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Friday, October 23, 2015

The e.l.f. Studio Illuminating Palette is BACK

Huge thanks to reader TiaLeah O for her comment on the You Tell Me page just now about this one!

Remember the e.l.f. Studio Ambient Palette that came and went in the blink of an eye back in June of this year? Well it appears to be BACK, only now it's called the e.l.f. Studio Illuminating Palette. It's now available for purchase on the e.l.f. website HERE for $6. So if you missed out on it the first time, grab it ASAP before it's gone again! But this time around, it does not say "Limited" on the listing, so hopefully that means it's here for good (it could still sell out but, if it's permanent, that means it WILL be restocked).

Just in case you want to see how the Illuminating Palette pic above compares to the original Ambient palette from before, here's a pic from my original post:

Original e.l.f. Studio Ambient Palette

Yep, they look identical to me! So go, go, go if you missed out the first time and want this one!

Thanks so very much, TiaLeah O, for the awesome tip!


  1. Thank for this AMAZING tip G! Are you planing a review? That would be fantastic! I hope it does stick around since I'm on a no-buy till November; planning on waiting for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to do a big ELF haul.

    1. You're so welcome!! I am extremely tempted to purchase, but I have some other elf items I need to review, so I'm debating right now what to do. #bloggerproblems lol!!

    2. Be careful about waiting though, ELF has started not including new or new-ish items in their sales. :(

  2. I bought three! Will have a happy mom, Aunt and me !

  3. I am super Happy to see those. I emailed and campaigned hard for this. I love Wlf products and buy as much as I can. But I have no money for at least another week so hope it back perm. Like Milani has done their Amore lip Cremes liquid lipsticks. They should be perm next year and more colors.two brands I love and putting products they should know will make them money. Bringing out products I want to so bad. Good day. Thanks so much.

  4. omg, it figures as soon as I ordered the other day( with free shipping), it comes back NOW.

  5. Does anyone have any ideas if it will be in stores? I am going to hope so. I have purchased alot of online products at Old Navy.

  6. This is amazing! I have been glowing NON STOP since I got it in the mail!!! It is a must have!!!


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