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Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Red Lipstick Meg from Big Brother Wore All Summer...

I'm not sure that I've mentioned this on my blog before, but I've been a diehard fan of Big Brother US since Season 1 (Chicken George!). If you watched BB17 this summer (it just ended recently), and you're also a makeup junkie, you may have been wondering about that red lipstick that contestant Meg wore in every single episode. I mean, it was flawless, 24/7, all summer long.

image source:
Meg on the live feeds, with her flawless red lipstick, even in bed

Well my friends, I have the answer for you, directly from Meg herself, and I'm delighted to tell you that it's from the drugstore (and you may very well already have it in your stash)...

From my Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm review from 2013:

The red shade she was wearing all summer was...Revlon Matte Balm in 250 Standout!

Me, wearing Standout

So how do I know this? Well it's become a bit of a ritual for me to check in on the houseguests' Twitter feeds right after each season ends. I kind of like to see their reactions once they've had a chance to watch the show, and also see which fellow houseguests they interact with post-show. What can I say? I've been watching this show for 16 years (yes, there have been 17 seasons, but remember back in 2008 they had a winter season and summer season due to the writer's strike) and that's a long time to watch something religiously. I have my quirks...what can I say?

ANYWAY, when I was checking the houseguests' Twitter feeds today, I noticed that Meg was asked about her lipstick, and she responded via this tweet and confirmed it was Revlon Colorburst 250 (Standout). I was so excited to share that tip that I posted about it on my Instagram right after I found out. Because, well, I get a little thrill when I find out that anyone on TV is wearing drugstore makeup. It instantly makes me feel like they're part of our tribe. You know what I mean?

And guess what? Meg herself commented on my Instagram post:
@megmaley writes: You guys all rock! Obsessed with beauty tips.. And for a broke girl like me, cheap is necessary!! Xoxo ❤️

If you weren't a Meg fan before, well, how can you not be now? Drugstore makeup lovers unite! Anyway, I just wanted to share that little tidbit wtih you, in case you're a BB fan and you were wondering what she was wearing all summer. Mystery solved!


  1. I have had this shade since it was released, but have only worn it a few times. (I generally don't wear red lipstick for everyday-use, as I am very fair and it tends to stand out a little too much for work). Anyway, I did happen to wear it to a wedding last weekend, and it held up very nicely the whole evening with only minor touchups!

  2. I watch BBAD and I saw Meg apply that color once and knew it was Revlon. She looked great in the red! I love to try and catch a glimpse of what makeup the houseguests use. Vanessa wore a lot of Mac and had the naked 2 pallet with her. I have been watching since season 1 also! BTW I love your blog! I never have comment though!

  3. Sooooooo funny you posted this because I've been wondering the same thing!!! I'm a huge BB superfan and have been admiring Meg's lips all summer haha. Love this!!!

  4. OMG- ALL season (yes and sixteen years for me too!) I wondered about it- it seemed like she never had to re-apply though I know that is not true lol. Thanks for solving this mystery! Have you ever been to TV Clubhouse? GREAT BB community. Hope to see you there!

  5. I don't watch this or much other mainstream TV, but I do love to know that celebs both real and reality (LOL) wear drugstore! You hit on it exactly when you said one of the tribe, and when they comment on a tweet or an Instragram, well that is just plain cool, because I feel like they "get" it...what ever it is!!! :) Thanks for letting us know G!

  6. You know who's makeup I do obsess over? Kate Beckett (character name) on Castle. Does anyone else or am I the only one?

  7. Ah! BB17 was one of trhe best seasons EVER! Johnny Mac was by far my favorite player. I still can not believe that he was not Americas favorite! I love that Meg is a drugstore girl! <3

  8. Haha oh my gosh, what a great post hehehe :D I love it. That's so cool it's a Revlon matte balm! I love those!

  9. That is super Awesome. I am such a Drugstore Beauty Fan. I say Beauty because of skin care and hair care and what ever else care. Hopefully in sale and with a coupon if I'm lucky. Sometimes I don't feel like I'm a part of "the Group" because I don't buy higher end or have any naked pallets. So this makes me feel so GOOD that there r so many ppl that do love Drugstore so much also dupes. I don't watch the show. Sorry. Haven't ever. But to know all this and u post it. It's just GREAT. Thanku.

  10. It's one of my favorite reds!

  11. I just bought this, and I love it! I am pale like Meg, so it looks good on me :D It's an awesome bright red, a lot brighter than my normal choices.


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