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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

UPDATE: Macy's Black Friday Beauty Deals Live NOW!

The Macy's Black Friday beauty deals are LIVE NOW HERE! Go, go, go before everything sells out and remember: FREE EVERYDAY SHIPPING ON ALL BEAUTY ORDERS, NO MINIMUM REQUIRED. There are even MORE deals than what I listed from the early preview a few days ago--some fantastic opportunities here to score higher-end beauty at drugstore prices (the $10 deals)!

SHOP the entire sale HERE, or shop my own personal picks below (click on an image to go directly to the item listing on the Macy's site):


*The Laura Mercier Candleglow Luminizing Palette featured above is regularly $58, on sale now for $39. I had no idea they were going to offer this product during this sale. This is one I've been wanting for a while now but it's received mixed reviews (be sure to google some reviews if you haven't seen any already), so the price has always held me back. I just wanted you to know it's available at a discount, in case you've been wanting it too. The colors in this palette do not have big color payoff, so it's more for strobing than dramatic highlighting. This is exactly what I'm looking for (subtle glow), which is why I've been wanting it, but I don't want you to be disappointed by its subtlety; especially if you're looking for something more bold.


  1. What time will it start? Central, Eastern or Pacific time!

    1. I don't know! That's what I tried to explain above. I'm staying up as late as I can to see if I can catch it when it goes live, but I don't know how much longer I can keep my eyes open. Sorry!!

  2. 12:08... still not live. Going to bed :\

  3. Just read your post. It is now 1:22 am Pacific. Checked Macy's website and the sale is live. I was able to add the Clinique Happy on the go set and get to the checkout page. (I didn't purchase anything yet though.)

  4. It's been live since 4:05. Just finished ordering.

  5. Thank you!!! I fell asleep for a bit, and woke up out of anxiety, I think! Lol! Updating my post now! xo

  6. G! For the love of Pete, please take care of yourself and take time for yourself. You've done an amazing job on these roundups, but if you're depriving yourself of sleep and waking yourself up from anxiety to post when a sale goes live, it seems like you're taking on way too much responsibility-- for stuff that readers can do on their own, like you were posting about with the weekly drugstore roundups a month or two ago. It's honestly a bit distressing to see you personally respond to every demanding comment from people who didn't put the work in to read your post or Google something for themselves. Surely, nothing but burnout lies this way.
    Please, focus on your own Thanksgiving, and not feel beholden to the blog! You've done way, wayyy more than enough for us.

  7. What color is that DW concealer by Estée Lauder that's $10?

  8. thank you!!!! Just purchased the Naked Flush palette, and 2 of the Too Faced Better Than Sex mini mascara gifts for my sisters!!!! Great steal!

  9. Kinda bummed, at 4 am central time the site still wasn't live for me ... on my phone I could only preview the deals, not purchase or add to bag, so that was about 2 am for you guys on the west coast and it appears some people were able to order. By the time I was able to check again at 10 am, the three things I wanted were sold out : (

  10. Thank you so much, G! I didn't want any beauty items but I did want some sheet sets that I was scared would sell out before I got to the sale. Thanks to you, I got them before they ran out of colors!


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