nordstrom Beauty Rewards?
Nordstrom Beauty Rewards is a new program designed to make your Nordstrom beauty buys even more rewarding. Earn Nordstrom Beauty Marks™ to redeem toward beauty rewards! It's free to join.

How do I participate in Nordstrom Beauty Rewards?
Since we are in the test phase of this program, enrollment and participation are only offered at participating Nordstrom stores at this time. Just visit a beauty counter at any of these participating stores and sign up with a salesperson: Cherry Creek Shopping Center, Christiana Mall, City Creek Center, Easton Town Center, Fashion Mall, Freehold Raceway Mall, International Plaza, Montclair Plaza, Oakbrook Center, Park Meadows, Roosevelt Field, Saint Louis Galleria, San Francisco Centre, Scottsdale Fashion Square, Spokane, The Mall at Green Hills, The Shops at Mission Viejo, Town Center at Boca Raton, Valley Fair and Waterside.

How do I earn Beauty Marks and how many Beauty Marks do I get?
You'll receive one Beauty Mark for every net dollar you spend in beauty purchases at participating Nordstrom stores. Be sure to let the salesperson know you are a member of Nordstrom Beauty Rewards when making a beauty purchase to ensure that you receive your Beauty Marks.

You can also earn Beauty Marks for your beauty purchases by linking your Nordstrom Beauty Rewards account to your account. Simple instructions on how to link your accounts will be included in your enrollment confirmation email.

Do I have to use my Nordstrom credit or debit card to earn Beauty Marks?
No. You can earn Beauty Marks whether you pay with a Nordstrom credit or debit card, other accepted credit or debit cards, cash, or any other accepted forms of payment.

Do my online beauty purchases count?
Yes. In order to receive Beauty Marks for online beauty purchases, you must have linked your Nordstrom Beauty Rewards account to your account and be logged into your account at the time a qualifying beauty purchase is made online.

Which products qualify for Beauty Marks in the Nordstrom Beauty Rewards program? 
Products that qualify for Beauty Marks include men's and women's cosmetics, fragrances, skincare and grooming products.

What do my Beauty Marks get me?
100 Beauty Marks = deluxe beauty reward 
500 Beauty Marks = premium beauty reward

Can I earn Beauty Marks for purchases made at a Nordstrom store not listed as a participating store or at Nordstrom Rack?
No. At this time, Beauty Marks can only be earned at participating Nordstrom stores and online at

How do I redeem my Beauty Marks for rewards?
Just visit a beauty counter at one of the participating Nordstrom stores to redeem Beauty Marks for your gift. Beauty Marks cannot be redeemed on at this time.

Do my Beauty Marks expire?
Yes. Unredeemed Beauty Marks will expire three (3) years from the last day of the year in which your Beauty Marks points were awarded or when your participation in the program ends, whichever is earlier.

How does Nordstrom Beauty Rewards work if I'm a Nordstrom Rewards™ member?
As a Nordstrom Rewards member, you'll continue to earn rewards points toward Nordstrom Notes® as you typically do. Nordstrom Beauty Rewards gives you the opportunity to separately earn Beauty Marks to redeem toward beauty rewards. Beauty Rewards marks and Nordstrom Rewards points are not interchangeable and cannot be combined.

A few thoughts: I love that their points are called "Beauty Marks." Cute, right? Also, I appreciate that the point system is so straightforward. One Dollar Spent = One Beauty Mark. No math calculations or conversions required. I do hope that when they're out of the test phase, there will be more rewards/perks available, and that they'll give members previews as to what the "deluxe beauty reward" and "premium beauty reward" will be, but I suspect they're keeping things simple as they iron out the kinks and prepare to launch nationwide. It would be great if say, after you earned a certain number of Beauty Marks, you were able to select five free beauty samples with every beauty purchase instead of three, or something like that. I also hope that you'll be able to register online when this program launches nationwide (I'm guessing that will happen, but we'll have to wait and see). Oh, and it would be absolutely fantastic, for many of us, if our beauty purchases at Nordstrom Rack earned us Beauty Marks, right??

I'd love to hear what you think about this so far, and if you live in a test market and are already a member, I would love to hear about your experiences so far!


  1. What a great incentive for loyal Nordstrom customers! That would be amazing if we can get Beauty Marks through Nordstrom Rack, too! I love their no minimum free shipping 💜

    1. Agreed! This is so smart on their part. It would be a dream if Nordstrom Rack beauty purchases applied. So many of us would already be well on our way to that first reward, right? :)

  2. I have a Nordstrom debit card so double the perks!

  3. My closest Nordstrom is actually on this list! I don't shop there often, but maybe I'll try it and let you know about it! There is also an Ulta, a Sephora, a Sephora Inside JCPenny and 2 Beauty Plus Salon stores in this particular mall... so there is some competition. Lol.

    1. Sweet! If you join, I would absolutely LOVE to hear about your experience, if you're willing to share.Thank you! And if you get to that first reward, you know we'd ALL want to know what you received. lol!

      PS: That mall sounds like heaven. lol.

    2. Lol it is! Its not super close to me otherwise I'd be broke! Lol. Yes I'd love to share if/when I join. Never shopped at Nordstrom before, so I don't have that much experience with the current system, but this sounds like fun and a good excuse for shopping! Lol.

  4. Since it also works for online purchases I wonder if you can enroll even if you don't live near a participating store? I'll give it a try.

    1. I think you may have missed the part about having to enroll in-store (you cannot enroll online at this time). So you would have to do a road trip to the nearest participating store to enroll. :)

  5. I spy "Easton Town Center," and that is in Columbus, OH. I'll go check it out and sign up!

  6. Psyched that my mall is listed! Guess whose making a trip there this weekend!? THIS GIRL ����

    1. I'm ridiculously jealous! Anyone live near Chicago and wanna carpool? 😉

  7. The Nordstrom by me is easton town center and i have been a member for about 2 years now you have to shop in store to get the credits (at least in the past, it does sound like they've changed it but I haven't had any new credits added from online shopping), I do a lot of my shopping online since that beauty section doesn't always have everything I want. It is a nice idea though. I haven't had much use for it, but I appreciate it is there.

  8. I live in a test market area now, and frequented it as a visitor before I moved. Honestly, it's not the greatest program, although it does have good potential. Most of the time, they're out of samples. When they have things, it's the same things you get in a gwp from the various lines. I have like 4000 something points. There's just rarely anything to pick. However, if they opened this up online and you could pick the sample, that would be fab. It's so disappointing to go and see they're always out or it's another left over gwp sample.

  9. My local store is on the list! I don't know that I've ever been part of a test market before. I may have to check it out... I typically get my Clinique at Macy's because the Nordstrom near me is in the ritzy mall that wants all my money, but I may need to switch it up now!


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