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Thursday, October 29, 2015

New at The Body Shop: Shade Adjusting Drops

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NEW The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops
(retail: $20 each)

So I was on The Body Shop's mobile site yesterday, thumbing through the "New" section, and noticed something interesting: new Shade Adjusting Drops (2 shades, $20 each).

From The Body Shop website:

Transform an "almost right" shade into your perfect one in just one drop with The Body Shop's Shade Adjusting Drops. Lightening drop lightens and neutralizes yellowness, while the darkening drop darkens while keeping natural depth

Use to transform the shade of your face makeup
Choose lightening or darkening formula

Step 1: Shake product well before use
Step 2: Apply the “almost there” foundation shade to the back of your hand
Step 3: Apply one drop of your chosen Shade Adjusting Drops and blend together. The lightening drops can only be used to lighten light to medium foundation shades. The darkening drops can only be used to darken dark to deep foundation shades.
Step 4: Test the color 
Step 5: Apply the mix on your face as usual for a natural make-up look

These are not in stock on their website yet, and I don't know if they were at one time and then went out of stock, or if they've EVER been in stock.  Also, I can't find these on the desktop version of their site, but you can check them out on the mobile site HERE if you'd like to see the ingredients, etc. There's also a gray bar that you can click to be notified when these are in stock.

At first I thought, "Cover FX Custom Cover Drops dupe!" but then I realized that that there's nothing on The Body Shop's website that claims this product will help you to customize the COVERAGE of your foundation. It sounds like this is just for helping you customize the COLOR.

I am not an expert when it comes to foundation lighteners/darkeners. I know that Manic Panic makes a product that people use to lighten foundations, and indie brand Life Entropy makes these Foundation Elixirs, but I'm hoping one of you might know if this new Body Shop version is an obvious dupe for something else? I don't think $20 is too much for a product like this, considering that you'll only be using a drop or two at a time. At that rate, a full bottle should last you a very long time.

I know that some people like to just add a bit of liquid concealer (in a lighter or deeper shade) to their foundations for a more customized color. Heck, there are tons of hacks out there for tweaking the color of your foundation. But I just wanted to let you know that The Body Shop has one on the way, in case you're interested in giving it a whirl (especially when they have one of their famous 40% off + free shipping sales over the holidays--provided this product isn't on the list of exclusions at that time).

PS: It looks like there's a new foundation range on the way as well, called Fresh Nude Foundation SPF 15.


  1. I'm lighter than the vast majority of foundations (around NC5-NC10) and have tried several white foundation mixers which end up mucking with the formula I'm adding it to that hasn't worked well for me. I've been waiting for the VIB sale to try the MAKE UP FOR EVER Chromatic Mix drops (only recently became available to purchase online) which come in white, blue, yellow etc which looks like a similar formula as these. The only thing I find a little funny about these drops is the Lightening looks to neutralize yellow - I often find the lightest shades too pink! But I'm really happy to see more of these type of products on the market! When you're at either end of the spectrum, you just don't have many options and it can be really frustrating.

    1. Great to know about the MUFE drops! I thought those were only available to pros. Thanks so much for that tip! :)

    2. Oh my god, right? I'm sorry, I prefer the yellow tones in my foundation because my skin is pink enough as it is and they say using a foundation that's pink-toned on skin with already-pink tones looks masky but its still recommended by others (what logic is this?!). The yellow at least balances out the pink for me, especially if I happen to have bright red or pink hair which draws it out more. I'd be willing to try Life's Entropy, since that's at least a $1.50 sampler with no intention of taking out the yellow tones in my favorite but too dark for my Graveyard Tan Neutrogena foundation.

    3. I third not wanting to neutralize yellow! I'm Italian-Irish heritage, which means I'm really pale, but also olive toned. Most foundations that are light enough are waaaay too pink on me.

    4. I agree with others that there needs to be very fair foundation shades that are more yellow. I'm Asian heritage and very fair, as well as very yellow/green.

    5. OMG thank you Nicole! I thought the MUFE drops were just for pros. I have a very light almost white foundation I use as a mixer but I needed a yellow one. I can never find foundations light enough and yellow enough for me

  2. Face Atelier has had Zero minus & Zero plus adjusting drops for years. $36 for 20ml
    Sample is a $1

    1. Thank you! I always forget about Face Atelier (I have a few nail polishes from them that I like very much, but not any makeup at the moment).

  3. As a woman of colour with darker skin it is so hard to find a foundation that's dark enough that doesn't cost a fortune! I'm so glad more of these products to deepen foundation are coming out. I've got the MUFE chromatic mix in brown but I'm always open to trying new and different things! I can't wait to see the darkening drops in store!

  4. I've wanted something like this forever for those formulas that need to be lightened or darkened just a drop. Lately I've been taking that Wet n Wild color-correcting wheel -- which I got with the primer -- and taking a smidge of the white and a smidge of the lavender and mixing it with a BB cream that is a touch too orange on me, and the result is fantastic. My skin looks a bit brighter and the color is more natural. And I'm using up the less-than-ideal BB cream along with the WnW wheel. But when I run out and want more adjuster, I'll be heading to the BS to try this out.

  5. How cool! I've never seen something like this and especially not at that price point. I'll be getting my hands on this.

  6. I was hoping that there was a product, like custom drops, and I hope other companies bring more types of these products out! I got a sample of Cover Drops Fx from EBAY for 10 dollars, but 44 dollars is a lot of money to pay ! I hope for cheaper alternatives, because it changes your choices for how to e=wear makeup!

  7. These are available in the body shop UK website and they have been available for quiet a while I think. I only found out about it on YouTube via britpoplife's Patricia bright. I searched the U.S. Site high and low for it last week but couldn't find it. I hope this means they are bringing it to US.

    1. They are on the US website as well, but are out of stock at the moment.

  8. Kashual Beauty on youtube used these drops in her last video. They looked awesome for contouring!

  9. Bought it immediately right after I saw Wayne Goss raving about it. It's so good. It was so so so good. I went from med to light skin and needed brightening pink undertone. This thing gives me just that. No added coverage. I love it so much!


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